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Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists, Part 31

Language:English,Haitian(Kreyòl ayisyen)
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We are privileged to read some of the heartfelt messages of gratitude sent by the artists after the “Friends of Eternity” gathering to Supreme Master Ching Hai and the event production team. Next is a message from the Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Lionel Friedberg, to our beloved Master: “Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, This comes to You with my profound respect and gratitude for a life-altering experience in Taiwan (Formosa). I can never thank You enough for Your love, Your kindness, Your generosity, Your inspiration. I would also like to thank every single disciple and member of Supreme Master TV who contributed to the overwhelming success and impact of ‘Friends of Eternity.’ Each and every person contributed to the event and to my experience of it. Their roles defy description or measure. Everyone left an indelible impression on my life. Under Your guidance and inspiration, You have surrounded Yourself with truly extraordinary people. From the people who met us at the airport to the drivers to the everyday staff to the Supreme Master TV production crew to all those disciples who are helping to change the world, bring about peace and enrich their own spiritual development, I can never offer enough thanks. Thank You Master for enriching my life the way You have. Thank You for helping to bring enlightenment to this world. Thank You for connecting all those who follow You and practice Your teachings reach the higher levels of Cosmic development.”
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