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In today’s news, Japan enhances food security in South Sudan, international NGO funds training for refugees in Jordan, borough in Britain to extract geothermal energy, Mongolia poised to replace coal with renewables, kindhearted girl sends art supplies to underprivileged children, researchers in United States recommend reducing meat consumption, and platypuses reintroduced to habitat after Australian bushfires.


Japan’s kindness aids South Sudan’s resilience.

The government of Japan has donated US$3.1 million to help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) feed more than 41,000 people in the African nation. In addition to immediate relief, funds will be allocated to create vegetable gardens, levees and roads. Enhancing food security is essential following 12 months of challenging circumstances that included severe drought, heavy flooding and a locust invasion. Japan, a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Animal Protection and Generosity laureate, is a long-standing partner of WFP activities in South Sudan and has contributed US$52.3 million since 2012. We gratefully applaud your generosity, and Heaven bless you, Japan. Our appreciation also, to the World Food Programme, for your unwavering assistance. In Heaven’s infinite mercy, may the sincere people of South Sudan be provided with everything they need to enjoy fulfilling lives.


Training programs for young Palestinians in Jordan receive funding.

The international Muslim World League, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, has given US$1 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). The contribution will help pay for teachers, equipment and safety devices at the Wadi Seer Vocational Training Centre in Amman. One hundred and ten instructors have been teaching and giving exams online during the coronavirus pandemic so that 1,000 students can graduate on schedule. UNRWA supplies refugee youth with the marketable skills they need to secure full-time employment. Our earnest gratefulness, Muslim World League and UNRWA for your benevolent deeds. May your noble endeavors be amply rewarded, in the overflowing love of Allah!


Up next, borough in Britain to extract geothermal energy. We’ll take a moment to thank the bicycle messengers, who provide rapid and direct delivery of documents and other small items, especially in the business districts of metropolitan areas. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more encouraging news.


Good day, gentle viewers! I’m Bijou the Blue Crowned Pigeon. People are head over heels in love with me because I’m vegan. Here is a little gardening tip for you. Do you ever use a hose to water your lawn, flowers or trees? If you’re not careful, you may accidentally drag it over some delicate plants while you’re moving around. To prevent that from happening, simply plant a pitchfork in the ground, with your hose between two of the prongs – easy and effective! Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.


British municipality to harvest geothermal heat from flooded coal mines.

South Tyneside, in northeast England, the United Kingdom, plans to drill boreholes into mines that were closed 88 years ago. The reservoirs that formed underground have been warmed by energy from the Earth’s core. Once the water is extracted and compressed, it will be used to heat government-owned buildings in the vicinity. Cooled water would then be returned to the mines and recycled. The innovative scheme is expected to save 319 metric tons of carbon emissions per year and help the borough achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. Researchers say geothermal sources could provide the UK with warmth for a hundred years. Way to go, South Tyneside, on your creative utilization of unseen resources. May your efforts inspire others to find energy solutions that protect the planet for future generations, in the embrace of the Providence.


Mongolia to ramp up production of renewable energy.

With a loan of US$100 million from the Asian Development Bank, Mongolia plans to construct its first advanced battery energy storage system (BESS). It will be one of the largest such projects in the world, with a capacity of 125 megawatts. Electricity from wind turbines and solar-powered photovoltaic panels will feed into the BESS for distribution to the nation’s central power grid. When the installation is completed at the end of 2024, Mongolia’s carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by almost 800,000 metric tons a year. The country intends to make its energy 20% renewable by 2023 and 30% by 2030. Wonderful news, Mongolia and Asian Development Bank! Your forward-thinking strategies are in sync with the global shift to plant-based nutrition, fostering a new era of sustainability. May God’s cherished dream for humanity’s health and happiness soon come true.


Sixth-grader promotes happiness and peace through art.

When Chelsea Phaire of Danbury, Connecticut, United States, turned 10 years old in 2019, she and her parents launched Chelsea’s Charity. The girl’s idea was to give art supplies to disadvantaged children as a way of helping them cope with their emotions. After collecting things like crayons and coloring books, she and her mom assembled kits and delivered them in person. Since social distancing started in March 2020, the Charity has sent over 1,500 kits by mail. The kindhearted girl told major US news channel, CNN, “Now my dream is to meet every kid in the entire world and give them art. Who knows, maybe if we do that and then our kids do that, we’ll have world peace!” God bless you, Chelsea Phaire and family, for your altruistic actions. The world is definitely a better place thanks to the selfless love of angels like you.


Coming up, researchers in United States recommend reducing meat consumption. We will take a moment to sample a musical performance of improvised poetry known as Âşıklık, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from Turkey. More high-minded news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television.


Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Splendid News for a Wondrous World.


University study finds diet shift would help control climate change.

According to researchers at the University of Michigan and Tulane University in the United States, a 50% reduction in animal-based foods over the next 10 years would remove 1.6 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In addition, if consumers were to also cut back on beef consumption by 90%, the benefit to the climate would be boosted to 2.4 billion metric tons of emissions avoided. The study cautioned that if Americans do not change their eating habits, heat-trapping gases from the production of food will increase 9% by 2030 as the population grows. Many thanks, University of Michigan and Tulane University researchers, for your insightful and eye-opening report. May all planetary citizens comprehend the consequences of eating meat and swiftly adopt a vegan lifestyle, in Heaven’s radiant smile.


Three platypuses returned to the Australian wild following evacuation.

In December 2019, bushfires were approaching Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, near Canberra, and the creeks were almost dry from drought. With help from the University of New South Wales, researchers saved seven duckbills and brought them to a care facility in Sydney for a temporary stay. Plentiful rainfall since February 2020 has revitalized the mammals’ habitat, and the first group of platypuses was successfully reintroduced in April. The remaining animals will be transported to Tidbinbilla shortly. All is well for now, but scientists are concerned that such rescues could become increasingly necessary if a warmer climate causes rivers and ponds to dry up. Our delighted appreciation, researchers, University of New South Wales and loving caregivers. May all treasured wildlife flourish as humans become better guardians, upgrading their awareness and behavior to preserve Mother Earth, in Celestial oneness.


Get ready to let loose a little with a joke of the day called, “Inflight Service.

“Would you like a drink, madam?”

“What are my options?”

“Yes or no.”


And now we have a heartline from Guille Medrano Pérez in Mexico:

Dear Supreme Master TV team, Jesusa Rodríguez is a senator in the Mexican Congress, vegan and environmentalist. She promotes the rescue of indigenous communities and fights against animal abuse. She has recently proposed an initiative that requires all restaurants on the premises of the Senate to be vegan so that senators, deputies and administrative staff can consume meatless and animal-free meals, so they learn to enjoy new varieties of menus and improve their health. I am very happy for this initiative that, if approved, would involve legislators from all over the country and can have a beneficial multiplier effect. May the Heavenly Kingdoms and the living Buddhas continue to look with love and compassion on all the inhabitants of the planet and the Mexicans. Thank you, Supreme Master TV, for the inspiration and blessings received. I wish the best reward from Heaven for you.

Guille Medrano Pérez (vegan) from Mexico


Joyous Guille, Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us! May Her Excellency Jesusa Rodríguez soon succeed in her endeavor to enable her colleagues of the Mexican Senate to have the opportunity to eat compassionate cuisine daily while serving the nation. The senator is a model leader as she is taking into account the interests of all inhabitants of Mexico, both humans and animals. No step is ever too small to take; indeed, it is the first step needed for any positive evolution. We pray that all governments will now choose to implement Vegan Law, in God’s grace. May you and the marvelous people of Mexico be protected by the Divine, Supreme Master TV team


We welcome your heartlines stories and or cute, loving animal clips.

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We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May your heart sing in blissful harmony with Heaven.

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