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Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 4 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Japanese(日本語)
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“(And I was thinking, how come we just have the Center to group meditate? If we can all live together, have a community just like that, that would be wonderful.) We don’t have to live together. We live everywhere, so that we can bless everywhere and we can be of use, for everyone else. We live together, of course, very nice. Every day, (vegan) cakes and (vegan) candies and bed time story is nice. But then who saves the world? Okay? I need you where you are. And we start from here and we do what we can. We, how you say, accept all situations, all right? The world is getting better, but it’s not paradise. It’s not like paradise yet. But it’s just getting better, better than before, and we should be grateful for whatever changes that happen, all right, that we are still alive and can practice.” “(I just feel very blessed and very, very excited. And there are good things happening in the world.) You noticed? (Yes, all the time inside. I can’t even speak about it though, because I don’t…) You just feel it. You just know it. (I know. I know. ‘Understand.’ There are so many ascended Masters on Earth helping, channeling through various people. I read on the internet and so much is happening to put the world right.) (Yes, it’s all beautiful, the world is beautiful. Walking through the park today, it was wonderful. The trees were smiling, the day was beautiful, the sun was shining.) It’s because you are positive. (Everything is just beautiful.) It’s reflecting. You’re reflecting. (Yes, and I love You, and I love getting there, I want to go Home and go...) Good girl. (… follow Your footsteps.) Not yet, not yet. (Master, can we follow Your footsteps and go Home?) Oh, and go to the 300th? (Yes, can we do that?) I am 303 already. (I know, wow!) Three hundred three today. (Amazing, amazing!) (It’s just overwhelming to hear that, it’s just beautiful.) Maybe the world needs it. (Yes, it’s beautiful that You are doing it The world needs it. and You have done it, it’s wonderful.) Yeah, the world needs it. Otherwise, if it’s just ordinary power, then it’s not possible to save the planet at this moment. At this moment, no. Understand? (Yes.) It’s too overwhelming.”
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