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Buddhist Stories: The Layperson Who Offered an Ashram to the Buddha, Part 4 of 8 Aug. 15, 2015

Lecture Language:English  Host Language:Spanish(Español)
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So, he was so hurried. In the middle of the night he wanted to go out to see the Buddha. “Go, follower, go! Do not retreat. Do not feel worried. Even if you have the whole treasures of all this planet put together for you, it's still not comparable to walking one step toward where the Buddha stays and visiting Him. Even then the merits are even more than that, that I cannot compare and count for you.” The Tu Đạt (Sudatta) prime minister heard that. Oh, happy, happy. At that time, the Buddha then preached to him the four Wonderful Methods of Liberation, etc. The Tu Đạt (Sudatta) prime minister, after he heard that, he attained like one of the middle ranks of spiritual level of consciousness. So the Tu Đạt (Sudatta) saind to Him, “Obeisance to the World Honored One. I will invite You to the Xá Vệ (Sravasti) country. So all the country citizens will cut off the wrong concept, the wrong belief, and follow You.” So He called Sariputra and said, “Sariputra, Tu Đạt (Sudatta) wants to make an ashram to propagate the Buddha Dharma, to lead all beings there to turn to the right path in the Xá Vệ (Sravasti) country, so that he can invite me there to preach for Dharma. But he doesn't know how to do it. So you go there and help him to build the ashram.”
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