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Four Types of Beings in Our Life, Part 1 of 6 July 14, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Hakka Chinese(客家話)
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So, I think the governments of these countries who advocate animal laws and protections are very, very good already. Maybe one day, they will ban all together any form of torture or killing of any kind, then it would be perfect. I would give that country hundreds of Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, for Love, for Wisdom, for Hero, for whatever, the best.

Hallo. Hey, everybody OK? (Yes.) It’s very comfortable to be a monk. Right? So free. It’s difficult to be a half-monk like me. I’m OK. Is it good? (Yes.) I gave her some (vegan) cakes that the kitchen gave to me because I don’t eat a lot of cakes. I don’t really like sweets. Also, it makes me fat. I said I eat too much already, and she said she eats even more. I said no problem, she doesn’t have to be a model. I do many jobs. Model, modeling is one of my jobs. I can’t eat a lot. For her, no problem. If she gets fat, just buy new clothes. Yeah, for me, OK also. Maybe if I get fat, I can design new clothes, but I don’t have too much time to keep measuring. So, it’s better to stay a little slim; more convenient. Brother from Hong Kong, is your sister here? No? Take turns this time? It’s your turn?

Last time, I forgot one story. This story is supposed to follow the story called “The Afflictions by Shulpani” in the temple. But I probably over flipped the page, so I’ll read it for you today. This story has a better title, a more positive title. All the guards have translation? One ear for translation, one ear for order. Otherwise, just standing there, understand nothing, feel very boring. So, you can do three jobs now. So, join my club. Listening, taking orders, and watching. Wow! You only have three jobs; don’t complain. I have many jobs; I cannot list them all: Dog caretaker, house cleaner, helper for the dogs, model, designer for jewelry, wearing jewelry… Oh, I don’t have time to wear jewelry but… Designer for clothes, modeling for clothes. What else? A lecturer, initiation Master, a meditator; yogi, yogi sounds better. What else do I have to do? Sometimes a psychological counselor. What else? Wow! And the list goes on. I don’t want to scare you, in case you want to be a Master, so OK, the list, we’ll just stop here, and you imagine more. Now let’s go. Today, I have a fan matching my clothes. Very good.

Leaving Asathikgram. Remember that? That was the village where they call by this name Asathikgram, meaning the village of bones. Remember last time? There was a demon who lived there and eating people up, whoever went there, so they called it Asathikgram. And the Master Mahavira already subdued this demon, and he became a good boy, and not eating people anymore. In the old times, even humans in some places were eating humans. In the old times, it was very bad but people were still eating people. And now we, the civilized society look upon it as barbarous. We don’t do this anymore. Even in remote areas of the world they don’t have that anymore. Well, not that we know of. Because we are more civilized now, we look upon such a practice as barbarous. Soon, in the future, we will look upon eating animal flesh also as barbarous. And pray God that it will be very, very soon. Terrible.

Our world is getting better and better. And many animal laws are being proposed or being implemented, and maybe being practiced, a little bit somewhere. But that’s already a very good step. I said they should practice it. Some governments, some nations already advocated and put it into laws, to protect animals. But just one more step, then it’s banned all together any killing of animals or torturing of animals; in animal factories, for example. So, I think the governments of these countries who advocate animal laws and protections are very, very good already. Maybe one day, they will ban all together any form of torture or killing of any kind, then it would be perfect. I would give that country hundreds of Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, for Love, for Wisdom, for Hero, for whatever, the best.

And I hope other countries also follow suit, to make more laws to protect the weak and innocent, as well as to implement it, to practice it. Otherwise, it would be hypocritical. Sorry. Sorry if I offend anyone, any of the governments or people, but it’s the way it is. You say you protect the animals and all the while, just keep quietly condoning the practice of harassing, torturing, killing, maiming animals. So, what is that then? I really was very reluctant to say such things, but I don’t know, sometimes the truth just keeps coming out. I’m in trouble all the time because of that. Even Heaven just warned me two days ago. They told me to be safe because I told Them I don’t care. They said, “Yeah, You don’t care, but You have to be safe for the world because You still have work to do.” That makes sense. But still, I cannot help it sometimes to speak the truth because that’s what it’s all about. No? Democracy, freedom of speech. Truth practicing, stuff like that. Forget it then, for now.

I guess the people who bring this regulation into law, they really want the nation to practice it. It’s just a government body is a complex system. So, maybe some pro, some against. I have been tolerating everything for many decades. And because of tolerance, I have almost died many times. I have been sick, gravely ill many times, and have been blackened my name many times, and also obstructed to give you a better teaching, a smoother, more inspired, and deeper teaching because of tolerance. So, I think from now on, I have been, since we have this Ashram, I have been practicing less tolerance for the sake of everyone else who are sincere, who truly take their time and have courage to come, to leave behind everything, either to work for the world or to come here to better themselves.

And in our group, we have 60… I don’t know. I don’t have my diary here. I wrote it down. Sixty-plus percent are good, truly, sincerely want to go Home and to practice goodness and to hear the Truth and try to implement the Truth in their lives. Sixty-some percent. I am very, very lucky and very grateful indeed. And the other thirty-plus percent are not so. Either they just join for fun, or just have nothing else to do, or just shop around, or just coming to make trouble, or just to like to be with the crowd. Also, maybe just to profit from, like good energy, but not doing anything to contribute to it. On the contrary, damaging it somehow. So, for the sake of the majority,

I was, since a few months and from now on also, I will screen out as much as I can to protect the majority of people who are really worthy of Heaven’s grace and blessing, and my time. I consider my time very, very precious. Every minute when I remember my age, I feel my time is running so fast and so precious that I can’t afford to waste it just to entertain some anybody, some busybody, or boring body, or bored body, or obstructive body. In order to protect you, and my time, and my practice, and my work, my inside work. For these people, I do not reject them outright. Just they should practice at home or in some smaller Centers where they don’t affect too much the outcome of your practice and my sincere dedication to offer you what I know.

So, anyway, they have gotten initiation. They are free to do what they want to do with it, but they are not free to come to the big assembly and make trouble, and ruin our atmosphere and damage your practice result. You agree with that? (Yes.) OK. So, do not keep telling me that this sister is good and that brother is the best, and he’s working diligently, and he always goes to group meditation. That means nothing to me if the inside has not changed for the better or not sincere. Outside is difficult to judge whether or not a person is good or not. Truly like that. Even I was fooled many times because I was also looking outside. And only until maybe I talk to that person or something happened that I have to check it out, then I know it only outwardly looks good, seems good, but the inside is still nowhere. Number one, because not sincere. Join in maybe because of a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, or just have nothing better to do, or just like to be in the crowd. Some people like to be in the crowd and make themselves more famous for doing something, looking good, looks like good for some other purposes, but not sincerely here for real things.

And there are also… just like other Masters, when They came to our planet, They generously gave initiation and offered it to the public at large without discriminating who is what and who did what, and just giving everyone a chance to know this method and then to be able to practice. But not everyone took it seriously. The same with Shakyamuni Buddha. Even His cousin always tried to harm Him, did nothing good, always jealous with the Buddha because the Buddha had many admirers, many followers, many disciples who worshipped Him and who practiced with Him with all hundred-percent faith or over hundred-percent faith and vigor. And he looked like nobody followed him, maybe only his servants. Maybe nobody loved him; maybe his mother did; if he had a girlfriend, perhaps. We never heard that he had any family or romantic relationship. Maybe that’s why he was cranky; nobody loved him. The best place to put him is just somewhere so he will not harm anybody, least of all harming the Buddha, the saintly Master who has nothing in His heart except to uplift the faithful, the worthy, and the good people, and help all the beings as well.

Because life after life, we will have enemies. The Master also, no exception. So, you see, like Devadatta, he followed the Buddha life after life like a shadow. He never, ever left the Master alone; never. Even after He became a Buddha already, officially, the whole world knew, and he still continued making trouble. Similarly, I also have enemies. There are two kinds of people in our group. I am not talking about you. Of course, you also have enemies and friends and you know that.

In the Feng Shui school, they teach you to recognize enemies. Like anyone next to you who always makes you angry, sometimes for a reason or for no reason, they call them evil persons, and they advise you to avoid them, if you can. But if they are your family members, then good luck.

There are three kinds of people who will be around you. Four kinds. The first one, luckily if you have, friends. “Friends” doesn’t mean the social circle that you are in only; it could be your family members. Oh my God, should I read the story or keep going on with my calendar? (Calendar.) Calendar? Story won’t run away. My calendar might, because if somebody makes trouble, then I might stop my inspiration somewhere and then the story will get short or nothing. It happened many times. Well, not many times, several times. Either that or the continued story is bumpy, bumpy.

Four types of people, four types of beings. It could be also people; it could be also invisible beings; it could be also animals, pets. So now, I classify it all in four types of beings. Because we are all beings: human beings, animal beings, ghost beings, whatever beings. Now, four types. What are four types?

The first type is very lucky for us if we have; they’re called “Friends.” It could be your family members: your son, your husband, your wife, your sister, your brother, and your cousin. Devadatta is not classified as “friend,” even though he’s a family, so-called clan member of the Buddha. So, friend is good for you. You will notice that they are very helpful to you, very coordinated with you. When you’re with them, it’s smooth sailing. Of course, they are not perfect. Don’t look at only at their mistakes or their faults. You have to look at the big picture, because you might be very easily mistaken with their personality.

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