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In today’s news, underprivileged countries benefit from debt relief, Australian state commits to enhancing lives of rough sleepers, fire extinguishing robots unveiled in China, Germany bans disposable plastic products, good-hearted teen receives recognition for serving community in United States, international pizza chain introduces vegan offerings in United Kingdom and Ireland, and African elephant sanctuary releases orphaned calves into the wild.

Debt relief program provides savings for developing countries in the wake of COVID-19.

According to the World Bank, developing nations will save US$12 billion this year through the Debt Service Suspension Initiative, which will delay debt repayments for the remainder of 2020. The initiative is backed by the G20 international cooperation forum, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Paris Club of creditor nations. Participating countries have agreed to redirect these funds to health, social or economic areas in response to the pandemic. The largest beneficiary of this initiative, Angola, will save US$3.4 billion, while Pakistan and Kenya will save US$2.4 billion and US$802 million, respectively. Many thanks, World Bank and all other creditors of the Debt Service Suspension Initiative. In God’s immense grace, may we greet more secure tomorrows by first and foremost striving toward a vegan and sustainable world.

Australian state government provides housing and support to people living without homes.

The New South Wales (NSW) Government, a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection recipient and a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, announced the over US$24 million Together Home project to rent homes for hundreds of people currently experiencing homelessness. Services provided will include support for the occupants’ health and well-being, and steps toward training and livelihoods. Building on government efforts to help such individuals during the coronavirus pandemic, the initiative will be based on a collaboration between the NSW Government, community housing providers, as well as homeless and health services. We applaud your caring assistance in this unprecedented time, New South Wales Government and collaborators. We pray that all vulnerable sisters and brothers may have stability and safety, in Divine protection. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Respectfully present the New South Wales Government a Shining World Leadership Award for Caring, with high salute and gratitude for your generous kindness. May the Heavens protect your honorable government and the blessed NSW people, especially in troubled times.”

Up next on Noteworthy News, fire extinguishing robot unveiled in China. We’d like to thank the chemical engineers, who work to improve our lives such as by developing better vegan foods and medicines, cleaning water, generating energy, etc. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news.

Hi, big-hearted friends, how have you been? I’m Gopi the vegan Gopher. Would you like to experience unbounded love? Choose the vegan lifestyle and feel your love expand for all beings! Today, I have a technology tip for you. If you want your kids to play a game or watch a movie on your smart phone, consider turning on airplane mode beforehand so that they don’t unintentionally call anyone. This will also stop push notifications from interrupting their game or movie. Switching on the airplane mode feature also saves battery power. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Thank you for your attention, and here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

China unveils robots that can extinguish fires.

China has debuted the US$2.8 million Blade Formation, a team of seven robots and two drones that can put out fires when it is not safe for human firefighters to do so. The robot unit can access hazardous locations such as chemical plants or low-visibility spaces, and has advanced functions such as detection of gas and the fire source, as well as obstacle avoidance. In April, the robots’ capabilities were tested on a simulated chemical fire scenario at an industrial site in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. What a fantastic achievement, China, that protects lives while improving firefighting effectiveness. In Heaven’s compassion, we pray that the brave fire personnel are always safe in their noble mission.

Germany, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion and a Shining World Caring Leadership Award laureate, passes ban on disposable plastics.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment recently announced a prohibition on single-use plastic products, such as drinking straws, cutlery and plates, in addition to Styrofoam cups and fast food containers. Both conventional and biodegradable plastic products are banned. German Federal Environment Minister, the Honorable Svenja Schulze, said the law would “soon lead to better, innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions.” This new ruling is an implementation of a European Union directive that will ban disposable plastic manufacturing throughout the EU starting in July 2021. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Kudos, Germany and the European Union. May the kind people of Germany enjoy a pristine environment, in the goodwill of the Providence.

Teenager in the United States cleans streets after protests.

Eighteen-year-old Antonio Gwynn Jr., from Buffalo, New York, started clearing the streets of his local neighborhood after he saw on the news that protests had left them covered in glass and garbage. Knowing that people would need to use the street soon to go to work, Mr. Gwynn started at 2 am and continued for 10 hours straight by himself. In gratitude for his actions, a local man gifted him a car which he needed, an insurance agency gave him free car insurance for one year, and Medaille College in Buffalo gave the caring young man a full scholarship to pursue his business goals. Pastor Duane Thomas, Jr. of the Change Church, which Mr. Gwynn attends, said, “That’s just the kind of kid he is. He’s always been a peaceful person, wanting to see that others are taken care of.” Considerate Antonio Gwynn Jr., thank you for your inspiring example. May your life continue to be filled with good fortune from God, as you bring goodness to our world.

Coming up, international pizza chain introduces vegan offerings in United Kingdom and Ireland. We’ll spend some time now to pray to God for the strength to continue walking with love and gratitude in our hearts. We’ll be right back with more comforting news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Significant News for a Meaningful World.

Domino’s trials vegan pizza range.

Domino’s pizza in Ireland and the United Kingdom has introduced two new vegan pizzas in 46 stores. After a year of development, they have created a Vegan Vegi Supreme and a Vegan Margherita with a new dough base. The pizzas will be topped with the company’s own plant-based cheese and the Vegan Vegi Supreme will also contain peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, and mushrooms. A Vegan Friendly range will also be trialed, allowing customers to select a number of customized vegan toppings for their pizzas. Way to go, Domino’s, on your new vegan creations. In Heaven’s splendor, may your trial prove a big success and vegan pizza become a favorite everywhere.

African elephant sanctuary releases orphaned calves into the wild.

Four adolescent elephants in northern Kenya – named Baawa, Lchurai, Loisaba, and Nadasoit – have been reintroduced to the Sera Wildlife Conservancy after being rescued and raised by a community-owned and operated elephant orphanage, the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. The new home for the three and four-year-old elephants provides optimal conditions for the youngsters, with security from Kenya Wildlife Service rangers and community scouts, plus a perimeter fence. Thus far, the sanctuary has successfully released ten elephant calves, with GPS tracking showing that previously released individuals have integrated well with wild elephants. All our love and best wishes, Baawa, Lchurai, Loisaba and Nadasoit, for a happy future. Our appreciation, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Sera Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya Wildlife Service, and all involved for protecting these majestic beings. May more efforts like this help all wildlife thrive in Divine love.

Let’s stretch up and enjoy a laugh with a joke of the day entitled “For a Better Cause.”

Rita was reading the new “For sale” ads in the weekly newsletter: “Sleeveless wedding gown, white, size 8, veil included. Worn once, by mistake.”

And now we have a heartline from Lisa Léger in France:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, I love Your television, it touches me so deeply. All these inspiring programs that show us that there are so many wonderful people on our earth. Yes, a compassionate world is possible. Thank You very much for this Light that You bring us. All the best.... Lisa Léger from France

Pure Lisa, It is a pleasure to receive your gracious note.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has some words for you. “Precious Lisa, thank you for sharing your kind thoughts. I pray that the world’s people will awaken to their inherent Loving, God nature and together rebuild Eden on Earth for all to enjoy. May you and magnificent France be ever more spiritually elevated.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May Celestial loving light continue to shine upon our planet.

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