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Between Master and Disciples

Count Our Blessings and Be Positive (Part 3 of 6) March 28, 2012

Lecture Language:English,Japanese(日本語)
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“Try to recite the Holy Names. Not difficult! Very easy, you put, you write it everywhere, on the bathroom mirror, ‘Holy Names,’ on the door before you go out, on the door before you come in. On the pillow, ‘Holy Names,’ when you sit, you write down in the front of you, ‘Holy Names.’ The Holy Names will calm you, will replace other confusing thoughts. Protect you. And then before you meditate, you pray very hard, sincerely, to help you to calm down, and to concentrate. And write the ‘Holy Names,’ ‘Holy Names’ everywhere, so that wherever you see it, you remember to recite it, not just when you meditate. And then when you meditate, it becomes a habit. Don’t wait until you meditate to recite the (Holy) Names. Recite all day long. Write it in front of your steering wheel in the car, everywhere. Okay? On the steering wheel. On your seat, on your pillow, remind yourself, okay?” “(Master, I just want to tell You, You are so incredible that, I know You are great, great, but I didn’t know You are so powerful. Because since You went into the intensive meditation, the world changed so much. You probably heard about this, that the Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton, she made an announcement of an initiative to ask some other nations to attack on the short-lived climate pollutants, which means the black carbon and the methane. It’s just what we want. And that is happening. We were very excited. But some people attacked her, saying she’s trying to avoid saying she’s trying to avoid touching those big boys, you know the fossil fuel, those companies, but we know she is on the right target with what we were actually informing the public. Just to let You know these are all good things happening. Because You made that happen.) Feels like it’s happening now. It’s also thanks to your effort, yeah? Spreading the good news, and encouraging people to eat less animals, to do less harm to the planet. You are my feet, my arms, my ears, my nose, my eyes. You help a lot, okay? Thank you also. I’m proud of you, I’m proud of you.”
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