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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 7 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

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“(Will this world ever have love, I mean, not suffering and struggle?) Maybe one day. Not so soon, though, but it’s possible. It will become transformed then into another type of planet. Another level, okay? (And also, at that time, we won’t have financial system anymore till that time, I guess we will have it.) Oh, with or without financial system, people can always become loving and kind. Like you now, you’re still in the same financial system, but you’re loving and kind. It’s up to people if they want to take a leap into a higher dimension or not. But never mind. It’s too long to wait for them. I just do it. Even now, even if they eat meat and all that, but I still can help them. Because their hearts are good. They eat meat because they don’t know anything better. And they become habit. But they’re not bad people, you can still help them. But if in this time of grace and if a person still does bad things, then he will not receive that grace. But most of people do. Most of people will. But I mean really grave, gravely bad, like killing people, or massacring, mass murder animals, then he will not be included in the grace program. But most people are not like that. I can help them. It’s very easy now. I’m glad.” “Last time? Promise me, mind your own business? Because if you keep criticizing me, you will be losing too much of your merits and it’s not worth it for another person. Or you share his karma, precious bad karma with you. Whenever you sympathize with somebody, you get half of it, half of his karma. It’s okay, you and your husband, you have to share anyway. You share a bed every day, so might as well share everything else. But what I mean is, if it’s not your business, don’t mind. And if you still believe in me, then let me do my job. Thank you ever so much for nothing. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You.) Okay, keep your mind pure, clean. And if you feel sorry at all for anybody, feel sorry for me, that I have to deal with all kinds of people. I don’t have to, but I have to. You don’t even feel sorry for me and feel sorry for every little guy, bad guy, bad girl. You never know, sometimes the person outside looks very sweet and gentle. Harmless, innocent. But inside not. Inside maybe very violent. Maybe very negative. And not to talk about past karma or newly created karma yesterday or the last month, you don’t even know! You don’t know what people’s inside is. Because we have this body, it’s our cover-up. Very difficult to see who is who.”
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