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Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 6 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Taiwanese Hokkien(台灣話)
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(At first we taught people like that. We didn’t want them to think that we tried to sell them stuff. But later, people said, ‘This food is so tasty, where can we buy it?’ I said, ‘Well, you go to Loving Hut to buy it.’) Create one more recipe. (Later we set up a place next to the restaurant, put out dry food, decorated with flowers, etc., and people buy them to eat. They like it very much. Because when they come to eat buffet at our restaurant, they can buy dry food and go home to cook.) See? Okay. (A number of people like it very much. They told us that for that reason, they have enough money to continue eating vegan.) That’s right. (They thank us.) They have the means, too. (Yes.) See? We must be positive like that, must have a positive mentality, must be happy, must overcome all obstacles, no matter what. (About 30% of my customers are frequent customers. They buy food home to eat, too. So we prepare things like very good containers for them to bring home. We tell them that these are reusable boxes, don’t throw them away. It means we support the environment. They like it very much. Next time they came, they kept the old box they got from us last time.) Bring the box. (Yes.) Reduce money. (Yes. Reduce and reuse.) If someone doesn’t want it, then close it. No problem. No problem. For me, everything’s fine. Anyway, it’s a job also. If you don’t do this job, you have to work at some other job anyway. You understand? If you don’t work for Loving Hut, or if you don’t work as a Loving Hut owner, or if you don’t work with a Loving Hut, then you also need another job outside. You do other job anyway. So why not consider it as a job, and a good job? A good job: help yourself and help other people, right? Okay? What I meant is, that is legal. If the government doesn’t allow, then don’t do it. Understand? (That’s right.) Don’t try to do it sneakily, force it, and say: I do it, no problem. No! If the government allows it, we do. If not, forget it. Understand? People originally are good people. People are all good, understand? It’s the (bad) karma of the sentient beings that creates this and that problem. Otherwise, no one is bad.
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