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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 6 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

Language:Bulgarian(български език),English
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I'm sorry. I mean emotionally men need to learn. Because, I told you already in the retreat, men are not trained to be too affectionate. If they cry, everyone makes fun of them. If he shows too much, like, affection to his mother, everybody thinks he's a sissy, mommy's boy. And in the school and all that, he's so afraid to tell his first love because he is so shy. Women are more like mother. You see? Because mother is mostly at home, and the girl is always sticking with the mother to learn this, learn that. The mother always teaches the girl what to do and things, more. So, she is more connected with the mother-nature, the nature of the mother. And she can express feelings more freely than men. But men, boys are always told to keep quiet. Because he's a boy, he cannot cry, he cannot tell his suffering, he cannot express his feelings, because then he's not a tough guy. And then when he goes to school, they gang together, tough guy stuff, you know? And so he's so used to with suffering. If he is in pain, he doesn't tell. So you've just got to help him to get in touch with his feminine side. They suppress the feminine side of men. We both have, women and men have both feminine and masculine sides. And we are encouraged to develop more of our feminine side and not the masculine side. Which is okay too. And then men are encouraged to develop more of this macho side and not the feminine side. But this is all wrong. So wrong. That's why many relationships suffer, because men are taught to be men. And women are taught to be women. Like, you have to let the man chase you stuff. And the men are taught to keep it tough and don't show it in case she rejects you or stuff like that. So it's all nonsense. We are all victim here. We are victims of the wrong indoctrination of society, tradition, and whatever. I'm sorry. Help each other to overcome that. If you're sincere and love each other, just look at that. And help each other to fulfill the other side. And that will be better like that. Women have less macho side. And men have less feminine side. But that doesn't mean they don't have. And we should develop both. Even less, but have, instead of just macho. Then you will suffer a lot. Many men, they suffer, but nobody ever knows. They don't tell. Because they're losing face or ego or been trained not to. They are more victims than women. Feel sorry for them and love them. If you can, of course. If you still find it in your heart that you can love him, then you can work together.
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