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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 4 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

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Mostly the newspaper or television, they want sensation. (Yes.) They just make it bigger than it is. And it's not just this time, But never mind, it is the price to pay for rescuing people and the planet. You can't do good things in this world and be praised or be loved by all. Maybe a small group of people would love you, but not everybody. Because this world, I told you already, it is the world of struggle and war. Up till now it's still like that. All the people who have this kind of mentality will be born in this world, just to live like this kind of life. That's why it's difficult for them to even understand the plain things that we understand. It is so plain, like when we talk. Like, for example, when I talk, you understand right away, the first day, so you come and get initiation. But how many people understand it? They don't. And some of you maybe see me with a lot of light around me, but other people, they don't see, nothing. They're just too busy criticizing my glorious clothes or my hair or my lipstick, or whatever. They don't see anything else. This is the thing. So, how many Masters you saw, the real, I mean, the true ones, never had good things, never had good comments, mostly not, in this world. Look at Jesus. They even attempted to assassinate Buddha many times. Somebody even cut one of his toes off. You know, missing, missing. So, just one toe cut off. For example like that. This world is like that. And I knew it already before I began this mission. But of course, knowing in advance and being hit by it at that time, it was different. I did cry also many times, feeling sorry for the world, that they are so blind. I wrote “The Stone Buddha.” I really like that song. I mean the real version, not the one they printed, because they just printed, they translated it and they printed it. It's not the real version. “Hallo, Buddha, why do you cry? In your stone heart, how much desire? Why do your tears stream down the sea? Why give your love to the pebble? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, Why did you leave Nirvana? What is here to search for? Endless pain or sorrow? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, Hurry now, leave Samsara! Back to where no sorrow Only joy eternal Only love, no border. Hallo Buddha, Why do you smile? And your stone heart is full of light! Why do your arms embrace the world? Why does your love shine forever? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha.”
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