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Fruity Tutti Sorbet and Mint Soya Sorbet

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Hi, everyone! It's summer. We're going to make somthing nice for summer. Here’s apple and banana, orange, some grapes, kiwi, melon, and watermelon. So, I’m going to cut them into very small pieces. You can put them in a blender; it’s quicker also. And if you don’t have a blender, you chop them as fine as you want, and then you can deep freeze them, and after two hours or so, you can take them out and eat as sorbet already, chunky sorbet. You make whatever sorbet you like, according to what fruit's available. Actually, most of the fruit, you can make sorbet. They will all taste nice. We’re going to make a little special sorbet without fruit. You put like one cup or one mug of soya milk, into the blender, three tablespoons of brown sugar. Not more. And then a handful of peppermint already washed in salty water. Now slow and quick, just a couple of seconds. That’s enough. You don’t want to liquefy the peppermint. It will taste better if it has chunks of peppermint in it. And then, you pour it into any cup or container, or mold that you like and put it in the fridge also. We are waiting for two hours. So this is the summer feast that I have prepared. By the way, even the fruit, you should wash them in salty water to clean away all the bad elements - toxin, or maybe insecticide, anything that could be harmful to your health. Whether you eat it raw or you will cook them, you should always soak them 3-5 minutes first in salty water. And then rinse them with clean water for 2-3 times.
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