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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 3 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

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“No. I never told you to go anywhere to find any lines. No. No. I just tell you where the lines sometimes more concentrate or less concentrate so that you can benefit from it. Like here now we even have Heaven Gates. A lot. So it's very good for you to come here and meditate. Heaven Gates, Blessing Lines and Blessing Portals, and Heaven Ways. It's very… (And sun.) Of course, of course, yes. The sun is everywhere, but here in your center you have Heaven Gates even now. Blessing Lines, Blessing Portals. I lost count because too many centers, but a lot here. A lot here. (But this is new Heaven Portal here?) Mm hm. We can move them around. Sometimes it's allowed. The stronger you are, the more things you can do.” “We have to be kind. Not just talk just to feel good about it, just to feel that, ‘Okay, I dare say something that other people don't dare.’ It's not like that. You have to be kind. Whatever you say, it's from your heart, no? Love has to have also wisdom, and respect. I wouldn't put your picture in my toilet, for example. I wouldn't do that, even if it's just your picture. Because you're still alive here and… as if you're sitting there and looking at me, and you have to sit in the toilet forever, 24 hours seven. Isn't that nice? Do you understand me? (Yes.) My picture is for you to remind you of what I told you, about how great you are and how you can get greater and greater and you can go to Heaven and you can liberate yourself and help the world. That is what my picture is for. And if you're scared and you put my picture around and then you feel safer, then it's fine. But it's not to be abused for many, too much physical desire. Even you don't put my picture there, you pray, if I can help your mother, I would. There's no need to push me under her sick bed. Suppose you really believe my picture does work, because you believe my picture is also me. Then how do you trap me under the bed like that? Not to talk about having respect for your teacher, any teacher at all, not to talk about Master or anything. We have to have common sense and respect, yes?”
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