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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 5 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

Language:Bulgarian(български език) ,English
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That's why I love my dogs. No matter what they do, they're with the favorite bones or with their favorite buddy, when I am home, that's it, I'm the only central focus. Do that to each other, okay, then you'll be very happy, happy, really. Don't think you do it for her, you do it for yourself. Don't think you do it for him, you do it for yourself. Make each other the comfort zone, so that when you're stressed out outside, you can run into each other's arms and feel loved and feel like, okay, you're safe here, and you're loved here no matter what. No matter outside what happens, here we have a home, you see what I mean? Each other, must work, both, not just her, not just him. I told you my dog Hermit. He is a dog. When he was even a puppy already, of course, puppies, they love to play with everybody and everybody and other dogs, but he played a few minutes, and he always returned to my seat, and looked at me for a while, like, “Okay, I never forget You.” And I said, “Go on, go play with them,” and then he went play again, but even while playing, he always looked back and forth to me all the time. Every few seconds, he looked back. Every few minutes, he looked and looked at me like I was the only one. Even though if he's playing, he enjoyed everybody else, but I was the only one in his life. And throughout his life he always made it clear: whatever I wanted was what he wanted. I love that dog forever. I still cry so much, thinking about him. He always makes me feel so loved above everything else. With him, I never doubt that he loves me. Maybe… Other dogs, of course they love me, too, I know that for sure. But no one gives me that attention like he does. And he's just a dog. And even when he was dying, he was in such a pain and he always crawled to me. I said, “No, no. Stay, I'm coming to you.” He always did things that wanted to please me even in his painful stage of last minutes of his life. He could not even go to his bed, he couldn't… You know, the dog beds are very low even, but he could not even crawl inside. He just went next to it and he clutched it with his paw to let me know that, “Okay, I'm here, but I can't come in, but I know you like me here.” This kind of dog. If we humans… And he always tried to please me. Even if he had pain, he didn't show me that he had pain. Even though I knew he had pain. He's always, like, smiling and kissing me and pawing me around like that. Just to comfort me. Even he was in pain, I was supposed to comfort him, but he worried that I worried. So, it's like that.
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