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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 5 of 8



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If they have seen a Master somewhere, a real Master, a powerful Master, who can liberate people, and somehow feels like, oh, they like that person even though they might not know that that person was a Master. They probably feel some affection, at least not hatred in their heart. Then maybe at the time of death, maybe that Master will come and help them.

(Master, in a previous conference, you told a story about a man who used to kill chickens for business and later got sick and went to hell where he experienced great karmic suffering. After he prayed to Quan Yin Bodhisattva, She appeared before him and gave him a chance to go back to life to redeem all his sins from the past by being very good and virtuous) Yes. (and taking care of the animals. Master, are these kinds of experiences part of a person’s destiny? Or does it depend on the person’s purity of heart and faith to have them?) Yeah. (Would, for example, a similar experience help a slaughterhouse owner of today to help wake up quicker and act in a similar way as the man in the story?)

I wish, I wish. The man in the story, even though he killed chickens and all that, but you don’t know what kind of merit he had in a former life. Maybe he had affinity, maybe he has offered something to a spiritual practitioner, a good spiritual practitioner or maybe he was born in a very good background, like a Buddhist family. Even though they don’t follow strictly Buddha’s teaching, but at least they have something, some impression in their subconscious, know how to be good. And then maybe he killed the chickens, but inside his heart he did not feel good. He was maybe thinking, he knew that he shouldn’t do it, because according to the background that he was born into, like Buddhism, not to kill, and this and that and other. Even though he kills, but he doesn’t approve of that himself, but he has to do it. He thought that’s the best way, the quickest way to earn a living. Easy to earn a living, because you raise animals, and they multiply quickly and then you just sell them or kill them to sell. So at least he has something good within him or in his heart or in his subconscious, or some merit in the former life that’s still, it’s still merit. (Yes, Master.)

There are two types of karma we carry with us, the meritorious one, or the sinful one. In some of the periods of our life, we will make use of either of them, one of them. And it depends on how much we use the positive one, then we continue more in that way. But if we start in the negative way, then maybe we continue that way. (Yes, Master.) That doesn’t mean the merit lessens, just the sin increases.

There was a story I told you before. One guy who one time went to listen to one of the spiritual Master’s preaching. One time only, and then the Master told him that you’re going to die soon, today, or tomorrow, I forgot, anyway, very quick, that his life is going to end now. “So, after you die, your soul will go in front of the judge, and if they ask you, you have also some merit and some sin. For the merit, you will be rewarded in Heaven, and for the sin, you will be punished in hell. Which one do you prefer to use first? Because you have a choice. You have some merits, so you can have a choice, because you have listened to the Saint’s teaching one day, one time. And if the judge asks you that, you have to say I want my merit first in Heaven, then he will let you go to Heaven, then you don’t have to go to hell.”

So he went to Heaven and then he met this spiritual Teacher again also in Heaven, because great Masters, They have different levels of existence. They teach different beings in different Heavens as well as on Earth. You know that, right? I told that you that before. (Yes, Master.) Therefore, he went to Heaven and the judge told him that after you finish your merit in Heaven, you have to go back to hell. But, of course, he didn’t have to because he went up to Heaven and then he listened to this Master’s preaching again, and he has more merit! So he keeps going up. (Yes, Master.) So he didn’t have to go to hell at all.

So similarly, this man in the true story I told you, probably has some merit. Thus, the Bodhisattva Quan Yin even went there to help him. He was praying. So he must have been born in the good background, and he knows to pray to Quan Yin Bodhisattva.

Many people, regardless of their religion, many of them don’t know about the killing stuff. So they just kill anything during any festival or every day just to eat. Even if they don’t kill it themselves, they buy it, the killed animal’s flesh, to eat. You see all the Christians or Muslims or Hindus or… not all of them, many of them belong to different religions. They still eat meat every day, even though their Founder, the Teacher, the original Master told them not to. (Yes, Master.) Like Christians, “You should not be among wine drinkers and meat eaters.” And what do they do? They do exactly that. (Yes, Master.) “Follower of Christ,” and “Follower of Buddha,” same stuff. Now, so, unless they have something like that, it’s very difficult to cure their ignorance and their habit of unkindness. (Yes, Master.)

Because they just think of this life, they are busy. They have a business to run, they have family to take care, they have quarreling with a wife, with a husband to fix up, and all that stuff, and maybe inheritance to go to the court for, and all kinds of things, and they eat whatever is already cooked and given to them. They don’t connect with the live animals. They don’t think. And then even if they splittingly think, they will not have time to continue to analyze that thought. And then they’re busy, they just eat, and go back, work again, and worry about many other things.

So, actually, we don’t have many true Christians, Christ followers. We don’t have many true Buddhists, Buddha’s followers, we don’t have many etc., etc. (Yes, Master.) Very difficult to find good believers in any religion. Not many. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why you asked me whether or not the slaughterhouse owner or the butcher should have this kind of experience. Not that lucky. (Yes, Master.) Not everyone has luck like that. You must sow something in order to reap something. Yes? (Yes.) “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

That’s why I always tell you guys, I mean my so-called disciples, that you have to always do good. And be virtuous, be good. Treat others like you treat yourself. Whatever way you don’t want to be treated, you don’t treat others. Especially unprovoked, unprovoked. So anyway, because you never know, you never know when you die. Even non-disciples, outside of my circle, they should also always be good, do good. Then they will have good merit. Even if the next life, they cannot be liberated, because they don’t practice well. Even among my disciples, if they do bad things, truly, maybe they have to be re-born again. And you never know if the merit you have done in this lifetime will follow you next life. The same with karma.

So at least you have some merit. So in some special situation, the saints can help you, can have an excuse to help you. (Yes, Master.) Or, these kinds of people, they are pushed to do this kind of job. But inside they don’t like it. They repent and they feel sorry. And they also have some excuse. There is some germinating of some seed, compassionate seed, loving seed within their soul, their heart. Then maybe they could also be helped (Yes.) in times of need, after they depart from this world or before. Depends on each person. Or, if they have seen a Master somewhere, a real Master, a powerful Master, who can liberate people, and somehow feels like, oh, they like that person even though they might not know that that person was a Master. They probably feel some affection, at least not hatred in their heart. Then maybe at the time of death, maybe that Master will come and help them. But not many people are that lucky. (Yes, Master.)

If they don’t criticize or slander the Master, it’s counted as lucky, or a miracle already. In this kind of world, you cannot expect much. People are poisoned so deeply already. Life after life, following their habits, their pattern and don’t care much about spiritual subjects, don’t think too much. And if a Master comes to their town, they don’t even care to come listen. Or they might criticize or they might spread fake news and make more trouble and more karma for themselves because of ignorance. All right, love. You got it now? (Yes, Master, thank You.) You are welcome, love.

(Master, how do the Lords of the different levels regain their worth?)

How would they do that? (Yes, Master.) They have to rest (Wow.) and meditate (Yes.) and call some Master to help. (Yes, Master.) Just like the people in this world, they regain their purity and their spiritual worth because they met the Master, and learn with the Master and then practice daily. (Yes, Master.) Then they become healthier, spiritually. Then they regain it. Just like a king in this world, they’re allowed only to have how many citizens in their country. (Yes, Master.) Mostly like that. So, the number of people who came, are well or not well, it depends on the worth and the merit also of the leader of that country. (Oh.) That’s why I told you before, I’m scared, because a bad leader will bring bad things to that country.

President Trump is great for America. He will lift… he will do things like peacemaking. (Yes, Master.) And then with him, we will have more hope for a vegan country than any other leader. Well, I will try to do something, but I’m not sure if I can. (Yes, Master.) Of course, people can change, from bad to good. That is for sure. (Yes.) But it depends if they want to change or not. You cannot force them. (Yes.) And once they want to change, then the Master Power can help them. Heaven can help them, (Yes, Master.) because they go in the opposite direction. (Yes, Master.) And also, if he is good, if he is worthy then the Master Power can give him also some, gradually. Just like you feed some people with nutrition and light food so they recover from their illness. (Yes, Master.) You can also give spiritual food for somebody who is in need of it.

It’s because He’s the Lord. If in the Higher World, above the Shadow World, then They don’t have to ever lose it. But if They came down to the Shadow World, any God, any Master, They will be prone to losing Their worth or Their merit also, because They give. And because that’s the reason the Master came down, to give (Yes.) to give spiritual merit, otherwise this world has no cure. You can see that. OK? (Yes, Master.)

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