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Inner Beauty is More Important Oct. 8, 2017

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Our inner beauty is more important. If well cultivated within, even if we don’t look gorgeous outside, people would still like us and chase after us. They won’t leave even when they’re asked to. If we are not well cultivated within, but just attained a certain standard in outer appearance, how many cm here, how many cm there, very soon people would lose interest. When Shakyamuni Buddha was very old, his disciples still craved to look at him. Same as many enlightened Masters. 
Try your best to purify from within. OK? (Yes!) Don’t just keep yelling: “Master, you are beautiful.” Should you feel that I am beautiful now, it is because of my spiritual practice. I am old. If not for my spiritual practice, I wouldn’t look so pleasant. You will also look nice if you practice well. OK? (OK.) I am only an example. Without the disciples and the burden of work, I’d surely be beautiful. So, if you are a housewife taking care of a few kids and dogs, that’s really a happy and comfortable life. How I envy you! If you have so much time, do meditate more. Try your best to simplify life to save more time for meditation, and then all of you will be beautiful. The inner beauty is important as it will show on the outer appearance, or a little bit at least.
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