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Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 5 of 9, June 10, 2020



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Recently on Ancient Predictions Part 93, they showed this newspaper article about Master. And it’s from 2004 and it was talking about Master: “Good Samaritan goes on shopping spree in Canada.

(Master, can we ask a few questions?) Yeah. Sure, sure. (So recently on Ancient Predictions Part 93, they showed this newspaper article about Master. And it’s from 2004 and it was talking about Master: “Good Samaritan goes on shopping spree in Canada.” That’s the headline, and the story starts by saying: “She managed to wrap her arms around hundreds of people in the city Friday night. And this wasn’t the first time.” And it was so interesting and so touching to read this article. We also heard from one of Master’s assistants at the time, that it wasn’t just the newspapers, but also on television, they were airing news about Master daily for a while. And I just wanted to ask if Master could tell us more about that time.) It was an interesting time and I met good people. I think good people are everywhere. It’s just they don’t show up and you don’t see them, but they are everywhere.

Like I met a good taxi driver. He helped me to bring bags of presents, running around in town because he lives there. He’s a Muslim. (Oh. Wow.) And he looks like Arabian people, not Canadian. I think immigrated. (Yes, Master.) And then he’s the one who knows. I asked the taxi driver, because I don’t know anywhere. So the taxi drives in the front and we’d follow him to go to the poor area. (Yes, Master.) And then he helped me to bring bags after bags to different houses, and I helped him to ring the bell and then we run. Good teamwork, no? He’s so good, so good. He does it with happiness. (Wow.) And he told me Muslim people also do this in Ramadan. I said, “Yeah. I know that.” And he asked me if I’m Muslim. I said, “Yes. Also I’m Muslim. I’m Muslim. I’m Catholic. I’m Buddhist. I’m Hindu. I’m Sikh. I am Jainist. I am whatever good religion. I believe all of them. He just laughed. And later he invited me especially, he begged me to come to his house. And then his wife brewed tea for me. I remember it was sage. Sage leaves. (Wow.) They dry it and then they make tea of it. Oh, I never tasted such a good tea before, and I never knew that sage can make tea. (Yes.) So when I came back to Europe later on, I tried to buy some sage in the bag and then make some tea, but it doesn’t taste as good. Maybe I didn’t know how or the amount has to be correct. And maybe the Muslim lady, she brewed it with all the love. (Yes.) Because her husband told her what I did and she is so respectful to me. And invites me for some cookies. And I make sure, I ask if there’s egg or not, and so I did not eat. So they bring something without egg. I forgot what it was. (Wow.)

And later because of all these donations, I gave all the cash that I had and borrowed some as well from some of your brothers and sisters in Canada at that time. I returned though. I think it’s about US$60,000. (Whoa.) I asked some accountant to wire it back to them. Anyway, because of that, when I hired a private jet to go back to Europe, I didn’t have enough money to pay. So I owed something, and the pilots, they were so good, they let me. I said, “I will pay you as soon as I land, because my people will come and fetch me and I will have money then to give you some cash.” So they trust and let us come up. I had to hire because I had dogs. And I had to run quick because something happened that would not be so favorable for me. (Oh.) Some people, they do some drugs and something and they look for some similar situation. And though I know nothing about it, I run. (Yes, Master.) I run. Because they asked me, “Did you have anything to do with that?” Some people who knew me. And I said, “No! Of course not. I don’t even know about it.” And so I had to run before I get in trouble. (Yes, Master.) Danger just lurks anywhere for me, anytime like that. You never know. (Yes, Master.) That was my lawyer who even asked me like that. (Wow.) I mean the lawyer I just knew. I thought maybe I stay in Canada. I like Canada. I like the people, they are peaceful. And they are just benevolent. They are not so war-like. (Yes, Master.) They’re not aggressive, they are just so peaceful. And the lawyer is supposed to help me, but then he read something in the newspaper. And he told me… Because some Asian did it, they planted something with the green leaf that people eat or smoke with it. (Marijuana.) Ah! It’s not cocaine, I remember. Marijuana. (Yes, Master.) They told me that they planted some of that in the houses (Oh.) to sell. “Do you have anything to do with it?” I said, “No! No, of course not. I am vegan and I don’t do such things. I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke, I don’t do anything that’s harmful to others.” But still, to ask me that question! I run. That’s why I don’t want to stay there and go to clear my name. I’m scared that I cannot clear my name even if I do nothing wrong. Oh, so scary, so I run. I hired the quickest possible airplane, small one, so they jumped from one island to another. They take 24 hours to get to Europe. (Wow.) And my poor dogs. Etc., etc. Anyway, it’s OK, it’s good. At least we arrived safe. So many things I cannot tell you more. (Yes, Master.)

So, good people are everywhere. But it’s also dangerous. Later I realized that I was too uncareful. I go everywhere and give donation. I didn’t think it was so big, but for other people, they think it’s very big because they didn’t have before. Like Salvation Army had seen that I gave them US$8,000 but I didn’t think it’s big. But for them it’s big, apart from all the clothes and stuff, gifts, chocolate and all that. So it was kind of the talk of the town, and the police even checked me, whether or not I had stolen goods. (Oh.) Later they found out I bought it in the market. Not the market that’s mentioned in this newspaper, because I think one or two more newspapers also wrote about it. I didn’t know. Only this newspaper, they caught me red-handed. I will tell you why later. (OK.) I thought I remember I told you already but why do you ask again? Maybe some details I did not. So if I did already, pretend you didn’t hear, and laugh so I feel encouraged to tell you more. (We want to know more, Master!) So many things, so I don’t know if I can tell in order.

The police even checked me out. And then they found out that the credit card is true and it’s in my name. Otherwise, nobody even knew my name. But then they kept quiet because they knew I didn’t want to be open about it. Because when I went to the fire station, they asked my name and all that to say thank you. I said, “No, no, I don’t need. God gives, not I give. (Yes.) So please, I’m just a postman.” I said, “When did the postman ever have his name or her name printed together with the giver? I am just a postman, postwoman, delivery. They all smiled and let go. But later, they doubted, they went to check me. The police. Because somehow, it’s big. So I am too uncareful sometimes like that. It happened other times also, but I always forget. When I see something I have to do, I forget everything else. I forget myself and I maxed my card, so I didn’t even have enough to pay for the airplane. And I borrowed, but they also did not have. I had to run fast. I could not ask everybody or the disciples to lend me money. I didn’t have time. (Yes.) I booked the airplane and it came almost right away. I had to pack my things, my dogs’ things. I think two or three brothers accompanied me, and their credit was lousy, 2,000, or 500. Never mind, at least they have our names and the passport, so they trusted me. I said, “I have money, sir.” Maybe they knew that I am the lady who donated. (Yes.) Because the blonde Chinese-looking-like lady, they don’t see (often). Long hair, blonde.

Even though the newspaper begged me for a photo, I said, “OK, OK. Then you only take the back. So that is some credit for you, for your newspaper.” So, they took my photo of the back, only. They really respected my wish. But even then, the next morning I went to another shop to buy other clothes, because the Salvation Army told me some men are too big, too tall, homeless men very tall. Nothing of them fit. So I had to go to a special shop, he told me where. I went there, bought some special long pants, long big jackets for them. And one or two people, they said, “Oh, You are the lady who donated on the newspaper and TV!” I said, “How do you know?” They said, “We saw Your photo.” I said, “Photo only of the back.” “Yeah, but we can recognize.” I guess because I also bought the special clothes. I’m an Asian lady, why should I buy such an extra XXXX large? For whom? Only for Canadians. Anyway, so they said, “Thank You. You are very nice, very good.” I said, “Yeah. God is very good to me. I’m trying to help God to share Hiers love on Earth.

And then I ran quick before they called the newspapers again. That’s why I was caught. That was I think the third time or the fourth time. Then I was caught. The other time, they did not have a chance to tell quick enough. I ran fast. That day I was still buying stuff, toys and stuff for kids. That was taking a longer time because I had to order some special one for one kid who really loved to have one special toy. (Oh!) And they told me, so we had to order that, and it takes some time. Some special person had to come and asked me to fill in a form, so I asked the brother to fill in the form. I don’t want to fill in my form. I don’t want, so it’s OK. But I still paid. At that time, I still had some cash and I paid some with credit card. My credit card, you cannot take out a lot of cash on one day. So I had to pay with the credit card, I did not want to. (Oh.) But my credit card doesn’t give me enough money to pay for what I wanted to buy every day. I had some, but not enough.

So when I went on the airplane, I could not even let any disciple in Canada know. I ran. (Yes.) I didn’t want to make noise and I had to run as fast as possible for the smallest airplane, and it was bumpy, bumpy, and my stomach went to my heart, (Oh.) and my dog fell from the higher level to the floor. Luckily, she didn’t get hurt. (Oh.) We put her in the cage, even still, and with me together. Thank God. (Yes.) Because the airplane didn’t have room in the back, so they all sat together with me, but in the cage. But we didn’t have enough room, so we piled them on top of each other. And because it bumped so much, bad weather, winter. What was that then, April? (January was this article.) Oh then, no wonder, of course. (So winter, yes.) It was still winter, and it was very cold, and so the weather was very bumpy. Lucky they took us. I thought we’d never get an airplane in this kind of weather. But maybe they were desperate or something. They just took us even though we credited some money that we didn’t have. I’m just a busy-body, spent all my money, didn’t think that I would need it. I spent until I could not. I maxed my card and all the cash is gone.

(Master, the article says You emptied rack after rack at the store and You filled truckloads of the toys for the fire department.) Yeah. That was a different day. The toys for the fire department was another day before. And that day, the newspaper did not catch me. That day I was still buying and taking some time in the shop because of the special order. And then one of the men outside the shop or inside the shop saw me. I don’t know where he came from. When the journalist came, I saw him. I didn’t know she was a journalist. I saw her taking out 20 dollars and give it to him. And then she went to me immediately and asked me this and that, and said that she is a journalist for what and what newspaper and wants to interview me. I said, “It’s not much to say. You know what I’m doing already, right?” She said, “Yeah. You’re buying things for people, right?” I said, “Yes. So then, no need to interview anymore, right? Goodbye. I have work to do.” She said, “No, please, please. Let me follow You for a while” and all that. I said, “Please, but no photograph and no name.” And she kept pleading until I told her a name. And then she saw my phone and she said, “You have so much money to give out and You use an outdated phone.” It’s not an iPhone. It was a very small phone before, out-of-fashion phone, and with the duct tape on it. So I said, “Oh my dog, he ate it.” I said, “I’m lucky to get it back on time. Otherwise, it would be gone.” But he drooled wet and then it took some time to dry the battery in order to use it again. The battery or SIM, I don’t remember. And then I taped it. I said, “It’s still functioning!” No problem! And she looked at me and she shook her head a little bit. Maybe she thought, “This lady, I don’t know what planet She came from. She must be cuckoo.” (Oh, no.) And then, that day she caught me because somebody reported. Because I took too long a time in that shop. Many things to buy. (Yes.) Buying the toys and then more toys, and the truck toys went already, and then buy more toys and then more clothes. That’s why she kept following me. We had a few cars. (Yes.) So that day we didn’t have a truck. We could not rent any trucks and we didn’t think we’d buy a lot. We brought an SUV car and loaded it in front and back, and so I squeezed between the gifts, between the bags also. In the back seat, just squeezing with bags also. Like airbags. Yeah, that’s safe. In case the car had some problem, I’d never have any problem. All the bags are surrounding me.

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