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Purity And Kindness Are The Keys To Receiving Grace (Part 1 of 2) Jun. 11, 1995

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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You should rely on yourself and work hard every day to dig out your inner power. There is a method to heal all diseases, which is meditating and loving others. Just these two things. If we sit there all the time and worry about our own sickness and our own mood, then the more we worry about ourselves, the sicker we get. The more we take care of our sickness this way, the sicker we get. Nowadays, scientists have also said the same thing. They say that when we catch a cold, usually we use this excuse to stay at home. It’s not needed. We can continue working. If needed, take some medicine. We should keep ourselves warm and then continue working. If we continue to work, the system within our body will force itself to defend against the sickness, and then we will recover. If we have a lot of time, we can help others, such as our neighbors, orphans, widows, etc. We help them with whatever they need. Don’t just stay there and worry about our own mood and body. The more we worry about ourselves, the more tired and sicker we get. Thinking about others is better for ourselves. 
In this world, if we do not practice spiritually, we can’t do anything right. Isn’t it so? And we have to practice very diligently to know how to handle things in our daily life and to understand others’ moods. Often we are inclined to be biased towards our own thoughts, and we do not consider the feelings of our spouses. If we don’t succeed sometimes, we don’t know why. And we blame it on our spouses.
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