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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 4 of 8

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Many good leaders have been also murdered. (Yes, Master.) Because this world belongs to the bad ones. Belongs to the maya. All the scriptures told us that. So that’s why the Master comes down and tells us, “Please follow me, come home. Go home. Go back to Heavens. This is not your world. Whatever you have here, it won’t give you long lasting happiness and it’s not real.”

Any more questions? (Yes.) Did I answer you enough? (Yes, Master, thank You.) You can always ask more if it’s not clear or some other idea comes out with it. You ask me. Next one, if you have.

(Yes, Master. Fifty years ago, Master Paramahansa Yogananda declared that President Abraham Lincoln was a Himalayan yogi in the past life and that he died with a wish to unite people and bring racial equality.) Yes. (Master Yogananda stated, “He was working for God. Abraham Lincoln expressed the highest ideal of government) Yes. (when he said it should be ‘Of the people, by the people, and for the people.’) Yes. (He was a deeply spiritual man. Even so, he had to suffer because of the ignorance of a few.” It seems that history repeats itself with President Trump: he also seems to be very spiritual and we talked last time about his covenant with God. Master, how come the USA has such good leaders who are also so spiritual?)

Why not? Why not? Would you prefer that your country doesn’t have any spiritual leader? (No, I prefer spiritual.) Life after life, many countries have spiritual leaders as also government leaders, country leaders. You saw the AP (Ancient Predictions) list before. Like a king of Âu Lạc (Vietnam), a king of Korea, a king of… Many. (Yes, Master.) It’s just a Master, spiritual people, they have a choice to choose to be what. It depends on how much they want to help. Or how much affinity they have with the people of that country. So they can choose the road to benefit the most, (Yes, Master.) for their country, for that country.

Not just the USA has good leaders. (Yes, Master.) You should be glad that your country had several good leaders. (Yes.) Spiritual also. Some are more quiet and some are more open. (Yes.) Like, for example, Mr. Trump, nobody mentioned, mostly most newspapers don’t praise him as a spiritual person or anything. They don’t see through it. It’s only maybe Fox News is the best. Fox News and maybe New York Post? Is it the New York Post who had the list of his doings? I think the newspaper. Several newspapers and… the media, several of them are good, and straight and very, very insightful, and knowing, feeling more intuition about who’s good, who’s not, and also fairness. Like Fox News and New York Post. Others I…maybe there are one or two more.

I didn’t see much, I only happened to know recently because of President Trump stories, otherwise I wouldn’t have known which one is what. Other newspapers or other media outlets, they are downright very, very biased, and shamelessly calling him all kinds of names and even said he’s a… criticize his weight, all that. I think he looks good, no? (Yes. Yes, Master.) He doesn’t look obese or anything. Even if he does, so what? No? Is there any law in America saying that the president has to look like a model, (No, Master.) cannot have one inch of fat more than the calculated rules or anything like that. Ridiculous, no? (Yes, Master.) You should judge a president or anybody by their virtues, by their actions, not by their appearance. (Yes, Master.) But I think he looks good for his age. (Yes, Master, he does.) He looks very dignified. (Yes.) He walks straight and he looks like a king, very authoritative, very dignified. (Yes.) So that’s what I’m saying.

Why did I tell you all this? What was your question? Oh, spiritual people and suffering. You don’t know, that’s not all because nowadays we have newspapers and we have television, so we know more about President Trump’s suffering from different attacks, from different sources. But in Abraham Lincoln’s time, there are less, (Yes.) so we didn’t know how much he had to suffer. He suffered much more than just the day he died. (Yes, Master.) Just like President Kennedy. He was also a very great president, right? (Yes, Master.) Beloved by people, but then how did he end up? You know, right? (Yes, Master.) For no reason at all, for cruelty, just cruelty, just hell, just like that. So, if President Trump is still alive, he should count his luck already. (Yes, Master.) Count his blessings already, my God! But instead of making him suffer physically, they’re making him suffer mentally, emotionally. (Yes, Master.) And reputation, right? (Yes. Reputation.) Yes, yes.

I’m just too much burdened with this election stuff and with the world. I’m really seeing through the political area right now. I mean, these few days, these few weeks or since I began to realize about the unfairness and the bad treatment to the President. Just to look at it, I don’t want to look. (Yes, Master.) God, what a world we live in, I’m telling you, it’s scary, too scary. My God! Ah, God!

You have to be really bad or you can’t survive. Mr. Trump, of course, he cannot be anyway, even if he wanted to, he cannot be. He’s just not born for it. (Yes, Master.) So it’s very lucky already, it’s a miracle that he survived one term already. (Yes, Master.) History repeats itself. Mr. President Trump. Same with President Kennedy. John F. Kennedy. (Yes, Master.) I’m so sorry. Many good people are like that. They don’t treat them well. Because this world, it’s not supposed to be a good one. (Yes, Master.) Life after life, you see how many people practice spiritually? Jesus’ time, how many people follow Him? (Yes, Master.) And equally how many people harass Him and torture Him and deny Him, (Yes, Master.) and harming Him all the way up to his crucifixion. Many Masters, they never fared well before. I’m counting my blessings. (Yes, Master.)

Maybe, I don’t know, this time I’m better. I’ve been hiding very well all these years. For you, of course, now we have Supreme Master Television so I’m out again. But when I’m alone, or not necessarily alone, with just one or two disciples, driver or something, anywhere I go people don’t know who I am. Never. Because I don’t talk like a spiritual person. I talk normal things and I don’t dress up or anything. (Yes, Master.) I dress normal. I don’t show off or anything like that, because I had to protect myself. (Yes, Master.) But because of the world, I want to help the world. If you want to help the world, you cannot always hide. And I’m hiding now, still, but whenever I can, (Yes, Master.) whenever I can. Many times it helped me escape harm. Escape death. Escape trouble and danger. Many times it helped, the hiding helped.

Anything else, my love? (No, I think the brothers are going to ask another question.) Anybody else asks? (Yes, Master.) Boys, girls.

(We were wondering if Master has ever been a US president in the past or even one of the Founding Fathers?)

Why you keep asking this kind of question? I cannot even prove it. I know. President Washington? (Yes, Master.) You remember him? (Yes, Master.) That was your Master. (Oh!) Surprised you. (Yeah.) Maybe that’s why I can talk politics these few days. I know the inside and the outside. I know the opposition and the self. You are surprised. You probably thought maybe I’m Abraham Lincoln, because he’s obviously more spiritual.

I remember one time, now that you ask. One time I read in some Aulacese (Vietnamese) magazine in America, I was one time in America, and they just have these magazines laying around. And one of the women somewhere, she was writing an advertisement in that newspaper. She said she had an experience that when she prayed to Mr. Washington, President Washington, she doesn’t call him “President.” She said, “It is true, it is true that Bodhisattva Washington…” That’s what she said in Aulacese (Vietnamese). “It is true that Washington Bodhisattva is really, really…” How do you say "linh" in English? I forgot… holy, miraculous? “…is very holy, like very saintly. I prayed to him and my wish came true. You all should pray to him.” Something like that. It is true. That’s why she keeps saying that. It’s true.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), I remember they pronounce his name “WA-SHIN-TUN”. Washing… Washing-tung. Something like that. She called him Boddhisatva, means a Buddhist saint, like a saint in Buddhism. (Yes, yes.) I remember that. Maybe you can still check back if all these magazines are inside the congress library somewhere? Maybe you still can read that. I’m not sure if we can. I read that, must be 30-some years ago. That was some days of the beginning of my spiritual mission, and only maybe second time in America or something, I happened to read that. And at that time, I didn’t think much. I said, “Oh. How can? A president.” At that time. At that time, I didn’t know much about my past lives. I didn’t have to. I did not have any… I didn’t have reason to check. For what? I lived every day as now, at that time. Only when you guys ask me, or somebody saw it, then we know. The longer I live, the more you dig out all these secrets, that I didn’t even know before.

Any more? I think more, right? (Yes, Master.) Tell me.

(Master, are there other leaders who have been misjudged? Leaders who were actually good for their country and the world,) Yes. (but depicted and perceived wrongly. Like, for example, His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, who is agreeing to those peace accords with Arab countries like Morocco, UAE (United Arab Emirates), and maybe more to come.)

Of course, there are more. More than just President Trump. Of course. I don’t have their names in my head right now. And I know a couple more are still alive also in a European country and also in a Latin American country, and in Korea. But how can you be praised and acknowledged in this world when this world is the opposite of goodness? (Yes, Master.)

Even many Masters came and went but how many people follow Them? How many? Even if millions follow them, in the world, there are billions. (Yes, Master.) Just some percentage of the world are following Them. And many of Them are from higher Heaven. They reincarnate into this world in order to help their former friends or former family, relatives, who are also reincarnated in this world. (Yes, Master.) Then of course, these kinds of people, they immediately recognize a true Master. Just the first lecture, or first talk, they immediately recognize the Master and they follow and they want initiation already. And the rest just continue their ignorant way of life. That’s why Jesus has been crucified. And many, many, many, most of the Masters have been killed or murdered or tortured in very, very cruel and terrible ways. Horrible ways.

So, to be a good president, you have more or less a similar fate. That’s why they killed President Kennedy. For what reason? Nobody would really find out the true reason. Many good leaders have been also murdered. (Yes, Master.) Because this world belongs to the bad ones. Belongs to the maya. All the scriptures told us that. So that’s why the Master comes down and tells us, “Please follow me, come home. Go home. Go back to Heavens. This is not your world. Whatever you have here, it won’t give you long lasting happiness and it’s not real.”

Now you understand. (Yes, Master.) Did that answer your question? (Yes, thank You, Master.) You’re welcome, love.

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