Tra Maestra e discepoli

Faith Is the Mother of All Virtues, Part 7 of 7, July 7, 2019



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Especially those cute or rescue scenes. The dog rescuing the cat or other; even the gorilla, he rescued the bird drowning in his pool. Oh, my God. Who taught them all this? Nobody taught them. They are just kind and loving by nature.

I can’t believe I still talk so long to you, my God! Where did I have all this energy? Eating not much even. You witnessed. You know. I am too busy talking, how I talk, how I eat a lot? Even she takes food from me. How I talk? How can I eat a lot? Still can talk a lot. The calendar is really a wonderful thing. Good for you. But believe it or not, during all these times that I didn’t see disciples publicly, anytime, I never talked to anybody. I don’t call anybody or don’t chat all hours long. Don’t like to talk to anyone. I don’t know why when I am with you guys, I talk so much. I mean, with disciples. This we have in India, right? (Yes, Master.) Similar. (Vegan) pakora, no? You want some? You must eat. You collect them only. Here girls, come! Help her!

It would be nice if we had like a village or something. Everybody works together, only good ones. We stay together. You would like that, to stay here and have some rooms, right? Don’t have. Why are you laughing? (Because You got her, Master.) (It was the way You said it, Master. It was very funny.) How did I say that? How should I say that? (You were very serious as if to say, “Would you really like to stay here?” The delivery was perfect.) Well, you know me by now. I’m a comedian, sit-down comedian.

Maybe we can have it, but it’s OK to be there; more private. Here we only have food. I know you have work to do at home, right? (Yes.) Anything urgent, like for tomorrow or next year? I also have work to do, but today I don’t feel like working. I feel like just sitting here, talking nonsense and eating forever, with the Indian backup. Plan B! Be fat!

The other day, I was singing some songs, old songs from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), in the book that you guys gave to me, that aired. Those songs already aired on the old Supreme Master TV, and I was looking at it, and there were two guys next to me. I said, “You can look on Google or YouTube to get some translation.” And the song was serious and lovely, but they were laughing their heads off. I said, “What are you laughing at? It’s a beautiful song.” But they translated… oh God. Like in Aulacese (Vietnamese) they say something like “a deep romantic love permeated even through the roof, the thatch roof.” Permeated, like people can feel it. And it was translated on Google or somewhere, I don’t know where. It said some love bore holes into the roof.” Because the word penetrate/go through means... Of course, it’s like it’s passing through. But they translated like “boring holes into the roof.”

How can a romantic love bore some holes into the roof? Oh my God. And many other things. And then after, I translated to them. They said, “No, they don’t translate anything so beautiful like You do, Master. They said this and that.” And I myself even laughed so much. How can they translate like that? They translated word by word, maybe. And I was thinking, “Oh my God, we could have a business, like a real translators’ business.” Put it on the internet, so people can pay us and listen to the real translation. Because really, “to bore a hole in the roof for romantic love” is really too much for anybody to imagine. No wonder they were laughing so hard. And I was thinking how dare they laugh when I was singing and enjoying the song, and they were laughing so much, couldn’t control themselves. Because the song is nothing to laugh at. It’s a happy song, like country love, country life, peace, and love, and very lovely. “Bore a hole in the roof!” All right, guys. Now, the next show. Come with me!

My God. Before, remember? Before, we had only a couple of channels, right? (Yes.) Old Supreme Master TV, maybe five or six something, cables, right? Now we’re reading the whole time. I was worried. One day, I was reading it, they kept adding all the time new channels. What if one day, too many, and then you just spend the whole day from six o’clock in the morning until… All those shows, just the whole day, just reading our channels. And then what do we say? We say, “Sorry viewers. You make your own shows. We don’t have enough time. We only have time to read the channels. The rest is up to you.” Right? “We, Supreme Master TV show 24/7. We’re reading all the channels that we can have access to, and the show, you contribute yourself. It’s free for you.”

It’s not mineral water. It’s an old bottle. I use (Filter.) the filtered water in the machine outside that you have. Wow, so thirsty. Your Master, wearing beautiful clothes, elegant lady and then drink from old plastic bottle. What a match! Very lady-like indeed. No? Feminine. You guys not thirsty? (No.) No? (We’re OK, Master. Thank You.) This thing you can drink later at home. Why? Is that true, no? (Yes.) I have only one bottle. Wow. I use old plastic bottle. You know what for? Originally, I put for the dogs. And now it’s as good for me.

I love animals. He’s so cute! We have a little animal today. I really am very happy with the animal clips finders on our TV, because it’s really touching. So many times. All so cute, so lovely. It really, truly will make people love the animals more. I think, no? (Yes.) It must affect somewhere, right? (Yes, Master.) It must affect a lot of people. Really, people if they didn’t know about animals before, sure they must know now. Like, animals are so lovely and harmless, so beautiful.

Many clips, so rare and so cute. I wonder where they found them all. Every time, even if I don’t have time to watch Supreme Master TV, I have to look at the beginning. I like to look at the animal clips. Especially those cute or rescue scenes. The dog rescuing the cat or other; even the gorilla, he rescued the bird drowning in his pool. Oh, my God. Who taught them all this? Nobody taught them. They are just kind and loving by nature. So, so wonderful.

Are you guys OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Do you need anything? (No.) Good. That’s all you get. There was a joke about an all-you-can-eat restaurant. The guy went into the all-you-can-eat restaurant. You know, you eat whatever you can and pay only five dollars or something. And then he ate and then he just ate the second plate, and then the owner came and stopped him and said, “Stop.” He said, “What? Your restaurant says outside, ‘Eat all you can.’” So, the owner said, “That’s all you can eat.”

Similar, I had a similar experience. when I went... You know the story? When I first went to America, we went with a big group. In the old days, I didn’t have many disciples. Whoever followed me, just hung around me all the time. And then we went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and then we began eating our stuff. And I asked to take some extra bowls, so that we can share the (vegan) soup or whatever. And then I took one or two. And when they came back, all had disappeared! The rest disappeared. They hid them. They worried we would take more. That’s all we can eat, all we can take. It’s funny. And on the altar, they had put the Buddha, wooden statue Buddha with a lot of flowers and fruits and new food they were cooking, and with a lot of incense, and bowed, bowed to them. And we, the living Buddhas, could not eat more, could not take an extra bowl, paper bowl.

Wow, this guy looks so young. I couldn’t recognize him. from America. You make him look young. Cool. I can’t recognize him. High tech, good tech. We talk a lot and laugh a lot, and then after the camera’s on, we’re all camera shy.

I’m really worried, guys, because the channels keep adding on. So, how is the host going to read it? Forever or… We just have to shorten it somehow, right? (Yes.) Say the new ones, and the old ones, just say, “Please look into” or something. Otherwise… (We have a website that has that.) I know that, I know that. They keep reading it. I told you, I worry one day it’s too many, then we just keep reading forever from six o’clock till six the next day and that’s it, guys. Or maybe one day read all the channels, and the other day read only the programs. What to do?

I like that our subtitles are all together. Some people don’t like that. They say it’s better to give them a choice. But I don’t like it. I like it, our special, right? (Yes.) All very crowded and... So, even if some hosts don’t look good, it doesn’t matter. They’re all covered. I’m thinking, one day, we have to put more subtitles, save a lot of work. Only the subtitlers have to work hard. Everybody else can just sit and drink coffee with me, or eating stuff like yesterday and today. So we don't have to even choose the hosts and no need makeup, or no traditional clothes or nothing. It’s all doesn’t matter anymore, because they don't see anything. The viewer will see only subtitles on the screen. It's really convenient and all that. Then you'll never hear anything from me also. I’ll never criticize anything. I will never tell you, “Oh, that host is no good, change it.” “The hair is no good, the shoes are no good, the hat is no good, whatever.” Who cares anymore, right?

Just full of subtitles, the whole screen. That should be a very good idea, no? I'm thinking. Just get more (Subtitles.) subtitles would be good, and then you’ll never hear me criticize them. We don’t need even to check the host applications anymore. You don’t have to work anymore. Holiday is every day. They can apply, but we don't have to choose anymore. Don't need to ask if you know English or not. What we do is just, “Never mind, just apply. We will fix it.” Or just put all the subtitles, doesn’t matter what he speaks, or the voice is nice or not, don't care. People just look at subtitles. And if the screen is not full enough, we’ll make subtitles’ words bigger. Then everything’s done. Wow! What a special TV station. And the staff are happy, because less work to do. I also don't need to check the applications anymore.

Wow! I think I'm a genius, don’t you? (Yeah!) Who can think of such an idea? No, I like all the subtitles together. You know why? Who knows? Tell me. Yes? You don’t know? (It shows all countries on one screen.) What? (It shows all the countries and languages on one screen.) I think you're too serious, man. (OK.) What an idea! No, I just want all of them, so in case they invite any foreigners, any friends who don’t speak Chinese, or don’t know English, they can just sit and watch together. (Yes.) All the people, no need translation there, all sit together. Eight countries, 11 countries, 23 countries’ people can sit together and no need to worry about anything, right? (Yes.) We have good subtitles, right? (Yes.) Not like the one that I told before, “bore the hole.”

The Aulacese (Vietnamese), they say, “Affectionate love permeates through many thatched roofs.” They wrongly translated the word “permeate” as “punches a hole in the roof.” Oh, my God. And then, you have all the beautiful Aulacese (Vietnamese) songs, they translate similarly. I don't recognize them anymore. The poor composers, if they’re dead, they’re turning in their graves; if they are alive, I think they’d give up their jobs.

Oh, the Mexicans they know how to make a party. So next time, see you. (Thank You, Master.) Ciao. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for (Thank You.) blessing my palace. See you next time. Love you guys. (We love You, Master.) I feel you're getting better, inside. (Thank You, Master.) And whatever your inside is good, outside is also good. (Yes.) It affects each other. I'm very pleased. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) I’m not seeing you off. I’m on with this, OK? (Sure.) See you next time. (Thank You, Master.) Next Sunday, if I’m here, OK? (Yes, Master.) Because I cannot always take care of you. (We understand, Master.) (We understand.) Or eat with you. (Yes.) Sometimes, I eat with other guests. (Yes, Master.) Or not eat. (Yes.) Thank you for everything. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for your dedication. (Thank You.) We are one because you look in the same direction. Thank you. Like a family looks in the same direction. That's real love. Thank you. (We love You, Master.) (We love You.) (We love You so much.)

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