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Reair of The Great Benefit of Having Retreats, Part 1 of 2, April 10, 2019

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When I go out, people listen and they also get liberation, if they are sincere, if they want it also. These are only for the dead people who suffer in hell or in some unfavorable realm. If difficult to take care, during retreat, can take care. So, all together, it’s about 731,114,123 souls.

Everybody OK? (Yes, Master.) I want to read you another sutra. You want? (Yes.) It’s called “My Diary” sutra. I don’t know if I’ll come back tomorrow, so this could be your last time, I mean, for now. I don’t have a lot of time to write things. I just wrote it quickly and very simple and short.

Today is the 10th of April? Anyway, all my pages now are… You see? You see, for example, how many new Realms I passed every day? (Wow!) And this was not when it was the max yet. If I have time to write, then it’s all like that. So, I had no chance to write anything else. Before, it was little. You see that? But that was good already. Before that, many days, just one, or sometimes, many weeks, only one new Realm. And recently, it’s like that all the time; it’s just I don’t have time to write. You see, it’s all full, and more and more, just I did not write ever since, a long time already. You see? See all that? (Yes, Master.) New Realms. And this was the last that I could write. But only the names of the Realms, not the powers, no time. Here, I read here, “Oh Heavens, no time at all to write down names of new Realms passed.” I passed. And there are a lot of them recently; so, this one I could only write the name.

Before, I could write the name, I wrote that already. But then later, I wrote the name of it but not the power. And then, from then on, look, I could not write anymore. You see that? I just wrote how many, like on the 1st of March and now we have a lot. We are already in April. Thirteenth of March, I only wrote the number of SMP, Spiritual Merit Points, concentrated. You cannot count anymore; it’s almost like the Ganges’ sands.

So, from then on… I know how much. So, like that day is 33 new Realms. I could not fit on one page even. And so next day, 83 new Realms; depends on how busy, how much people bug me. And the next day, on the 15th, 23 new Realms; on the 16th, 23; on the 17th, only 10. “Only 10,” I said.

Before that, I had like 100 days, only 10 maybe, or two, three months. So much lost time and inner travel mileage, because I did some… That day I was busy for what? Seventeenth… Ah, that’s the Korean new conference. I lost 13 new Realms at least, that I did not pass, because of the conference, for example. So, next day, I did not have a conference; 18th of March, 23 new Realms, at least 23, 21, 22, 26 every day; and the 19th, 24 new Realms. I can only write how many, but you see how many, but I cannot write the names; no time at all. Just to let you know I’m truly busy. Even at night, mostly I come home and even how late or how tired, I would write it down. But for 23, 30, I cannot; no time. On the 20th of March, 29 new Realms. “If I shut myself inside the cave, spiritual goes up.” That’s what I explained why I couldn’t write. And on the 21st, Thursday, of March, I had 27 new Realms. And on 22nd March, 24; on the 23rd March, 26.

I can only write the number at the top, hoping that I can have time to catch up, but I never did. March 24th, Sunday, 23. Monday, March 25th, 35 new Realms passed. Yeah, I’m telling you. On the 26th 9:42, I wrote also the time when I can; that’s 9:42 at night. On that day, I had 28 new Realms, and then on the 27th, 29 new Realms passed; 28th, 28 new Realms passed; on the 29th, I didn’t write any; no time. Just wrote how many Spiritual Merit Points; I’m lazy to tell you because you cannot count anymore. It’s not zillions, it’s not gazillion, it’s not gazi-gazi-gazi- gazillions anymore. It’s recycled alphabet, like A1, and then Z2, and then, later on all the way back again; so different. And add some letter to it to know that this is not the A1 from last time, but this is a new A1 or something, or XA1 or something like that.

This is nothing; something better coming, OK? I’m just telling you; I truly am busy. For me to neglect to write down the new Realms and the spiritual powers that I have accumulated, that is really painful for me. I really want to know. I mean, I really want to remember to write it down. Otherwise, it’s too many, like hundreds of them. How can I remember all of them? I want to, so that I can refer to it sometimes, without having to sit there hours on end and recounting backwards and... You know what I’m saying? It’s not that easy. On March 30th, 56 new Realms, and then April 1st, April 2nd, April 3rd completely didn’t write anything, just Mongolian and Taiwan (Formosa) Artist Day Conferences. And then on the 4th, also didn’t write anything; it was Children’s Day and retreat was beginning.

I mean, you’d already come; it had not yet begun officially. And then on the 5th, “Retreat begins.” 5th, 6th, 7th, did not even write the number, because no time, truly no time. Even without dogs, with a retreat, it’s very, very tight. So, 5th, 6th, 7th, wrote nothing except, “Retreat begins.”

 And the 9th, also I just wrote like that but nothing else. No time at all. On the 10th, today, but very early in the morning, like five, six in the morning, I wrote it down, the summary of all these days that I did not write: 233 new Realms. No time to record; I wrote like that. And today, not yet, of course. Today’s 10th already? OK, 10th, so I didn’t write anything then. I wrote only that in the early morning and I thought we passed another day already.

My time is crazy sometimes, because I work all night. And then in the morning, I wrote down something and I thought, “That’s it, another day passed already.” Normally I write at night, so if I write early in the morning, like four, five, six, then I thought it’s at night because it’s still dark. So, I thought, OK, today is another day already. It’s just too much work and I cannot think. This is what I want to tell you, the benefit of the retreat. (Thank You, Master.) Just many other things are not for you, it’s from another, another… I said here “cannot write” what’s being told on the 26th and 27th of March. “Can’t tell.” “Can’t tell, can’t write.” Something for me only. I wish I could share with you, but I wrote it here, so in case I forget.

In case I forget and I tell you and then you dig at something. And I have to tell; sometimes, it comes out during conversation, like with LA or with you. You’re so sharp. So, I wrote it down here, “Cannot tell, cannot talk.” “Cannot write” even, so I forget all about it, so that I cannot ever tell you. Even “cannot write.” So, forget that. So many things I cannot write also. But sometimes you guys can guess and then you put it on TV and then it brings trouble.

But this is what happens during retreats, mine personally or with you; it’s automatic. Some of the retreats. This is not including disciples, how many souls have been saved. Not including you, not including those followers, not including others, many others, etc. Because the counted does not include the living that have been saved, the souls that have been saved but they’re still living. So, these are only the ones that are deceased, dead; the summary of some recent retreat. Because so many years, I can’t remember; some recent ones; this is automatic.

Because during retreat, if I come back home, even if my eyes are not closed or closed, many faces appear. It’s not the first, not only this retreat, but it often happens like that. Their faces become smaller, shrink into just a size like this, like the tip of my little finger. But they appear, wow! Keep appearing, appearing, taking turns to appear in front of me, as long as my vision can see, as far as my vision can see. They just came to thank me for liberating them. Because at retreat time, it’s more intense helping the people. They came to thank SM (Supreme Master), appearing heads and faces only, not the whole body; the size of my fingertip.

Not including lectures-listening attendees. You know, when I go out, people listen and they also get liberation, if they are sincere, if they want it also. These are only for the dead people who suffer in hell or in some unfavorable realm. If difficult to take care, during retreat, can take care. So, all together, it’s about 731,114,123 souls.

I don’t know if I can tell you actually. I already told you before I asked. Never mind, then I’ll continue to tell you. This also has some part of yours in it, so I could tell you, I guess. They’re automatically liberated during retreat. Not automatically, but, I mean, at that time, it’s easy to take them up. They all go to the New Land. (Wow!) I mean, New Spiritual Tim Qo Tu’s.

Because my disciples, whoever is connected with me…You know, sometime, before, I didn’t know if you could go up, so I asked some of the Masters from the Fifth Level. I said, “Can You take them for me?” “They are Your disciples.” “I don’t care who is who, just take them, can You?” “No.” They didn’t want to. And then later, I asked, “But why? Be merciful. Take them.” They said, “No, they are Yours. They go higher.” Then I checked, I said, “Ah! Oh, OK. They can go now to my New Land? I thought this lifetime was too heavy karma, cannot go.” And then after that, I checked and I said, “Oh, they can.” Yeah, you can.

So now, who are these people? Who are these 731 million plus? Who are they, do you know? (Our relatives?) Yes. Some are mine also. Some hard cases, like Maudgalyayana cases. So, very little from me; I mean, ages ago, don’t remember anymore. Understand what I’m saying? (Yes.) You don’t even know them. It’s not like just recent relatives and friends and acquaintances. These are, at the time of initiation, taken care of already. These are the older ones, long time ago, hard cases. Maybe been in hell for long, long, long eons or thousands of years; those who cannot be pardoned, like maybe killing the Buddhas or something like that, formerly.

They said, “Some are Your and disciples’ relatives.” It’s your ultimate Master, so…  I’m worried I’m wrong, so I asked Him to confirm, Her, whoever, “relatives; people who You frequently see,” it means me, “five times.” Frequently is five times, it’s counted as frequent.

“People who watched Supreme Master Television or Your videos, minimum three times is good enough; three minutes each time.” That’s enough already to get them up. To date, since the beginning. And people from hell, of course, etc. Not including disciples, not including initiates, not including believers, but not disciples, not included. Not yet. They don’t need to be counted in here. This is only the retreat benefit. So, I didn’t include so many other things. “Above counted people are deceased only.” Deceased people... I wrote short, I didn’t say deceased person or souls. I said, “Above counted deceased only.” I wrote for myself, so I don’t always write the whole grammar stuff; no time. Sometimes, I just say, “Good. Bad.” I don’t say what is good, what is bad.

“They came to thank SM (Supreme Master) appearance only about this size. Not including lectures attendees, people who listen 17 minutes.” If they listen to the Master. I mean, I don’t know about other Masters. My lectures, if they listen about 17 minutes, that’s enough to have excuse to rescue them. You are very envious. You thought, you meditate until your butts fall off and they listen only 17 minutes and they go up. They are better than you, I guess. “Etc. (No time check now.)” Later maybe. I said to myself in parentheses, “(No time now to check.)” On the scale of 100%... Some, after, they transit all to Tim Qo Tu’s domain, New Land. Not new really, a thousand years old, but for them, for over there, for me, was only like a few minutes. That’s why I say New Land. We don’t have time like what we have here.

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