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Between Master and Disciples

Be Loving and Kind (Part 2 of 8) Apr. 27-28, 2012

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“Because I'm everywhere. Tell you that secret. Even you go up there, you see me also. Okay? Different bodies. Now I am even more everywhere than before, because my level is very, very high now. So I can string the whole universe, not just five, six, ten levels. I'm One Thousand-plus Level now.” “This is very complicated, this world. But never mind. I got all the souls up, at least to the Third Level, so it doesn't matter. They're just connected by a string here, like a puppet now. They're just working with the mind all this. Souls are all free, and all of you are free at the time of initiation already. You're just connected with your soul until you go. Until the string is cut, and you're gone forever. It's the same with most people on this planet now, but they don't go to the Fifth Level like you will. No, huh? They go maximum to the Third Level, high Third Level, or Fourth even, but at least they escape hell. But as I told you, in this time it's still a screening time, even though you see less screening than before, there are less disasters, less war. Yes, seems everything is more peaceful now.” “And by the way, we have saved the planet… I don't know, I have to go get my book, but more than 300 years anyway. (Wow!) How can I have forgotten? (You want me to get it?) Three hundred eighty-two years.” “It's just when you're ready to give up yourself, Heaven just gives you back everything, and more. It's amazing, and I'm so happy that I'm still here and continue to do my journey. It's very important. I'm very happy. So, I'm telling you, sometimes just don't give up hope or anything, even if you cannot meditate well or if you don't see anything. Just continue. And then one day just, you just break through and you'll be very happy. Even if you don't break through, it doesn't matter. I'm always there and helping you. Even if you go just low level, I will also be there with you and continue like this. It cannot be lower than this. And then we continue. So even here, if I can bear to teach you, sit next to you, up there can do. It's even better. Even Astral Level, people are already much better than here.”
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