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Between Master and Disciples

A Prayer for All Future Prophets (Part 1 of 3) Aug. 17-18, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Actually, today I’ve been very sad. (Why, Master?) I was just thinking of all the poor Prophets and Masters. When they were alive, they were attacked, persecuted, or (had) blackened names, or (were) killed, in different brutal ways. And after they died, some built very big churches and big temples, and mosques, whatever. And then, still killed, killed (in) his name, or her name, saying that Jesus ate fish and Buddha ate pigs’ legs and Prophet Muhammad told them to kill. All kinds of things. All the Masters suffered so much for all beings when they were alive, and after they died, they still besmeared their names, besmeared and massacred in their names. Aren’t we terrible? Humans are terrible. Animals, they don’t even do that. They only kill for some, maybe personal reason to eat, or maybe rivals. But they don’t kill en masse and not in the name of their leaders, whatever. I’ve been so sad today. Maybe today we just have a good prayer for all the Prophets in the future. All the good Masters, the real Masters in this life and next lives, so their teachings will be really, really understood and carried out, so that they won’t be killed either physically, mentally, psychologically, or emotionally, or whatever. This is really terrible. I was very sad today, very sad. Well, I meditated a lot, and then I remembered all this, and I was very sad. Anyway, we’ll have maybe a one-minute prayer, quietly for all the Prophets, for the future, that humankind will not persecute them, and just listen to their teachings. At least leave them in peace, if they don’t listen.
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