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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly presents Shining World Award to acclaimed TV and social media vegan journalist from United States, Norway helps disadvantaged people in Mozambique, Australian state invests in large scale green energy storage, black hole researchers awarded Nobel Prize, humanitarian initiative supports underprivileged communities in India, United Kingdom survey finds many feel remorseful about meat eating and American rescuer saves disaster-stranded animals with infrared drone technology.

In Shining World Vegan Journalist Award News from the USA …

Jane Velez-Mitchell is the founder and managing editor of Jane UnChained, a nonprofit organization through which she campaigns tirelessly on behalf of animal rights and the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle. This news network features real-world vegan activists and celebrities as well as animal rights news. It also provides information about vegan organizations, veg campaigns, VegFests and vegan restaurants. In addition, Ms. Velez-Mitchell has begun her second year of hosting “New Day New Chef,” an online vegan cooking show. Available through Amazon Prime Video, “New Day New Chef” features celebrity co-hosts and a panel of entertaining taste-testers.

Upon hearing of Ms. Jane Velez-Mitchell’s continued devotion to saving our animal friends and sharing the vegan lifestyle, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously offered the Shining World Vegan Journalist Award, “plus US$21,000 to lovingly support her work. With all love and best wishes in God’s eternal blessing.”

“Well, it's so amazing. We did Season 1 of ‘New Day New Chef,’ and I had gotten a call from the executive producers: ‘Do you want to do a Season 2? ’ And I thought about it. At that moment, I got the email that Supreme Master Ching Hai was donating $21,000 to our nonprofit, and I took it as a sign. I took it as a sign, I believe it is a sign. And I immediately called the producer back and I said, ‘Yes, we want to do Season 2!’”

Our Association members in Los Angeles, USA were pleased to present the Award letter, crystalline plaque, Master’s financial gift, as well as Her publications and DVDs to Ms. Velez-Mitchell. “Your integrity led you to leave mainstream news to focus on vegan activism. Using the abundant skills you have been blessed with, your entire life has been dedicated to exposing the truth, informing the public about important issues. Now, with a climate emergency upon us, you are no longer restrained by convention, rather empowered to act, calling for change for humanity to adopt the simplest and most effective strategy to save our planet. Just go vegan. With millions of people viewing your video channel, our future looks bright.”

“Thank you so much. Thank You, Supreme Master. This means so much to me. I’m truly honored and humbled. I know You do so much, Your team, Your incredible team, you all do so much. We can save the world. And I’m so empowered to be part of Your community. You inspire me, You give me strength and hope and courage to continue on until every animal is treated with respect and dignity. I love you all so much. I will forever treasure this. Thank You so much. Thank You.”

Our warm congratulations, Jane Velez-Mitchell. With Heaven’s abundant blessings, may your ever-enthusiastic efforts inspire more and more people to safeguard all beings through the compassionate vegan lifestyle. For the full presentation of the Shining World Vegan Journalist Award to Jane Velez-Mitchell, please tune in to our Shining World Award program at a later date.

Norway, a Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism recipient and a Shining World Leadership Award for Animal Protection laureate, supports food security in northern Mozambique.

The government of Norway donated approximately US$1 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to provide vital food assistance for 32,000 internally displaced people in Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique over a period of two months. Since 2019, Norway has contributed US$3.1 million in humanitarian aid to Mozambique. Our earnest appreciation, Norway, for your generous support, and United Nations World Food Programme, for your continued assistance to the gentle people of Mozambique in their time of need. May all precious individuals find stability and flourish, in Heaven’s benevolent light.

Up next, Australian state invests in large scale green energy storage. We’ll spend some time now to thank architectural drafters who make detailed scale drawings used in construction, from the sketches and specifications created by architects and engineers. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more laudable news.

Hey amazing viewers, it’s Pippa the vegan Peacock, and some consider me an intellectual star. I credit my brilliance to my compassionate and nourishing way of eating. Be smart and be vegan like me! Today I would like to share a do-it-yourself cleaning tip with you. Create your own vacuum attachment tool by placing a cardboard tube like the one from a roll of eco-paper towels onto the end of the vacuum hose so you can easily reach tight places including the edges of your drawers, between appliances or on window tracks. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Australian state to construct massive battery for renewable energy support.

The government of Western Australia has announced plans to build the second-largest grid-scale battery in the nation to help assist the transition to renewable power. The 100-megawatt facility, which is expected to create 100 new jobs, will be larger than the size of 20 tennis courts and be able to supply 160,000 homes with power for two hours. Expected to be operational in September 2022, it will store energy during midday when the sun is strong and solar installations are most active, and release it during peak times. Way to go, Western Australian government! May your clean energy efforts enhance the health and well-being of the environment and the fine citizens of your state, in God’s grace.

Scientists win the Nobel Prize for their research on black holes.

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist and professor emeritus at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, Dr. Reinhard Genzel, co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany, and Dr. Andrea Ghez, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, United States, the fourth woman in history to receive this prestigious honor. Sir Roger will receive half of the approximately US$1.12 million prize money, with the other half being shared between Dr. Genzel and Dr. Ghez. Black holes are regions of space where matter collapses in on itself, and scientists have speculated about their existence for centuries. Sir Roger Penrose demonstrated, using innovative mathematical methods, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity results in the development of black holes. Dr. Reinhard Genzel and Dr. Andrea Ghez provided evidence of a supermassive black hole in the Milky Way using powerful infrared telescopes. Our esteemed congratulations, Sir Roger Penrose, Dr. Reinhard Genzel and Dr. Andrea Ghez! May scientific discoveries like yours continue to help us expand our appreciation of the universe, in Celestial splendor.

Food kits to supply meals for over ten million people affected by the pandemic in India.

Funded by US-headquartered international conglomerate Honeywell, India-based charitable organization Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) has launched Phase 2 of their collaborative initiative. This two-month phase focuses on distributing food packages to provide 10.7 million meals to 178,000 residents in nine Indian cities. Phase one, carried out during the initial lockdowns, involved delivering food items enough for 3.7 million meals for 12,300 families in five cities. The pandemic has resulted in migrant workers, daily wage earners and contracted employees losing their sources of income. SEEDS will coordinate with volunteers and governmental officials to hand out food kits consisting of rice, wheat flour, pulses, sugar, cooking oil and salt to those in need. We are grateful for your caring outreach to the resilient populace of India, Honeywell and SEEDS. In Divine resplendence, may the world soon embrace a vegan diet to usher in a golden age where everyone has an abundance of sustenance.

Coming up, United Kingdom survey finds many feel remorseful about meat eating. We are going to pause for a moment to pray for the happiness of all beings. More pleasant news coming up on Supreme Master Television.  Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Relevant News for a Significant World.

British survey determines that 40% of residents feel guilty about eating meat.

A study in the United Kingdom commissioned by The Vegan Society and its animal advocacy campaign Future Normal polled 1,000 meat-eating adults. They found that 40% of the respondents feel guilty to either a small or large degree about eating meat. Furthermore, 47.8% of people interviewed also agreed that it is hypocritical to eat some animals while loving others. More than 85% of respondents described themselves in some way as “animal lovers.” Matt Turner, Media and Public Relations Officer for The Vegan Society stated, “Being vegan simply means living in line with the ethics that so many of us already hold in our hearts.” Thank you, The Vegan Society and Future Normal, for your insightful research revealing the loving conscience of the British people. We pray this awakening of love will soon manifest as a fully vegan United Kingdom, in Heaven’s Guidance.

United States rescuer saves disaster-stranded animals with infrared drone technology.

Since 2019, aerial cinematographer Douglas Thron has been using his state-of-the-art infrared drone to rescue hundreds of animals stranded by disasters such as Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas as well as wildfires on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island and in Oregon and California, both in the US. According to Mr. Thron, the best time to fly the infrared drone is at night, when the animal’s warm body glows in contrast to the cool environment on the screen. Mr. Thron provides the location of wildlife and animal companions in need to a collaborating rescue team, who brings the survivor to safety. In the future, he hopes infrared drones will be used on every rescue mission. Our hearts are touched by your noble work, Douglas Thron. May God bless you dearly. In Celestial brilliance, may we find more innovative ways to help our beloved animal friends and protect all lives.

Humor makes life interesting. Here’s a joke of the day called “New Joke.”

“Hey, I heard a new joke the other day. I wonder if I told it to you?”

“Is it funny?”


“Then I think you haven’t told me yet.”


And now we have a heartline from Ming Ying Shun in China:

Dear Master, Thank You for Your efforts in leading the Supreme Master Television team to make the world better and more uplifted. On November 24, 2019, when Master announced for the first time that the maya, the negative power and related entities are destroyed, I witnessed that the people I met were friendly and positive. A female university student I met on a train claimed herself as a “meat-eater,” but she was willing to become a vegetarian or vegan to protect animals. Another gentleman asked for Supreme Master Television’s web address before he left the train so that he could watch it at home. At the Macao airport, I met a 40-year-old lady who was very interested in Master and praised the comprehensive content of Supreme Master Television. I also have changed very obviously: I am able to notice the tiny bit of love within me and the stubborn, stable, habitual negative thoughts no longer dominate and have already been dissolved. I hope I can show up as a noble, compassionate and lovely being when seeing Master and all initiates next time. Ming Ying Shun from China

Observant Ming Ying Shun, Our appreciation for sharing your inspiring encounters with us!

Master has a reply for you: “Loving Ming Ying Shun, I am very glad to hear of your positive experiences with people who are becoming more loving and benevolent. Keep on the noble path and practice well. The inner Master is always with you. With all my love to you and great China.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May you always be touched by the magnificent love of the Divine.

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