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Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 2 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Spanish(Español)
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“I was wondering if it’s the position. Because I noticed that every time, if I lay a little bit back or something, I fall asleep. And then it’s like a fight all the time to stay awake and to concentrate.” Oh, it’s very comfortable, of course, like this. Even the Buddha goes to sleep, I tell you. Yeah, it’s true. I don’t know why. You know, this reclining position, it’s the best. But I saw all of you bringing that kind of chair who can… like this, so what can I say? Try what you can. And then when you’re tired, then just let it go. Okay? And if you meditate, you feel sleepy, you can splash your face with it or use a towel, a cold towel, okay? But your body also needs to rest sometimes. Too much stress outside, too much pollution. Really, the human body is so pitiful, so much on it. So much burden to the mind, to the soul. So if you cannot meditate well, I understand. I’m just sorry the situation is like that, and this world is like that. This is the price we pay for being a human. 
And some of us have a better karma, more relaxing lifestyle. But some are really having to struggle a lot. Just make the best of your situation and Heaven will bless you, okay? That’s why the Buddha called this world, Sha Po (Samsara), you know, Samsara, means enduring, enduring. Enduring because there’re so many things here you just have to endure. The humans live here, so have to endure. But it’s already better than Hell, no? In Hell, people cannot even pray. They forget to pray. They can’t. They’re constantly in pain, sorrow, and suffering that they can’t even think of praying, understand? So at least here you’re on and off. You can still meditate and think of Master or the Holy Names. It’s very difficult to live as a human life. But at least you know where you’re going. At least you try to strive to go. The goal is to be back to Heaven, and you all know that and you try your very best to focus on that. But other people, it’s really, really very pitiful, very pitiful. We can only try our best to work. Try our best and remember. The longer the planet lives, the more people will have a chance to become vegan and spiritually uplifted. Not just vegan but upliftment as well, same time. Not just the planet’s survival.
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