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Buddhist Stories: “A Man Named Coppertooth” (Part 3 of 3) Sept. 20, 2015

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He was supposed to go to hell. And because of just one sincere offer, which the monk did not even take! The monk felt sorry for him and knew that he was so hungry and desired it, he even returned it: “Please take it.” But you see, it’s just the thought that counts. So much desire for the porridge, still wanted to offer it to the elder monk and treat him kindly, give him a seat and fan him and all that. So that is really precious. If somebody else gave to him, rich people, or normal, medium-rich people gave him porridge, it’s normal. This is a porridge offer from the heart of a cruel man, who suddenly rejoiced and was open and remorseful and with all respect, treating him reverently like that. So even though the monk did not take the porridge, but he sincerely, truly wanted to offer until the monk told him to drink it. So what to do? He drank it. He’s an obedient person. So they asked the Buddha, “What did you say, World Honored One? He who killed men for such a long time has been reborn in the world of Tushita gods?” “Yes, monks, yes he did! A great and good spiritual counselor did he receive,” meaning from Sariputra. He heard Sariputra teaching the Dharma and profited thereby acquired knowledge. When he departed from this existence, he was reborn in the world of the Tushita gods. So saying he pronounced the following stanza, the Buddha pronounced, “He who was executioner of thieves in the city, listened to words well spoken; having gained patience accordingly, he went to Heaven and is enjoying.” “World Honored One,” the monks said again, “There is no great power in words of thanksgiving and this man had done much wrong,” thanksgiving, initiation. The teacher replied, meaning the Buddha replied, “Monks, do not measure the Dharma I have taught as being little or being much. One saying possessed of meaning is of surpassing merit.” So the Buddha said this: “Though a thousand, though a thousand speeches are made of meaningless lines, lines, better the single meaningful line by hearing which one is at peace.” Correct? Peace, peaceful, no war. So the Buddha even said if somebody blah, blah, blah a thousand lecture, means nothing, helps no one, just talk, talk. But even one single sentence, like Sariputra, meaningful line means Truth, correct and powerful from inner realization, tells somebody, initiates that person; liberated immediately. And changed into a better person. That’s what the Buddha means.
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