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In today’s news, Belgium donates ambulances to Rwanda, United Kingdom pledges support for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, researchers study positive aspects of pandemic lockdowns in China, Australian university develops advanced concrete without cement, Franciscan nun runs Chicago marathon on treadmill, supermarket chain in Netherlands add more vegan products, and conservationists campaign to ban traps on public land in United States.

In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News from China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea…

In 2019, severe drought in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea caused a shortage in food supplies of rice and maize, the country’s main crops. Then three typhoons in 2020 damaged grain fields across the land, causing even more concern about food security.

In October 2019, members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association in China formed a relief team and purchased an initial 30 tons of rice, which was then delivered to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Upon hearing of the continued vulnerability of the affected people, our Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai in December 2019 kindly offered US$45,000 and requested that our Association members provide further assistance. Using these funds as well as donations from Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members in Asia, 200 tons of high-quality rice and 100,000 protective face masks were purchased, all valued at approximately US$177,000. Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused inevitable material shortages and delays, the relief team’s efforts were met with Master’s grace every step of the way. The vendors for both the rice and the face masks were willing to provide them for less than market price. Together with port officials and storage supervisors, they jointly offered free loading and unloading, as well as free storage and truck transportation in China. Even when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea closed all its borders to limit virus exposure, the relief team was miraculously able to find the one agency that was still allowed through.

An official ceremony to present the relief assistance was held on October 20, 2020 in Dandong, the border city between China and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In attendance were delegates from the intermediary agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, officials from the Consulate General in Shenyang, China, and a representative from the Red Cross Society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Also present were the vendors, port officials, and storage personnel, as well as relief team members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. Our relief team members are deeply grateful to Master for Her compassionate care for the people of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We also appreciate the generous assistance of the vendors and all officials, as well as our Association members’ unified efforts. May the dignified people of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea soon be restored to lives of plentiful stability, in the grace of the Divine.

Rwandan hospitals receive 40 new ambulances.

The government of Belgium, a Shinning World Leadership Award for Animal Protection laureate, has long supported Rwanda’s health care sector through various projects, including the construction of clinics and hospitals. In a move to improve access to medical services, especially for individuals living in rural areas, Belgium’s development agency Enabel was planning to donate 10 emergency vehicles annually for the next four years. But the arrival of COVID-19, amid concerns that Ebola might cross the border from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, heightened the need for additional medical transportation, motivating Enabel to alter their commitment plan. His Excellency Ambassador Benoît Ryelandt of Belgium commented, “... I am very happy that we could eventually proceed through a fast-track procurement and deliver all 40 ambulances at once.” Our loving gratefulness, Belgium for your generosity to the open-hearted Rwandan people. May Heaven’s uplifting grace flow freely toward the promising central African nation, bringing peace and contentment.

International access to coronavirus vaccine receives British funding.

In a pre-recorded address to the United Nations General Assembly, His Excellency Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a Shining World Leadership for Caring Award laureate, pledged more than £500 million to the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility (COVAX). This agency will ensure that all participating nations will be able to receive a reliable supply of viable vaccines. The prime minister stated, “The health of every country depends on the whole world having access to a safe and effective vaccine, wherever a breakthrough might occur; and … we will do everything in our power to bring this about.” Mr. Johnson also promised an additional £340 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) over the next four years. This represents a 30% increase in support, making the UK one of WHO’s most generous donors. The United Kingdom is a Shining World Wise Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Kindness laureate. Our heartfelt accolades, Your Excellency Boris Johnson, COVAX and the World Health Organization. In Divine benediction, we pray that all people and economies will soon regain health and strength.

Up next, researchers study positive aspects of pandemic lockdowns in China.  We’ll take a moment to thank the ward clerks, who perform receptionist and clerical duties in hospital nursing units – answering telephones, distributing mail and greeting visitors. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more alleviating news.

Hallo, virtuous viewers, it’s Logan the vegan Leopard. Since I became vegan, I’ve noticed people are kinder to me. Give it a try and see for yourself! Here's an important tip for everyone. Wearing a face covering is part of daily life in many places, and there are different types to choose from. If you use disposable masks, did you know that animals can become entangled in them? With a little mindfulness you can make life easier for some of our smaller co-inhabitants. Before you throw a mask away, simply snip the ear loops! Another way you can practice being a good planetary citizen is by selecting eco-friendly face coverings, such as reusable cloth masks. Just be sure to wash them regularly and dry completely. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for your attention. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

COVID-19 protocols in China yield cleaner air and fewer hospital admissions for other illnesses.

China was the first country to require the lockdown of cities and even whole provinces at the beginning of the pandemic. In the absence of transportation and industry, the nation’s air quality improved significantly. An international team of scientists found that between early January and mid-February 2020 there was a 36% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions and much lower levels of inhalable particulate matter. The authors of this report estimated there were 60,000 fewer respiratory ailments like asthma attacks and a corresponding 5,000 fewer hospital admissions. The implications for managing future outbreaks are that lockdowns not only minimize the spread of disease and enhance air quality, but also improve the availability of hospital beds and services. Thank you, researchers, for your fascinating findings. May all nations commit to safeguarding our precious Earth, with blessings of the Providence.

University team creates new composite construction material.

Traditional concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water. Because cement is made from roasted limestone, the inherent free lime in concrete sewage pipes tends to attract fat, grease and non-biodegradable materials that lead to clogs and corrosion. Now, scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a zero-cement concrete that reduces corrosion by 96% and is eco-friendly. The formula includes recycled industrial byproducts such as slag, nano-scaled silica particles and fly-ash, and exceeds international standards for strength. The developers are seeking partners in industry and government for advancing their material to be completely acid resistant. Congratulations and gratitude, RMIT University research team, on your concrete improvement! We foresee studies like yours boosting humanity’s progress toward wiser and more durable construction, in harmony with the Divine.

Marathon nun runs her own race to serve God.

Sister Stephanie Baliga competed on track and cross-country teams while attending the University of Illinois in the United States. After a profound spiritual experience inspired her to become a nun, she continued her running and started a team at Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. Sister Stephanie has run the Chicago Marathon nine times and was preparing to participate again when it was canceled due to COVID-19. Determined not to be denied, the good nun decided to raise money for community outreach by running the standard 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers) on a treadmill. The event was livestreamed from the church basement, took 3 hours and 33 minutes and raised more than US$144,000. You are amazing, Sister Stephanie, and we are grateful for your outstanding commitment to caring for others. Blessings will abound in your parish as God’s love brings enduring solace.

Coming up, supermarkets in Netherlands add more vegan products. We will take a moment to sample the Cocolo dancing drama tradition of the Dominican Republic, a UNESCO-inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. More hopeful news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Happy News for a Contented World.

Dutch supermarket chain expands animal-free offerings.

Albert Heijn already has a fairly large selection of vegan options, but the company knows that more than half of the people in the Netherlands are flexitarians and want more vegetables and plant-based products in their diets. So, the country’s leading food retailer is bringing in an additional 70 items under its own brand that are suitable for vegans eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. New selections will include cheeses, spreads, sausages and burgers – all without animal ingredients. The move also reflects Albert Heijn’s commitment as a partner of the Green Protein Alliance to promote the benefits of getting protein from plant sources. Way to go, Albert Heijn, on your advocacy of compassionate eating. You have our sincere appreciation for boosting the range of food choices that will hasten our arrival at World Vegan, in Heaven’s light and joy.

Nonprofit organization proposes ban on traps.

The National Wildlife Refuge System in the United States was established to protect the country’s wild animals and plants. It includes 567 individual nature reserves, as well as 38 wetland habitats, with more than 4,000 kilometers of walking trails. Regrettably, trapping is permitted at 216 of the sanctuaries and poses a threat to visitors and their four-legged companions. Born Free USA is a leading wildlife charity dedicated to compassionate conservation. They have launched a campaign, TrapFreeTrails, to end the use of traps on public land. Angela Grimes, the organization’s CEO, stated, “‘Refuge’ should mean just that; that both animals and people are safe from harm while within their boundaries.” Thank you, Ms. Grimes and Born Free USA, for raising awareness of this issue. We pray the government will soon see how it can provide better protection, in Celestial wisdom.

Here is a joke told by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, to relax your bones. It's called, “Books for the Master.”

“What kind of books do You want, Master?”

“Don’t care, any will do.”

The boy went and brought back a couple of books. But the Master told him to get some more. After the Master asked him to bring more the third time, the puzzled attendant asked:

“But Master, You have enough books to read the whole night over already with these!”

“Who talked about reading? I just use them as a pillow.”


And now we have a heartline from Xiang-Xiang in China:

Hallo, the greatest and most compassionate Master, and those working at Supreme Master Television, who are like my family members. With profound gratitude, we thank our Master for bringing light to all beings of the Universe. Master has gone through countless hardships which no one knows to liberate sentient beings who have been bound to this world life after life and elevate all beings in the universe. I cannot use the worldly language to describe the greatness of Master.

Instead, I will simply share a miracle that Master has brought us recently. Since last winter, we have taken actions to protect animals. On November 24 last year, when Master ended Her retreat, we received great power from Master. We went to a slaughterhouse and rescued the cattle and horses that were to be killed. After listening to what we said, the owner repented right away and promised he would stop killing animals and would change his business after Chinese New Year. On December 10, the slaughterhouse owner suddenly called me and said that since we went there and shared with him the principles of karma and reincarnation, he had been feeling very bad about what he did. So he decided to change his career immediately. He had 35 cattle at that time and he did not slaughter them. Instead, he sold them to farmers who could raise them in the mountains even though the sale was a loss to him. However, there were two blind cows, two horses, and a little donkey which no one wanted to take and would be sold for meat the next morning. If we could save them, it would be great. Because we are not rich and what we can do is limited, we contacted a Pure Land Buddhist who has been rescuing foxes in the Changli fur market. Next morning, they, together with Tibetan monks, rushed to the slaughterhouse and saved the five lives. The owner of the slaughterhouse took 500 yuan (~US$75) for saving animals and closed his operation for raising farm animals and the slaughterhouse. He then converted to Buddhism.

Our team also participated in the rescue action to save foxes in the Changli fur market on December 8. The owner of the largest breeding farm decided to close his breeding business immediately and stopped killing animals. In fact, our team started joining the action to rescue foxes on December 4. There are too many miracles. Many monks and Buddhist groups with great compassion across the country joined the efforts to organize a life-saving rescue campaign. Changli is the largest fur market in China, and until now we have rescued about 40,000 foxes from there. I thought to write a letter many times, but what we have done is so trivial. Thank You, Master, for Your great Love and the guidance from Your Wisdom. We will use real actions to love and protect Master. Thank you, the Supreme Master TV team, for your time, efforts, and selfless dedication. Xiang-Xiang from China

Inspiring Xiang-Xiang, Our gratitude for your heartline. It is wonderful what we can achieve by working together to save the animals. Bravo to you all and may the Heavens bless you with continued success in your rescues of our beloved animal co-inhabitants. Her selfless bravery is a guiding Light for us all, and we applaud your determination and triumph. The Heavens are smiling down on those who work tirelessly to ensure animal welfare and we pray all the benevolent Chinese people soon become compassionate vegans and tenderly care for all animals. In Heaven’s Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Loving and Helpful Xiang-Xiang, I was so very moved when I heard of this endeavor to free the animals in China and that the slaughterhouse owner agreed to stop killing and change professions. It is my prayer all animals are freed one day very soon. Buddha’s infinite light to you and your co-citizens in resilient China.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May the Divine bestow simple peace and pure joy on your long life.

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