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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 8 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

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“I like walking in the forest. Yeah, like… (Yes.) Good for your health, hey? (Yes.) Nature. Be careful of those things over there. It’s thorny. Just walk on the path. (Yes.) Like meditation. (Yes.) Go straight to your path. (Yes.) Don’t go fooling around. Take some deep breaths. (Ah.) And feel good about it. (Yes.) Feel you are one with all around you. Be grateful to the trees. No, I’m just staying and admiring how beautiful the plants, they look like flowers already. They’re plants but they look like flowers. In general, mountains are good because you are quiet, you’re alone. And you’re not disturbed by the energy of other people. If that mountain is far away from, from the inhabitants, then it’s like that.” “(Yes, in modern times, people also don’t like politicians.) Yeah, similar. (But they still elect them, so it’s very funny.) Yeah. (You elect them and then you criticize them all the time.) No, no, no. (So that’s…) The people who elect, don’t criticize. The people who… (Yes, the people don’t…) The other 50% or 40% criticize. (Yes.) It’s always like that, so that the next party will come on next election at least. It’s something not too good. I mean, if you elect one person, if he’s elected, more than 50% people want him, then the other 40 should also join in. And the other party should also be together working, and respect his job so that the country can become better. But instead, they always make more trouble so that maybe their party will become hot and be elected next time. It’s also not good. One person cannot make miracles. If the whole country supports behind the president or the prime minister or the party, then you can make the country become better. But fighting all the time, protesting all the time, it makes the country worse. (Yes, next election is around the corner, every four years returning.) Yeah, yeah. It’s too much. I wouldn’t like it myself. Even if one person stays in power all the time, at least the country is at peace. And then you just find your way, zigzag and make money. But if it’s at war and protesting all the time, then people cannot earn anything. Sometimes they’re just like protesting and government clashing together, then all the shops in that area have to close. Where do they earn money for their children and to upkeep their lifestyle? It affects everybody as well. You just have to better your own standard also, then the king will also either be eliminated naturally or the country will become better or another king will come up better. It’s better this way.”
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