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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously presents Shining World Invention Award to eco-friendly bag company from Chile, Republic of the Congo receives pandemic relief funding, green energy on the rise in China, major Italian city adopts eco-commuting initiative, Emirati teenager writes book on Australian bushfires to raise climate awareness, long-standing British pie manufacturer develops first vegan offering, and interest in fostering animals surges in the United States.


In Shining World Invention Award News from Chile

Solubag is an award-winning company that produces revolutionary non-plastic bags. The Solubag biodegradable material was created in 2014 from a new raw material made by a synthesis from calcium carbide and natural gas. The environmentally friendly bags can be completely dissolved within five minutes in water and are being used in major shopping centers in Chile. “Our material is not plastic, we do not have any plastic traceability within the process. It’s a material that simulates being plastic and that has led it to be a very easy replacement to use. All products when they appear are totally different technologies with different machineries. We use the same machineries that exist, we only modify the raw material.”

Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai joyfully presented the Shining World Invention Award to Solubag, “plus US$10,000 toward this environment-protecting project. May Heavens bless you.” “This Award is presented in recognition of your creative brilliance, scientific excellence, and ability to adapt technology to help save our planet.” Our Association members in Santiago, Chile, were pleased to present the crystalline plaque, Master’s publications and DVDs, as well as a check of US$10,000 to Mr. Astete and Mr. Olivares.

“We want to thank You for noticing our invention and for the support. It was a blessing for us to have received these funds because we were just at a stage where we needed the funds very urgently to be able to patent this worldwide. And it fell like from Heaven, just like that.” “I would like to thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, on Solubag’s behalf, for the support that You have given us in a very difficult time we were going through. It was, as Cristian said, a blessing, to have received this Award, and we hope to continue doing our bit to try to decontaminate our planet.”

Our sincere congratulations and thanks, Roberto Astete, Cristian Oliveras and all Solubag staff. May your vision and efforts to create a healthy and pristine environment be shared by everyone around the world, in God’s radiant grace. For the full presentation of the Shining World Invention Award to Solubag, please tune in to our Shining World Award program at a later date.


World Bank supports Republic of the Congo amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Bank has approved US$11.3 million in funding from the International Development Association to support the COVID-19 Emergency Response Project to increase the government’s ability to prevent, detect and confirm any cases of the disease. Furthermore, the health system’s readiness to respond to the pandemic will be strengthened and information campaigns will be held to help control the spread of the virus. The initiative will also assist the country’s screening and treatment capabilities, especially in cities most severely affected by the virus. The World Bank Group has allocated up to US$160 billion to help developing countries in responding to the pandemic. Our accolades and appreciation, World Bank for your assistance to the Republic of Congo in this urgent time. May Heaven shield and guide the tenderhearted Congolese people as we embrace a new and vegan planetary future.


Up next, green energy on the rise in China. We will pause for a moment to thank the ship loaders who skillfully load and unload cargo from sea vessels. Please stay for more empowering news on Supreme Master Television.

Respectful viewers, I am Poco the Puffer Fish. People say being vegan keeps you young and happy, look at me, I’m the proof! I have a tip today for your canine friends. Nose work games are beneficial for dogs, a lot of fun, and are an easy way to keep your furry companions stimulated and entertained, especially during rainy days. You can begin with some basic search games by hiding your dog’s favorite toy or treat, then directing him or her to find them. Once your dog has found an object, immediate praise and rewards are important. To make it more challenging, gradually increase the hiding distances and use new areas. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around the globe.


Chinese region sees large increase in green power.

China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region’s green energy generating capacity now makes up 37 gigawatts or 40% of the region’s capacity. It is expected to create 79 billion kilowatt hours of power this year, save 25 million metric tons of coal from being burned, and 68 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from being released. Xinjiang will also invest US$438 million in power grids in the southern part of the region, so that about 290,000 individuals will be able to heat with electricity instead of coal. Forward-thinking Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, thank you for reducing your area’s use of coal by shifting to renewable energy. In Divine guidance, may your earth protecting actions bring abundance and good health to your citizens, as they enjoy the illuminating view of the evening stars.


Italian city to allocate more street space for cyclists and pedestrians.

With the goal of creating a safer and more sustainable future, Milan has announced a transformative Open Streets (Strade Aperte) plan that would add approximately 35 kilometers of cycle routes and widened pavements in the metropolis. Reallocating street space from driving to walking and cycling, the initiative was launched to avert more cars on the road since public transport services must carry less people in order to comply with social distancing, and encourage green commuting. Furthermore, under the plan, the city center’s speed limit will be reduced to 30 kilometers per hour and some streets will be prioritized for pedestrians and cyclists. Scheduled to be completed by end of summer this year, the project is expected to begin work along the busy Corso Buenos Aires street. Milan hopes to inspire other cities to also switch to safe and clean commuting. Bravo, Milan! May all cities adopt sustainable measures to safeguard the well-being of their people and the environment, in God’s wisdom.


United Arab Emirates student honors animals who perished in Australian bushfires in climate awareness book.

Sixteen-year-old Emaan Zahra Ijaz, a grade 11 student at GEMS Westminster School in Sharjah, UAE, has written a book entitled, “Fleeing from the Flames,” told from the point of view of a koala, rabbit, and wombat caught in the fire. Emaan’s book intends to give readers an intimate impression on how human-caused climate change is detrimentally impacting other beings in the world. The young author said, “I’m always trying to imagine what animals are feeling or saying to each other.” In addition to Sharjah Public Library and National Library of Australia, the book is available as an e-book on Wattpad, Inkitt, Smashwords, Google Play Books, and listed on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Many thanks, Emaan, for your poignant tale! May Heaven abundantly bless your gifted writing as more people around the globe join your ideal to save Mother Nature!


Up next on Noteworthy News, long-standing British pie manufacturer develops first vegan offering. We’ll spend some time now to be grateful to our Beloved Master for giving us access to spiritual meditation that keeps us connected with the Divine source of life. We’ll return with more beautiful news on Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Elevating News for an Uplifted World.


Popular British pie company releases first vegan product.

Holland’s Pies, founded in 1851 in the United Kingdom, has debuted a vegan sausage roll made from soy and wheat protein, along with mushrooms, wrapped in a flaky pastry topped with a fragrant herb. The roll is available in the stores of major UK supermarket chain, Morrisons, in the North West region of the nation for £1.25. It follows the introduction of Holland’s Pies extended vegetarian range in late 2019. Explaining the reason for launching its first vegan product in almost 170 years, Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies said in a statement, “With over 400,000 people signing up to take part in Veganuary this year… we wanted to give our fans, old and new, a snack they’ll really enjoy.” Way to go, Holland’s Pies. May your vegan sausage roll help many to choose the healthy plant-based way for their own wellbeing, and to save the lives of countless beautiful beings.


Interest in fostering animals surges in the United States.

The coronavirus pandemic prompted shelters across the country to either shut down or reduce the populations in their care through foster placements or adoptions. In response, many people wanting to do a good deed, and perhaps ease the loneliness of their isolation, volunteered to foster a dog or cat. The respite from being confined to a kennel is a big relief to our four-legged friends and increases their chances of being permanently adopted. Foster programs in New York City and Los Angeles have seen nearly 70% more animals being taken home compared to the same period last year. We are gladdened by such wonderful news, and congratulate all those who have welcomed a furry angel into their homes. May people everywhere learn to appreciate the abundant blessings that animals bring to their lives, in Heaven’s jubilance.


Time for a merry moment with a joke of the day called, “She Said Yes.

One day, I asked my wife why she married me and she answered:

“Because you are funny.”

“I thought it was because I was good looking.”

“See? You’re hilarious!”


And now we have a heartline from Yang Chun-Mei in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Every time when I turn on Supreme Master TV, I will feel joyful the whole day, and every day I am full of energy. I pass the wise words of Master to my friends and colleagues around me. I hope that everyone can watch Supreme Master TV, and the whole world will be full of positive energy, thus uplifting the atmosphere of the universe. Yang Chun-Mei from Taiwan (Formosa)


Elated Yang Chun-Mei, Under Heaven’s watchful eye, may you always be able to tap into this infinite reservoir of happiness and joy. Thank you for spreading your enthusiasm by graciously informing the people around you about Supreme Master Television. May the Buddhas shine on you and golden Taiwan (Formosa), Supreme Master TV team


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Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May the glorious light of Heaven forever shine upon you.

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