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Between Master and Disciples / The Surangama Sutra

The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-Five Means to Enlightenment, Session Three, Part 3 of 6 April 6, 2019

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The Universal Worthy Bodhisattva arose from His seat and told that He practiced this conduct. So, He said, “‘The Buddha asks about perfect penetration. The basic cause I speak of in my case is listening with the mind to discover and distinguish at ease.This is the foremost method.’” Universal Worthy conduct is one of the methods from 84,000 methods. Some people practiced that, just to be really good, pure, morally fit, and meditating on the Universal Power. Only if you can. Only if you happen to tap into that corner of the universe where it houses Universal Power. Just like I went to different new Realms and where it happened to store Universal Power there.

By the way, before you meditate, you should take some deep breaths. You lie down. It’s better lying down because it’s very relaxing. If you sit down, maybe you might fall down afterwards. You just lie down and you breathe in, as deep as you can. The nose, OK? And, lead it all the way to your stomach or your solar plexus. And then go back all the way to the chest, and then all the way to your head, and to the crown or to inside the head; doesn’t matter. And hold it. Ten, count to ten, and exhale. Maybe six times, and then you meditate. You’ll find, more calm. Easier to sit.

(Is that before the Sound and Light meditation?) Yeah. It doesn’t matter. It’s fine. Before the Light or before the Sound meditation, it’s OK. If you find yourself not very restful, then you do that. Or you can do that anytime, it helps before you meditate. And if you find yourself also a little bit angry or vexed because of a situation or because somebody kind of rubbed off on you. People rub off on you all the time. Even you recite the Five (Holy) Names, sometimes you forget. So, you take a deep breath like that. Then you just sit down somewhere safe and do that. Just make sure you don’t fall down.

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