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Wynter Worsthorne (vegan) and Animaltalk Africa, Part 1 of 2

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Ms. Worsthorne (vegan) is an interspecies communicator and teacher who has been listening to animal-people for more than 20 years. She is also the founder of Animaltalk Africa, a consultation service and online academy for learning the subtle art of exchanging messages with nonhuman sentient beings. “I really call it interspecies communication now rather than just animal communication because we connect with the land, with nature, with trees, with every being in the same method.”

Some people have an inner urge to be in tune with animal-people, but they are not sure why or what it will lead to. Ms. Worsthorne (vegan) has found that learning to be sensitive to other beings facilitates self-discovery. As Ms. Worsthorne (vegan) developed her skills and expanded her love, she was surprised to find herself communicating with a species she wasn’t fond of. “The one’s a lot more challenging. Baboons can be a bit more challenging than lions, I find, because they’re so close to us in every way, actually – physically, emotionally. And they’re very clever. They work out things logically. They know who’s got the best fruit trees and nut trees. They know who’s got the best bread that’s left out on the kitchen counter. They know which windows are open...”

“I’ve done workshops locally in this garden route area, teaching people how to communicate with the baboons so that they don’t keep coming into their properties. And, of course, it has to be based on this unconditional love. So, it’s teaching people who already have that love for nature to work with the animals so that you can both live in harmony and not be upset by each other. And that’s what we want, actually. That is the aim, to be able to live in harmony with nature.”

“Nature wants us to be in that field of unconditional love, and when we are in that field, everything falls into place. There’s a Venda term called ‘Buchle,’ which is what every person is trying to achieve. And that’s that feeling of almost bliss where everything is just working in balance, where everything feels right in life. And that is what unconditional love achieves.”
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