Tra Maestra e discepoli

Use Our Wisdom, Part 2 of 10, Dec. 15, 2019

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Because building something big is disturbing the earth a lot and sacrifices many trees and plants and insects, and maybe birds or squirrels, their area. They’ve been living in there. And you never know when they have their nests or something, and babies just born, or their eggs. It’s not a very nice thing for them.

There was a former vice president of Taiwan (Formosa), she came to visit me again just a few days ago. No, last week. I think it was Saturday last week. And then we talked and then she told me many things and I told her things. And she said people should do this, do that. Other organizations, they’re planning to build this, build that, like temple stuff. I said, “We don’t build anything anymore. These things already exist, so we use them.” Because building something big is disturbing the earth a lot and sacrifices many trees and plants and insects, and maybe birds or squirrels, their area. They’ve been living in there. And you never know when they have their nests or something, and babies just born, or their eggs. It’s not a very nice thing for them. I don’t really like building anything. It costs too much manpower, time, finance, and the earth. It costs something to the environment. I don’t always feel very comfortable building anything. That’s why whenever I find a cave or whatever’s simple, I like to stay there. I feel happier that way, that I don’t disturb anyone at all.

But your brothers and sisters tell me, “It’s the twenty-first century already. You don’t have to live in a cave anymore, Master.” I said, “Why? I’m a cavewoman. Everybody knows that since a long time already. I got used to it.” But there’s a cave here. It has already served its time. It’s getting dangerous now to stay there, so they dug me out. But still, I don’t really feel like moving, but I don’t want everyone to get worried about my safety. So, it’s sensible to move out. Twenty-first century.

We had 20 many centuries, not just 21. Twenty-one is counted since the Lord Jesus Christ only. Before that, we existed a long, long, long time. Many civilizations came and went. Many Masters came and went, either anonymously or recorded in history. So many.

In the beginning, we came here from the Brahman Heavens. That was the beginning of humankind. We could fly. We had magical power. We could communicate telepathically without ears. We could see thousands of miles away. And then we began to taste this and that. And then we ate more solid food, and then we became more solid. That’s why we cannot fly. And then we even began to eat raw meat, kill other beings, lesser beings, to eat. And then, after that, we discovered fire and then we ate more because it maybe tasted better. And then we discovered other plants, combined with the meat, and so on and so forth. And then our body became coarser and coarser, and heavier and heavier, and our mind also became clouded. Our soul, because it’s connected with the mind and the body, also felt dragged down. And that’s the result of us: the way we look, the way we behave right now. And then, because we liked to eat more and more, we began to fight with each other for food. And then we needed houses because the body became weaker. The immune system – used to be more refined, more holy, more wholesome – became weaker and weaker with each generation, with each day that passed, because we ate too many different things and animals and stuff.

And then we had to fight with each other for survival. And then we needed governments to regulate the laws that make the rules. And then we needed the police to keep the rules. And then the ones who don’t understand the rules are thrown in prison and get angry, come out and revolt, etc. And the more and more karma all the time. So, even now after initiation, we still have the karma. Even though the maya’s gone, the karma is already there, it cannot disentangle from the body because it’s like tearing your flesh. To squeeze out the blood or try to squeeze out the blood out of your flesh, something like that. It would be horribly painful. Physically speaking or even spiritually speaking, it’s impossible.

You can stretch out, baby. Stretch it out or I’ll show you how. I cannot. Stretch it out. What is it? (From Your attendant.) Oh, let me think. I’ll give him the key. I forgot. I forgot that they came back, so we locked the house. Can you please give it to him, to the person who gave you the note? (OK.) Thank you. Tell him, “Not one key missing.” Just joking. I can trust them. If they’d like to take my dress, then I will have an excuse not to wear it anymore. It would be nice. That’s the only valuable thing there. I don’t think they want to. And then they will talk like the sisters.

Sometimes they come to my house, they help me to clean the house when I don’t have a lot of time, or when I need the muscle to move some furniture. And then they wear the gown and the gloves and all that, and the hats, you know, those kind of hats for cooking, so the hair doesn’t fall out. And they also wear special shoes to come in the house, so I don’t have to clean again. And they wear gloves, so I don’t have to smell their sweat. There are two different people; they smell different. One person is already unbearable. Men, they smell stronger than women. I don’t know why. What’s wrong? What did you eat? What did you guys eat? (They sweat.) They sweat? You don’t sweat? Sure, they work harder than women. Breadwinner and stuff. And then we criticize, like I did last week. I said, “The smell put me off.” But they have to sweat, they work harder. And don’t ever try to smell their socks. You will faint. Normally, [when] they come to my house, they wear slippers to come in but their socks are still on. And then even if they work right at the entrance, I still smell it. I said, “Did you change your socks today?” He said, “Oh, sorry, Master. No time. Urgent to come here. Can You smell from there, Master?” I said, “Of course!” Why do you think I live alone? Single still. They sweat so easily. So, they wear the gown, like overalls, so they don’t lean on my sofa or whatever, or their socks might touch something. Sometimes they forgot to bring their slippers, so I said, “OK, never mind. Just go in with socks. Don’t go in with the dirty shoes, then it’s OK.” Because the shoes are sometimes muddy. They go to the public toilet and stuff like that. So they went in with their socks. Three days after, I still smelled it! If I have no time to clean, then I smell it for three days. It’s not so strong but it’s there, and I know it is because it’s not mine. Anyway, last week I was just being a little bit bad joker. Forgive me, guys?

I do love you. Love and like are different things. So, I cannot just love and like at the same time. Or sometimes I can like but not love. Very difficult to love and like together. I don’t know why. Don’t ask me. That’s why I was wondering how you stay married so long. I really admire you so much. I really, truly mean it. I really mean it. (Karma.) Karma. Yeah. Possible. And not just those who stay because of children or because of together banking account or mortgage the same house or it’s a pity to leave this fancy car. It’s not that, but those who love, really love, love, love, love so much. And then one time, one of your brothers asked me, “Master, You still feel like You love somebody?” I said, “What? I don’t know what love is.” Really, I really don’t. The way he asked about love, I don’t know that love anymore.

I love everyone, everything, every being, but I don’t know that kind of love. That’s very narrow, actually. The moment you say you love somebody and he loves you back, it begins creeping in, this possessiveness and anxiety and jealousy. “Does he really love me? He loves me. He loves me not.” “She loves me. She loves me not. Don’t know. Not sure.” “Why is he coming home late today? He loves me. He goes out. He goes with somebody. He doesn’t go with somebody. He sits somewhere in the coffee [shop] alone, maybe because we fought last night. Oh, man!” No end. There is no end to all these stories. It begins like that, even if you don’t want to. Even the most loving couple, sometimes it’s creeping in your mind, just to make trouble.

The mind makes trouble. And woe to the man if he just side looks at another woman. Even if she’s not pretty, you think she is. That is the problem. And even if another man doesn’t look all that attractive, but the husband thinks, “Why is she looking at him? Or she just pretends to look in that direction, but she’s looking at him, isn’t she?” And you think he is attractive. In your mind, he is. Maybe she doesn’t care. Many times, I talked to people outside, the married couples; they really value each other. Not that everybody just goes out and are always sidetracked, and looking at other women, or desiring the other person. It’s not really like that. They really like and love each other, and it’s a happy thing. It’s a very good thing. In this life, it’s very lonely. If you don’t have some good neighbors with you, or friends who come and go in your house, you will feel very lonely to stay in a flat all by yourself. And then you come out, and then somebody begins talking to you, and then you feel like, “Oh, this person may be my company, my life companion.” Stuff like that. The mind keeps saying things. So, I know why on Sundays you come here. Maybe nobody comes and talks to you. No need, right? Now you have a lot of friends. So, come back to the story.

And after we became heavier and heavier, our minds became duller and duller, and all the senses became more real, more real and then they began to control us. Like, the nose loves to smell something pleasant; the mouth wants to eat something nice. The more you eat, the more you want, and then slowly, slowly, we eat a lot. And then we know much less than we did before. And we have less capability than we did before. I mean, real capability.

Before, whatever we wanted, we just wanted it, it would come. And now, we can pray, and we can work hard for two, three years, then we can get what we want, with a mortgage even. Thank you so much! And then work hard again to pay interest. And if you lose your job, yeah, yeah, you know. In some countries, you could become homeless just like that, overnight. And you lose your house, you lose everything because everything is on loan, or at least half loan, not paid completely.

When I was in America, I saw many people, they advertised in the newspaper or something, “Please come take my house if you can afford to pay so-much, so-much per month. Please come, it’s free for you. Just continue to pay, I cannot afford.” Is that true? Right, brothers? (Yes.) I felt so sour in my heart. My God, they worked so hard. They paid halfway or two-thirds already, but if they could not continue, then the bank took over or whomever. I thought, my God, it should not happen like this, especially in America! We, in many countries, have the idea that America is a very rich country, very secure for everyone, but it isn’t always like that. When it comes to recession time, they call it or something like that, people just lose jobs, and they don’t have enough money even to take care of any other things, except for themselves. And the whole family sometimes moves to some charitable shelter or something. And once you’ve lost the job, once you’ve lost your house, you have no address. You cannot go find a job if you don’t have a mailing address. One thing leads to another.

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