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Between Master and Disciples

Divine Grace from a Living Buddha's Picture, Part 1 of 4, March 21, 1991

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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The person who has attained Buddha Nature, their Buddha Nature and our Buddha Nature are connected, so when we remember them, it’s the same as remembering ourselves. But believing in Him/Her means we believe in the all-encompassing Buddha Nature of ourselves, nothing else. The more we believe in the Master, the more we think about Him/Her, the more we are just like Him/Her. We are more and more like Him/Her, then we are united with Him/Her; that means we’re One with our Master. The more we’re alike, the higher we go up. Until one day, if you keep remembering my teaching and practicing it, remembering me, then my energy will merge with your energy, and then you will become me.
We do not look at people or anyone with suspicious eyes, we do not look at anyone with a preconceived notion. Even if we heard that someone was bad, or used to be bad or said bad thing about us, we look at them with a light heart. What we look at is people’s Buddha Nature, the nobility inside their soul. We awaken that nobility, and then people also treat us nobly.
But to the people who always think of their Master, doing what was instructed by their Master, then their heart and mind are very light, their level is almost equal to their Master’s level, understand? They bathe in the wisdom of their Master. Therefore, whatever others say to them, they are like the deaf who are not afraid of gunshots. They say: “I don’t understand what you are talking about. Why are you angry with me?” They do not understand, as if nothing has happened, and they feel light. 
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