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Between Master and Disciples

Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 5 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Taiwanese Hokkien(台灣話)


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(I would like to report to Master about the Loving Hut in Orlando. I’m luckier than the other sisters in a way that I’m not the owner.) (For example, I observed and found that we must cook like Master said: Loving Hut should be fast in service. The Chinese buffet is a very good idea. So we tried the buffet at our restaurant. Every Sunday, we provide a buffet. People can eat all they want for just US$9.95. Now, we have a lot of customers. One day of buffet sometimes can sell two, three times the regular days. Okay. Then we keep doing buffet.) Okay. Then we keep doing buffet. (Yes.) Buff up. People eat at our restaurant once a month or two, three days a month. If they can cook and eat every day at home, it’s even better. What kind of talking, so “smart”! We open the (vegan) restaurant for people to learn to eat vegan. If people can eat vegan at home, it’s even better. (Yes.) Then what? (Then we began to teach people to cook.) (So the Adventist Church let us borrow their place to teach classes. They said their place can hold 200 people, come if you want. They don’t charge anything.) Because... Seventh Day… Seventh Day Adventist. They’re also vegetarian. (Yes.) Very good. Good church. For example, if we go to the church, then show the clips where I talked about Jesus. Like Christmas… (I brought a number of videos where we interviewed people in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They liked it very much. Later they trusted us, they gave us the church key.) Give the church key, wow, let us become priests, too. And then, it is okay. We must be positive like that. We must be the go getters. Go get them. (Yes.) You don’t just complain. Don’t care about anybody says what. We know what we’re doing, we continue.
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