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Between Master and Disciples / The Surangama Sutra

The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Feeling Skandhas (Continued) - Questions and Answers, Part 6 of 7, Dec. 27, 2018

Lecture Language:English,Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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The physical pleasure costs a lot of energy, more than any other activities. Because you concentrate your all, you give your all in that moment, and it’s a waste of a lot of precious energy. Not to talk about there at that moment, you’re just right there, you’re nowhere else higher.

(It was very long ago. I had a vision in my dream one night. It was related to our logo. I was on a platform, and I saw countless light spots in the sky. Like those light spots from the searchlight, illuminating the whole sky.) Very bright. (After a while, the light spots vanished and I saw our logo. A mother ship bearing the SM logo.) A ship? (It was hauling thousand kinds of flowers. Master, You were lying on the thousand kinds of flowers,) OK. (looking down to the sentient beings on Earth. I then exclaimed: “Master is coming! Master is coming! Look quickly!” I jumped in excitement and then woke up.) Jumped and woke up. (Then I couldn’t see anymore.)

You were too excited, that’s why. He had a wonderful vision. Then he was too excited, so he woke up. Is that right? (Right.) In the future, don’t get so excited. Keep calm, so that the vision would continue. Don’t get too excited, or you’ll jump and wake up again. OK, I understand. Congratulations! It’s OK. A very good experience.

OK, you guys, you OK? Not tired? (No.) Oh, man! How? (Happy.) Is your body made of bricks or something? How do you do this, actually? (Your blessing, Master.) (Your love makes us feel more comfortable.) Oh, man, really, because you sit all day already. At least you sit some time, in the day time, and in such a condition, windy, cold, and it’s not like at home you can lie down. There’s no way you can lie down here, unless you lie in the bosom of some of your brothers next door. There’s no way you can lie down anywhere, because we’re even short of indoor space even. And you sit so tight together, how can you even sit all day and all evening already, and then still listen to this old woman’s calendar stuff and all the questions, and you still… You look like you are full of beans! (Yes.) Did they feed you beans in the kitchen? (Soya.) Soya beans. Yeah, yeah, she said soya beans. What I mean is you look so radiant, you’re smiling from ear to ear and you just (It’s Your love, Master.) don’t look tired at all! How? (Your love.) Love cannot make you like this! (Because it’s Your love, Master.) (It’s Your love.) Really? (It’s Your love.) (You work very hard for this place and we just came to see You, Master.)

Your brothers and sisters in Taiwan (Formosa), they work really hard. They work very hard. But you come here, also very hard. We thank the Taiwanese (Formosan). They worked very hard for it. Even though not as perfect, it’s just sometimes the ego interferes. Or the Maya interferes. I have high standards. High, very high standards, expectations of all of you, not just them.

But I also appreciate that you come and they’re very happy that you come, because it’s not easy also for you to come. You come from different places. Because I know you work very hard for your money, very hard, and your honest living. Not like quick rich making, that’s easier, but you work hard, really, every day of your life to save some money to come. And at home you have obligations. If you didn’t come here, maybe you could buy a flash car, a better car to flash at the neighbor. But you know what is more important. I wish I could pay for all your tickets and everything else. (No!) But it’s good that you pay. Otherwise, everything I earn, merit and you zero, and you can’t come Home with me. I mean the Home that’s waiting for you, like Jesus said, “I go prepare a place for you.”

All the Masters, They prepared a place for Their disciples. If a real Master, They have creative power. I mean, not just this lousy world, like the Maya made, was all you got. Zillion times more glorious, and comfortable and you lack nothing, and you desire nothing; you just feel happy. And then from there, you can even bless the world because you’re more powerful. Not just we enjoy, but we can bless the world. And we can come back here if we want. But full of equipment inside, to protect yourself, not to fall again, and to help whoever you think you owe a debt last life, or who helped you sincerely. But when you were in this world or the last life, you had not enough power or equipment or opportunity, financial or power to help. You look and you say, “Ah, my good friend is there. I want to go down and take him up.” And you have all the power and the Master support behind to take that friend up.

That’s the good thing. That’s the good thing about it. You don’t have to come down to be a Master or anything, but you come down with power to help whoever you think was good for you; you have enough power to do that. You don’t have to be well-known or a famous preacher, nothing. You just quietly go and help whom you wanted to help. And that’s very beautiful. Without so much ado, like being a Master and people look at you, attack you and you have to fear for your life; without that. You just come down casually, just going for a trip and then you take up whomever you like to. Good, huh? (Yes!) Good deal.

(I just wanted to say it’s awesome news that You gave us about going beyond the Fifth World. And just unbelievable and thank You so much, Master.) You’re welcome. How you say “you’re welcome” in Afrikaans? (You are welcome.) OK. Imagine we can understand each other. There are so many languages here, not to talk about in other countries. Yeah, that’s good and we’re happy with each other.

(And it’s been an awesome retreat, Master. Every night from the first time You spoke to us until even tonight, You’ve answered so many questions inside, like every single question I had) Yeah. (for the last two years, inside, You’ve answered. The first night You answered almost 90% of all of them.) See, see! (And then the second night, You answered even beyond, with more explanations.) Beyond 100%, oh, wow! That’s a bonus. Good for business.

(And then Master, just being in Your presence, I mean, every time I see You, You just become more and more and more powerful and loving and compassionate.) Yeah? (Yes.) Powerful, huh? (And Master, what really, really touches my heart so deeply is that You’re so tolerant with us and You’re so forgiving, and so… You still give us so much invisible love on a vibrational love,) Yeah. (that words don’t even do justice for us, to be able to explain to You, how grateful we are to You, Master, and for everything You’ve done for us.) It’s OK, no problem. As long as you sincerely practice, do your best, and I’ll be happy. (Thank You, Master.)

That’s why you always come because you can’t find any happiness (No.) with your boyfriend, you always come here. (Master, You are my one true love.) Oh, yeah? But if another boyfriend, would be better, right? Have Master, but boyfriend would be better, right? It’s no good all that boyfriend business, (No.)

You stay alone and you will see how happy, if you last longer. (Yeah.) Longer than two years, then you’ll feel happier. If you’re busy doing something, at least for yourself or something also meaningful, then you will not even think of. (No.) Even the most handsome man comes in front of you, you don’t even see it. (Yeah.) You don’t feel anything. Even if you do, you would know it’s just a fleeting kind of chemical reaction (Yes.) or habit. But you must keep yourself in good company and work, OK? (Yes, Master, I will.) Because if you stay alone, you’ll feel lonely and then you just want the company, not really a boyfriend, just want somebody to be around talking to or helping you do some nailing.

I do all my nailing myself. Yeah, just now even. I have to fix my place, have to hang curtains to keep it warmer, and nail something to secure my door, stuff like that. The door of the stage. The door of the floor; not my door. I don’t have any door; it’s just if you go to the roof, there are some doors. Door from the second or other floor, I have to secure it. I did it all myself.

Busy yourself, make yourself just like handyman even. Busy yourself or read books, read important spiritual books. (Yes, Master.) And go outside volunteer with some… But that’s also dangerous, because for other men. I mean not for you, but for the fleeting kind of boyfriend.

Energy spent on physical pleasure is very precious. It depletes you, truly. You must save it as much as you can, so that you can go further, because you have only so much energy and fuel. If you dispense it all on the way, then of course, you will delay your journey or stay in one low level. (Yes, Master.) That’s why even St. Peter said, best is to stay single. But really, if you cannot, then get married. I don’t mean you, I mean St. Peter said that to other people, to His disciple followers.

Most Masters, They married before They became Masters. And after They married, They understood that physical contact pleasure is not helpful to your spiritual elevation, definitely not. It’s not a joke. It’s not like I’m wagging a finger at you, like I’m better than you, nothing. It is just a fact like that. So, cool down, chill out, meditate, do good. Do some volunteer job with our group. Do something good with your precious life and time. (Thank You, Master.) Just cut off this kind of boyfriend stuff in your mind. Just determine that you don’t want it, then it will not happen. But if you’re always lingering and thinking, “Oh, what, who is the next?” and keep looking, of course, you will find one. And then you waste your time in tears, in quarrel or in adjusting and in dispensing energy. Nothing really good about that. Truly like that. Not that I forbid you or anything, but anyone who really wants to go high, must downsize his physical contact with the other sex. Understand that?

The energy you spend in sexual activities is really harmful to you. Not just the body but spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic as well, psychic power, everything. You’re just spending and spending; your energy’s just wasting, flowing out, instead of conserving.

I teach you to do Quan Yin (inner Heavenly Sound meditation) because you return it inward also, not just because you hear the higher dimension, the Word of God, but also return back to your energy through the Quan Yin activity. That’s why most people, when they meditate, they put their legs together and their palms together somewhere. Even in magic school, they also tell you that, that if you talk to somebody, you better cross your legs together. Maybe you cannot do the lotus, because it’s too obvious when you’re dealing with business, but at least you cross them together under there (the table). And then make sure your hands also not too out open. Because in case that person has bad energy, it will just flow into you and you’re dispensing by leaving yourself open and vulnerable. Like your legs open, your arms open, and then you talk as well, and your ears open to listen, your eyes have to look at that person. The more closed, the better. Even in magic school they teach you that.

So, this physical contact with other gender, opposite gender, is really an outflow of a lot of energy. You concentrate your all on that act, or you will feel frustrated or not satisfied. And when you concentrate your all on that, then you’re just here. You’re just in that act. You’re just in the physical dimension. At least for that moment or that time you spend with your physical partner, you leave Heaven. You left your True Self. You forget the higher dimension.

And we don’t have a lot of time. We have too little time already for spending on work, on shopping, cooking, dressing, driving, all kinds of things already. And we have only like one and a half hour, two hours to meditate already, if you have. And then extra on that, you spend more energy.

The physical pleasure costs a lot of energy, more than any other activities. Because you concentrate your all, you give your all in that moment, and it’s a waste of a lot of precious energy. Not to talk about there at that moment, you’re just right there, you’re nowhere else higher. Just in a low dimension, lower level, lower chakra. And you want to go high here, you don’t go low down.

OK. All right, any others? (Master, I was just wondering, what more can we do? We have a Loving Hut in Ohio and it’s crazy busy all the time, people love it. I’m just feeling like we could do more to share the teachings though, because everyone is going vegan. What more can we do to help?)

You put on TV, Supreme Master Television. If people ask you, you tell them. (OK.) You want to be a preacher, go ahead. (No. I don’t know, like more flyers. We used to do flyers.) Yeah, do whatever you think. OK, do whatever you think. (We want to help more.) Yeah, understand, because your situation is different. You do what you can. And you just use your IQ think tank. OK? (OK.) Or get together and say, “What else can we do?” With your staff, with your friends, say, “What else can we do?” Then just do it. It depends also on your finances, your capability, or where you live, whether or not it’s easier to talk to people, or whatever you do. Sometimes, they just organize a talk but only on TV. Some people just put Master’s video there, everybody watches, and then you explain this and that, and, by the way, you talk to them. Whatever you can do, OK? Thank you.

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