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Between Master and Disciples

Nothing Is As It Seems (Part 1 of 3) Aug. 27, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Portuguese(português)
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She didn't know, they all came to me. Yeah, really! You don’t know it. I have evidence everywhere. Before, when I was in Florida, I didn’t have a lot of disciples, only with the residents, they bit me everywhere. And then, the skin was still swollen and itchy. Itching for two months, this kind of mosquitoes. They’re called sandflies. You don’t even see them. They go through all kinds of nets and cracks and… They even go through the walls. If the negative power is in them, they go through the wall. Really, because I don’t know how they came in my house. Some bugs are as big as this. Even though all were sealed. Okay, mosquitoes, I can understand. They’re small. They come through the net. But insects as big as this, those with a lot of legs, how could they go into my house? For example. So it is like that. And this time, I see not many of you coughing or anything at all. Feel all good. (Yes.) Even hot weather and in and out, air conditioning and hot and cold, but you are okay. I mean not just you, but the last and last and last batches, they’re all okay. Only I’m not okay. Don’t talk about it, huh? So today, I told the doctor I took everything possible, whatever. And then, the blood test was all normal. I feel so good. I feel good. So whatever you did, praying the day before, was working. I don’t know, here, we have a lot of mosquitoes, but in some other places, we don’t have. Like in Monaco, when I was there, I didn’t see any. And Italy, I also didn’t have, or maybe at that time, I was not doing a retreat or anything, that’s why they didn't care. It’s just the more people, the more mosquitoes. I was there for a while. Before we had this place, we were looking for places, I had to hole up in a hotel, but I liked that hotel very much. It’s a four-star hotel, but it’s not very expensive. I rented a room. If you stay in a room for a few days, of course, it’s very expensive, but if you stay long, they have different apartments to rent. And I looked around everywhere. If I have an apartment nearby, it’s just a simple, old apartment, maybe one room, one kitchen, something like that. I looked around. And on top of that, you have to pay electricity. Or some extra costs. But in a Monaco hotel at that time, off-season, maybe cheaper, included everything. Fast broadband internet, so I could do a teleconference over there. And they could send a videotape after, or whatever, a videotape they sent to me to check or I sent to them. Not I sent, the two attendants at that time, the two able computer geeks, genius. They really could do everything. And very fast internet, no cost. Because you are a regular customer.
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