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Paradise is Coming Sooner than We Think (Part 1 of 4) Apr. 3, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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From where? Africa? (Yes. I forgot to tell You that our health minister in South Africa is busy… She wants to ban all advertising of alcohol.) Good. (And she’s busy documenting it now. They obviously can still debate about it, so it’s not yet finalized. But she’s quite adamant that she wants it banned. And cigarette smoking is already banned.) Yes? (So they can’t advertise in the movie houses, or magazines, or on billboards, or anything like that.) So ban smoking altogether or ban advertising? (No, advertising altogether. Smoking is banned in restaurants, for instance, and public places. Like all the shopping centers, you’re not allowed to smoke in there either.) Oh, very nice. I like her. (Yes, there is actually a new law that, within 50 meters, you’re not allowed to smoke in a public place, but they haven’t enforced that yet. But it is actually a law. And then now the alcohol thing’s come about, so that’ll be really good.) Wow. Wow, wow, wow. The whole South Africa? (Yes, Master.) Wow! That’s a big, big place, big country! Wonderful. I like that. I wish that even the Europeans learn from South Africa. I remember when I was in South Africa for a lecture, remember, guys? Yes? And they really treated me well! I have never experienced, in all my career up to now, that all the newspapers, all the media were really writing nice things about me. It’s never happened anywhere else, in a so-called civilized country. But South Africans, at that time, radio, TV, newspaper, everywhere just wrote all good things about me and they didn’t even know me much. I’d been there only first time. (Master, even now recently, with COP 17, the media also wrote very nicely about You.) COP 17. They did, yes, yes, I have seen some. I’ve seen some. They sent me some articles, but not all. Just one or two and I didn’t have so much time to read all. (Even the Business Day, which is a very big business newspaper, very popular amongst the business community, they actually had a very good article there as well, and quite a big one, too,) Oh really? (about Master and the organization and the vegan diet.) Wonderful! Isn’t that good.
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