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In today’s news, Turkey building first free shelter home for vulnerable in Pakistan’s capital, Australian study finds machine washing used cloth masks better controls viral infection risk than hand-washing, crewless research ship developed in United Kingdom, international toy company commits to reducing plastic usage, United States off-duty highway patrol officer resuscitates man, McDonald’s introduces vegetarian menu in Hong Kong and Macau, and conservationist helps revive Atlantic puffin colony in USA.

Turkey constructing Pakistan capital’s first free homeless shelter.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) is building a model shelter home for daily wage earners in need and disadvantaged individuals in Islamabad. The establishment will provide a place to sleep to 100 people and serve breakfast and dinner daily to more than 400 persons. Separate rooms for women and families and a mosque will also be part of the premises. It is a component of the Panahgah (Homeless Shelter) Project initiated by Pakistan’s prime minister, His Excellency Imran Khan, a Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance laureate. Turkey is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. Our sincere appreciation, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and His Excellency Imran Khan, for your benevolent deeds that support our Pakistani brothers and sisters. In Allah’s merciful grace, we pray for the protection of all during these challenging times.

Study shows used cloth masks should be machine washed daily for safety.

Dr. Raina MacIntyre and researchers at Australia’s University of New South Wales have determined that machine washing them at a high temperature can render them as safe as surgical masks and lessens their wearer’s risk of infection by viruses like COVID-19. The scientists reexamined unpublished data from a 2015 study comparing two sets of healthcare workers in high-risk hospital wards - one using cloth masks hand-cleaned every day and the other wearing hospital laundered masks. The former group had twice the infection risk of seasonal respiratory viruses of the latter. The findings align with the World Health Organization’s recommendation to machine wash cloth masks at 60-90 degrees Celsius with detergent. Our gratitude, Dr. Raina MacIntyre and team, for this timely report. May your insightful work help keep us protected and healthy, in the Divine’s loving guidance.

Up next on Noteworthy News, crewless research ship created in the United Kingdom. We’ll take a moment to thank vending machine servicers who restock items for customers and ensure the units are in good working order. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more foresighted news.

Hallo, beautiful friends, I’m Slater the vegan Sloth Bear. How can you help the planet? Adopt a vegan diet! Dog collars should be regularly cleaned as they are worn often and come into contact with a canine’s skin. Collars, harnesses and leashes made from nylon and fabric can be washed easily. Just fill your sink or a small pail with lukewarm or hot water. Add in some cruelty-free pet shampoo or hypoallergenic detergent. Put the collar and leash in the mixture and let it soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. Scrub off any stains using a soft brush like an old toothbrush. Rinse the collar and leash two times to get rid of any excess cleaning solution and let it air dry. The collar should not be used until it is thoroughly dried. Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

High-tech ocean research ship launched in UK.

Named after the craft taking the Pilgrims to North America in 1620, the solar and wind-powered Mayflower Autonomous Ship is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). Developed by British marine research organization ProMare and United States tech giant IBM, the crewless vessel will undergo sea trials before traveling solo next spring from Plymouth, England, UK, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, while collecting ocean health-related data en route. The Mayflower is intended to be the first of a new generation of autonomous crafts that can explore sections of the seas that are too difficult or dangerous for humans to access. Chief technology officer for IBM UK and Ireland, Dr. Andy Stanford-Clark, said the ship’s launch could lead to AI-driven research vessels, water taxis, and cargo ships. What an enthralling innovation, ProMare and IBM. May the voyage be a success as we enter the Golden Age of technology, in Celestial upliftment.

Toy giant to phase out single-use plastic packaging for products.

Denmark-headquartered LEGO Group, maker of one of the world’s most popular toy brands, will begin using recyclable paper bags instead to enclose its merchandise in 2021, with the goal of achieving a total change-over by the end of 2025. The move is part of LEGO’s US$400 million sustainability program that will be implemented over the next three years. The action was inspired after LEGO received many letters from eco-conscious children asking why it still uses single-use plastic packaging for products. Additionally, the company plans to utilize only sustainable materials to make all toys by 2030. Fantastic news, LEGO, on your earth-friendly efforts! In Heaven’s immeasurable blessings, may we all take swift action to protect our sacred planet.

Off-duty United States highway officer saves man’s life with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In October 2020, Leonid Kasperovich and his wife Cris Ewell were shopping at a hardware store in Modesto, California, USA, when he suddenly suffered a heart attack, collapsed, and stopped breathing. Off-duty California Highway Patrol Officer Matthew Denton was nearby and quickly turned Mr. Kasperovich on his side to clear his airway and then performed chest compressions while instructing Cris on how and when to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Mr. Kasperovich was saved and taken to the hospital by paramedics. After his release, he and his family met with Officer Denton to express their gratitude for his heroic deed. We are so happy to hear of your recovery, Leonid Kasperovich. An enthusiastic salute and God bless you, Officer Matthew Denton, for your quick life-saving efforts. May all law enforcement officers be safeguarded by the Providence for their noble dedication to serving others.

Coming up, McDonald’s introduces vegetarian items in Hong Kong and Macau. We’ll pause now to appreciate the ancient art of singing the Darangen, an epic song of the Maranao people of the southern Philippines, a UNESCO-inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We’ll be right back with more shining news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Soothing News for an Assuring World.

McDonald’s releases entrees featuring vegan pork in Hong Kong and Macau.

The international fast-food chain has introduced a plant-centered menu that uses a vegan meat called OmniPork Luncheon, which closely resembles tinned ham. The selections, which include pasta, sandwiches and a breakfast platter, now sell in 280 McDonald’s restaurants and 122 McCafés across Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong-based Green Monday, the company that created OmniPork, recently raised US$70 million in funding to help expand its product lines and supply chain, enter 10 new markets across continents, and more. Way to go, McDonald’s, on your new veg-protein offerings and congratulations, Green Monday, on your planned global expansion to help bring vegan food to the masses. May we quickly move to worldwide adoption of the delectable and compassionate diet, in Divine glory.

Conservationist helps save Atlantic puffins in United States.

When American ornithologist Dr. Stephen Kress learned that puffin colonies on Maine’s offshore islands were decimated by hunters in the late 1800s, he initiated the National Audubon Society’s Project Puffin in 1973 to replenish the population. Dr. Kress and a research team relocated baby puffins from Great Island in Newfoundland, Canada to an uninhabited island off Maine’s coast. The pufflings were hand-fed and swam off when they were ready. Later, Dr. Kress also used “social attraction” methods like placing wooden puffins around the island to encourage the adorable birds to come to find mates. Now, there are around 1,300 pairs of puffins nesting on islands in the Gulf of Maine. The colony restoration techniques Dr. Kress developed are now used by seabird conservationists globally. What remarkable work, Dr. Kress and colleagues! In Heavenly goodness, may all precious beings of our unique Earth be forever protected.

Let’s stretch up and enjoy a laugh with a joke of the day entitled “Meet Halfway.”

“Hey Steffi, you remember you owe me $500, right?”

“Yes, yes, Bob!”

“I’ll tell you what... I’ll forget about half the money.”

“That’s perfect! Thank you. And I’ll forget the other half.”


And now we have a heartline from Codley in Australia:

I hope Supreme Master Ching Hai and everyone is doing well during these awful times. I am truly blessed to be able to watch such enlightening shows while I am stuck in my small home on a hill. Heaven has definitely blessed me always, especially while on challenging duty. Thank You so much, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for providing all these helpful tips and tricks to keep my beautiful body free of coronavirus germs, including spraying myself with acidic substances (e.g. vinegar). Thank You dearly and I am eternally grateful for this beloved Supreme Master Television and Supreme Master Ching Hai. Codley from Australia

Vibrant Codley, Thank you for your refreshing message. We are deeply grateful that you and others around the world are utilizing Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Divine guidance on how to keep ourselves safe during this viral pandemic. Your positive outlook and love for Supreme Master Television makes us smile at a time when there is much sadness on Earth. We pray for all who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus or fallen ill, and place our trust in God to guide us all to a place of peace and serenity, good health, and a loving vegan world. In God’s Love and Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Genuine Codley, please do share the tips with friends and family as we need to shield ourselves from this virus as much as possible and do our best to prevent its further spread. A website with this protection information is God’s incomparable love to you and fascinating Australia.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure having your company on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be blessed with hope, faith, and harmony.

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