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In today’s news, France supports sustainable food system development in Libya, Iran extends free health service to Afghan refugees, major green hydrogen project launched in Australia, Indian startup upcycles captured air pollution, vegetarian hunger relief organization serves vulnerable community in United States, online vegan Japanese culinary class attracts international participants, and brown bear reappears in northern Spanish park.

France provides funds for food security and agricultural reform in Libya.

The government of France has donated €350,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to develop a sustainable strategy to strengthen food security and agricultural reform in southern Libya, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The project will concentrate on enhancing farmers’ skills and knowledge via remote learning courses, and facilitating young adults and women to acquire jobs in the local market. Trialing hydroponics to enhance climate adaptation and water resources preservation will also be part of the initiative. In addition, the WFP will develop a market that smallholder farmers can access. Our warm appreciation, France and the World Food Programme! May the kind Libyan people be blessed with resilience, stability and safety, in the gracious benevolence of the Divine!

Iran provides free healthcare services to Afghan refugees.

During a telephone conference, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, promised the President of Afghanistan, His Excellency Ashraf Ghani, that Iran will provide free medical treatment to Afghan refugees in the country infected by the coronavirus. Iran has instructed that patients who are disadvantaged or not covered by health insurance, including foreign nationals, will have their medical costs paid by the national healthcare system. Furthermore, transportation to help Afghan refugees access medical care will be offered. His Excellency Dr. Zarif also expressed his support for peace progress in Afghanistan. Our salute and gratitude, Your Excellency Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif and Iran! In Allah’s goodwill, may the people of both Iran and Afghanistan be blessed with harmony, safety and wellbeing, as we embrace a vegan world!

Up next on Noteworthy News, major green hydrogen project launched in Australia. We will pause for a moment to thank the traffic engineers whose designs of new roads, streets, and highways maximize the flow of traffic and ensure the public’s safety. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more laudable news.

Hey, amazing viewers, it’s Pingie the Emperor Penguin. You are never too old to be vegan. Try a plant-based diet and see how good you will feel. Today I would like to share a laundry safety tip with you.  Here are extra measures you can take while you launder clothes to decrease the chances of a COVID-19 transmission. Protect yourself by wearing disposable gloves when coming into contact with unclean laundry from a sick person. Do not shake the clothes prior to placing them into the washer. When you are finished, dispose of your gloves and immediately wash your hands thoroughly. Finally, make sure you disinfect your clothing hampers. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Australian company receives funding for major renewable hydrogen plant.

Leading renewable energy company, Infinite Blue Energy, has secured US$195 million in investments to create the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project, a large-scale green hydrogen gas plant located in Dongara town, about 351 kilometers North of Perth in Western Australia. The facility will obtain its energy from solar and wind farms, which will power electrolyzers that will generate hydrogen from water. Twenty-five metric tons of green hydrogen will be produced per day, and it is expected 78,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year will be saved. The project is the first of many as the company seeks to reduce the nation’s reliance on coal for power and also help Australia become a major exporter of hydrogen. Way to go, Infinite Blue Energy. May your hydrogen plant soon be operational, and you expand your capacity into the future as the world goes green.

Mumbai, India startup creates floor tiles from air pollution.

Carbon Craft Design, founded by Tejas Sidnal, has teamed up with a Boston, United States-based company AIR-INK to make tiles from air pollution. AIR-INK extracts the pollution from the air and supplies it to Carbon Craft Design in the form of soot powder. Heavy metals are removed from the soot and then traditional artisans handcraft the tiles, which have the soot mixed with cement, marble chips, powder, and a binder. The finished tiles come in a range of grey colors, use only one-fifth of the energy as traditional tiles during production, and are much less expensive to purchase. Such beautiful creations, Tejas Sidnal, Carbon Craft Design and AIR-INK. We joyously applaud your remarkable partnership to clean the Earth’s air while creating an innovative product. May your air purifying business be a catalyst for more such ventures as we gratefully clean the planet that sustains us, in Divine wisdom.

Veg food program serves community in New York, United States.

Community Solidarity, the largest vegetarian hunger relief food program in the US, has been scaling up its distribution of free veg boxes containing fresh produce and whole grains to help people facing the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. President and CEO of Community Solidarity, Jon Stepanian, revealed that the group has increased the number of families it serves from a previous 3,000 to 10,000 and has also opened a drive-up service. The nonprofit was founded in the belief that healthy, veg food heals the world. Volunteers collect produce, often organic, that would otherwise go to waste and make it available to citizens in need of food support. On its website, Community Solidarity proudly proclaims, “Between people, animals and the planet, our mission is compassion.” Our heartfelt appreciation, Jon Stepanian and Community Solidarity! Your laudable example of people helping people gives inspiration for the present and the future, in God’s eternal love.

Coming up, online vegan Japanese culinary class attracts international participants. We’ll spend some time now to view the stunning art of Aubusson tapestry, a UNESCO-inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from France. We’ll be right back with more encouraging news here on Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Satisfying News for a Contented World.

Vegan Japanese cooking classes now available around the world.

The Vegan-Vegetarian Japanese Cooking Class Society, established in Japan in 2018, launched the online plant-based BentoYa Cooking classes in April this year to share delicious vegan recipes with people staying at home due to the pandemic. With the classes conducted in English, 60 percent of participants tune in from outside Japan to learn the secrets of delectable plant-based fare such as ramen noodles, sushi and gyoza dumplings, as well as miso paste. A class on “shojin ryori,” or Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, will feature professional chefs during a time of closure for many restaurants. Each lesson costs US$19 with part of the proceeds donated to a nonprofit organization helping teenagers. Bravo, BentoYa Cooking! You are contributing to a compassionate and sustainable vegan future as you also share the delicious heritage of Japanese cuisine.

Brown bear reappears in northern Spanish park.

For the first time in 150 years, a brown bear has been spotted in the Invernadeiro National Park in Ourense Province of Galicia, Spain. A film crew from Spanish production company Zeitun Films, set up cameras in the park as part of a movie project to investigate the lives of wild animals, and recently captured footage of the brown bear snuffling around the grass. According to two local wildlife rangers, the three to five-year-old bear spent the entire winter in the park and is likely to have traveled from the Sierra del Caurel mountains, also in northern Spain. The national park is home to many species such as wolves, deer and wild boars, and may finally be a suitable habitat for the brown bear after years of conservation efforts. Our happy thanks, Zeitun Films, for revealing the sightings of this amazing animal friend. May all wildlife flourish as we protect their ecosystems and promote a peaceful coexistence, in Heaven’s abundance.

And now we’d like to add some more cheer to your day with a joke called, “Prognosis On Point.

Adrian was telling the story of his quick recovery to his friend Georgia:

“So, the doctor said he would have me on my feet in two weeks.”

“Was he right?”

“Oh yes, I had to sell my car to pay the bill he gave me!”

And now we have a heartline from He-Feng in China:

Next to the city where I live, there is a small lake, and I often visit there during my free time. One day, I found a small fish in the leaves on the hillside of the lake. It didn’t move. Its skin was dehydrated and flies alighted on it. I thought it was a small dead fish, but I didn’t know why it appeared on the mountain. I then prayed for it and wanted to bury it under a tree. I dug a small hole. When I was ready to bury it, suddenly the fish moved a bit. Oh! It was still alive. I decided to put it in a bag and take it back to the water. It seemed to understand my intention. As the bag approached it, it moved its body towards the bag. I put it in the water. After a while, when I went to see it, it disappeared.

In numerous reincarnations of the world, perhaps hope has been lost for long. I thank the grace of Heaven. Among the crowd in a distant town, I was able to meet the real Master who leads an ignorant boy like me to realize the truth, to find the miracle of life and to return to the eternal kingdom of Heaven. Thank You, Master! I wish Master health, peace and happiness!

He-Feng from China

Spiritual He-Feng, Thank you for sharing your touching experience with your wonderful fish friend. We pray that the world has many more kindhearted people such as yourself to care for and protect our loving animal co-inhabitants. Our appreciation as well for your kind words for our Beloved Master. Heavens blessing to you and the progressive people of China, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master said: “Pure-hearted He-Feng, my thanks for your caring well-wishes and saving the vulnerable fish. All life is precious – glad you know it. May the Buddhas safeguard you and spiritually aspiring China.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips.

Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May heavenly love illuminate your kind heart and gentle spirit.

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