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In today’s news, Libya receives pandemic support from United States, report urges meat and dairy reduction to address climate change, Australian state commits to reforestation, Japanese automobile company introduces microplastic-filtering boat motor, technology helps Canadian police locate missing child, renowned American musician benefits from plant-based lifestyle, and rescued fox becomes best friends with bulldog in United Kingdom.

United States assists Libya in a multi-sectoral response to COVID-19.

The United States government, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, contributed an additional US$2 million to the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF’s) efforts to decrease the transmission of the virus and lessen its effects on children and their families. The focus will be on the most vulnerable populations, including internally displaced persons, migrants, refugees, returnees, and conflict-affected host communities. Assistance measures include risk communication and community engagement for 300,000 people in affected areas, access to community-centered child protection services for 7,000 individuals, and cash transfers for 200 vulnerable families. In addition, approximately one million frontline health workers, teachers, business owners, and service providers will benefit from the funding. Many thanks, United States and UNICEF, for your generosity. We pray for the peace and health of our Libyan sisters and brothers, in Heaven’s loving embrace.

Environmental group calls for immediate and lasting shift to plant-based food system.

In a new report, international environmental NGO Greenpeace warned that in order to meet Paris Climate Agreement goals, all European Union member states should urgently redesign their food and farming policies to achieve at least 70% reduction in meat and dairy consumption by 2030. Entitled “Farming for Failure – How European Animal Farming Fuels the Climate Emergency,” the report states that after including deforestation and land degradation associated with growing animal feed, the EU’s livestock emissions are significantly higher than the 656 million metric tons emitted by all of Europe’s cars and vans. The report asserts that shifting to plant-based diets would not only avert a full-blown climate breakdown, it would also address other crises, including biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, animal-borne outbreaks such as COVID-19, and other diseases. Many thanks for your urgent recommendations, Greenpeace. May all governments swiftly implement laws for a safe vegan world, in Divine wisdom.

Up next, Australian state commits to reforestation. We’ll now give thanks to the laser welding technicians who skillfully make precise welds for components used in the medical and aerospace industries. When we return, more rejuvenating news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo nice friends, I’m Groovy the vegan Ground Pangolin. Are you becoming a better person every day? I’ll bet you are if your diet is vegan! When plants are closely clustered together as they often are in small containers, humidity levels can rise causing increased fungal growth. To prevent fungus from forming in your indoor garden, see if you notice the air feeling damp and sticky or moisture condensing on the inside of your windows. You can help eliminate humidity by opening a window, turning your air conditioner on, using a dehumidifier, or directing a gentle breeze from a fan towards your cherished plants. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Australian state begins reseeding forests using helicopters.

With over half the area of its national parks and nature reserves affected by the recent bushfires, the state of Victoria has carried out a US$5.5 million reseeding initiative. Helicopters dropped over 4.5 metric tons of eucalyptus seeds on almost 11,500 hectares of land decimated by fires. The seeds will eventually grow into some of the nation’s iconic eucalyptus trees, such as the Mountain Ash, which is the tallest flowering plant in the world, and the Alpine Ash, which can reach up to 90 meters in height. The funding for the initiative comes from Victoria’s US$79 million State Recovery Plan. Bravo and thank you, Victoria, for your efforts to support the regrowth of your magnificent forests. We pray that climate change-related fires will someday be no more, through humans’ return to benevolence.

Microplastics filter invented for outboard boat motors.

The Japan-headquartered Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed a microplastics filter that attaches to outboard motors 40 horsepower and higher, and cleans seawater as the machine operates. Placed in the outgoing water hose, the filter collects microplastic waste from water used to cool the engine, and does not affect the motor’s efficiency. During testing, a significant amount of plastics was found in the filter. Suzuki will continue testing internationally before eventually making it a standard feature of their motors. What a brilliant idea, Suzuki. May the caring consciousness behind your innovation be emulated by manufacturers of all kinds, as we do all we can to clean up our planet.

Police in Canada use technology and teamwork to rescue six-year-old.

The Ontario Provincial Police was first alerted by the mother of a special-needs boy who had been missing in the woods for about 45 minutes. As it was already dusk, police immediately assembled a search team with the Canine and Emergency Response Team, and OPP Aviation, which included a helicopter specially equipped with night vision technology. Shortly after midnight, an outline of the child lying on the ground was picked up by the helicopter. A nearby canine unit was laser-guided by the helicopter’s pilot to reach the youngster, who thankfully was in good condition. Kudos, Ontario Provincial Police, and all canines and officers participating in this effective team rescue. May the reunited family have a wonderful life full of many safe adventures, in Heaven’s protection.

Coming up, renowned musician benefits from plant-based lifestyle. We now pause briefly to offer our deep gratitude to mentors, who are always ready to listen and give honest feedback. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Touching News for a Tender World.

Famed American musician announces he is a vegan.

In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, four-time Grammy winner Lenny Kravitz shared that he is following a mostly raw plant-based diet and growing most of his own food. Currently living in the Bahamas, the 56-years-young iconic rocker commented that his diet combined with rigorous physical exercise has helped him to remain slim and energetic when performing. He feasts on veggies and fruits, such as broccoli, celery, kale, lettuce, mangos, lemons, okra, avocado, and his favorite, soursop. Mr. Kravitz also added that at times he enjoys a “fully-loaded Beyond Burger.” He promoted his vibrant vegan lifestyle to his 3.4 million followers on social media with the caption: “Back to the earth earthday farming vegan organic nongmo letloverule.” Our applause and appreciation, Lenny Kravitz, for making the veg trend even cooler through your example. May many of your friends and fans join the club, in Celestial inspiration!

Heartwarming friendship thrives between a fox and hound.

A real-life friendship between a fox named Marley and a bulldog named Ernie has reminded some people of the beloved Disney animated film “The Fox and the Hound.” The sweet duo became buddies when their human mom, 28-year-old Pauline Ashanolla from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, rescued Marley as a six-month-old vixen, found alone, very ill, and malnourished. Dedicated Pauline patiently nursed the tiny cub back to health and she blossomed into a robust, bushy-tailed fox. Along the way, Ernie and Marley have developed an inseparable friendship, spending all their waking and sleeping hours together. Count us among your fans, Pauline, Marley and Ernie! We are grateful to have a glimpse into your lives that show us the way it should be among all God’s created species.

Here comes the joke of the day, laugh it or not. It’s entitled “Newlywed.”

Simon went out with his best friend Tom, who recently got married. Tom had some important things to ask for advice.

“Tell me, Simon, what’s the easiest way to remember my wife’s birthday?”

“There’s one very, very easy way, buddy. Forget it once!”

And now we have a heartline from Shadi in Iran:

Hallo, Beloved Master and loving Supreme Master Television team. Dear Master, ever since I was young, I wished to meet a wise master. Before I was initiated, I stopped at nothing, but no path and no master satisfied my heart. Every day, I ended my prayer with this Qur’an verse, “Dear God, please bless us with Your exceptional grace, and bestow upon us means to grow and perfect guidance.” Finally, God satisfied my heart’s desire, fulfilling my greatest wish. On Supreme Master Television, I met the Perfect Master. I am happy that You accepted me as a disciple and proud of myself. At night, I sleep with You on my mind and in the morning, it is the thought of You that I start my day with. Now, my life has a beautiful color because of You. I kiss Your hands from far away and am looking forward to seeing You. I also thank my loving Master who launched this TV for the world. Beloved Master, I laugh when I see Your sweet smile and feel pain in my heart when I see You sad. I wish very soon we have veganism and peace in the world. God Almighty bless Your life and health. I envy the disciples who sit at Your feet and listen to Your precious lectures in person. I hope someday I could see Your brilliant loving eyes in person. With abundant love, Shadi from Iran

Special Shadi, It is heartwarming to read how you have come to connect with Master through your sincere yearning and communication with God. We are happy to read that Supreme Master Television is an avenue for you to feel present with Master as She shares Her Divine Wisdom, Grace, and Love with us all, lighting up our lives with a shared purpose for being here on Earth. We pray that you and the good-natured Iranian people may also be blessed with peace and serenity. May Iran forever be in Allah’s eternal grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Pure Shadi, it is evident from your letter that you are an earnest truth seeker. I wish you much success on your spiritual path and keep meditating as much as you are able. May Allah abundantly bless you and friendly Iran.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May the glory and wonder of Heaven grace your sojourn on Earth.

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