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Between Master and Disciples

Master Treats the Working Staff (Part 1 of 2) Aug. 22, 2015

Lecture Language:English,Cantonese Chinese(廣東話)
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I just want to thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Everybody’s trying very hard and works a lot. No fighting, no? (No.) Good! Very good. My new dog. Only you see him, nobody else. Good boy, beautiful boy! (Yes, beautiful.) Wonderful, friendly. (Very lovely.) My best friend, you are my best friend. Very intelligent, understands everything, understands Chinese, French, German, English, Spanish, Aulacese (Vietnamese), everything. At night, if I wake up, I get out and anytime he always wakes up immediately. And goes out and checks, checks, checks. He is good. He won’t, he won’t hurt you. He knows. He’s a good boy. Thank you, thank you. You are really good. It’s like a miracle, because it’s very difficult to cater for so many people. Any complaints? No. (No.) Better not complain. The trees, if they have a lot of fruits, they bow down. The tree, if a lot of fruits, then it bows down very deeply. Good people, very humble. (Yes.) Just serving, and no talking nonsense, no complaints. Normally it is like that. Only people who don’t work, who don’t meditate, who don’t know anything, they complain and complain. Nonsense, understand? (Yes.) It’s like the tree, act like the tree. The more fruits, the more the tree bends down, bows down. It’s like that with people. The more love, fewer problems. The more enlightened, fewer questions. It is normal. When you are busy working and thinking of other people, then you don’t have much of a problem. Suddenly you have blessing, and then you understand everything and you know what to do. Only people who have nothing to do, the brain kaput.
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