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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Refuge to the Demon King, Part 5 of 6, Aug. 25, 2019

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“And not all animals are physical animals. Most of them are from a celestial abode. They came down for some purpose, either personally or to help humankind. Even if they don't want to help humankind, their own celestial energy also brought down some blessing to our world. So, that's why we must truly respect all animals, and any beings that we see. Any of the beings on this planet, even trees, rocks, any being at all, we are all playing our part in the evolution history. We will arrive one day. Sooner, later, slow, fast - we will go Home.” “Lord Mahavira only ordered to put some hot molten lead into one person's ear, one time only. Why did He have to be tortured by that person when he became a god in Heaven? Because of the interest. It's just like when you do some good deeds, the Buddha says immeasurable merit. So, the same if we do good deeds, we have a lot of merit. So the same if we do bad deeds, a lot of interest also. So that later, when He practiced, when He wanted to be liberated, He had to pay back multiple times, one person after another, even from one person like Sangam.” “Therefore, have respect for all beings because they have to undergo something. You never know, maybe they are Buddhas, they came down to suffer, so that they can have affinity with human beings or with other beings.”
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