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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 6 of 8

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That’s when you awaken yourself and reclaim your power of love and compassion. This power will enable you to be more enlightened, and more and more compassionate, and more and more loving all the time. And many better ideas, a better way of life, better thinking, better work. Everything will be affected by your power of love and compassion. That’s the way it is.

You can see around the world, Leaders, not only they don’t bring everything good to their country, they will degrade their country. They pull it down. (Yes, Master.) Remember in the Bible, King David. (Yes, Master.) His country was punished with a plague because he took a census of the people of Israel, indicating his pride and lack of trust in God and lack of humility because he thought he’s a “big shot” now. He decides everything, he can do everything. So his country was punished (Wow.) for some time.

Even for arranging the death of the general so then he can marry his wife, for that King David’s son died. King David he was infatuated with one of his official’s, one of his general’s wife. And so he sent him to the battle and he tried some way to make him die, like did not give more soldiers when he needed, something like that, or cut the food supply, whatever or did something so that then that general died, his army man died, (Yes, Master.) so then he can marry his wife. And then God did not like that, if you remember that story, any of you? (No, Master.) Maybe if I have time, I will read you the Jewish folklore again, that’s also in there. (Yes, thank You, Master.) But this story should be in the Bible too. Just because I’ve read so many, I don’t know where it comes from. Sometimes I remember, sometimes not. (Yes, Master.) But it happened like that, that God punished his country, King David’s country, because he did something wrong. And then also one of the priests also came to King David’s court and told him direct in the face as well. Well, what to do? (Yes, Master.)

If the leader of a country is not good enough, not worthy enough, then he will bring that country down to some level, to some extent, some percentage. That’s why I said I’m worried about your country. (Yes, Master.) Why I said I’m scared. I will try to help though but I am not sure if I can. (Thank You, Master.) I mean I am not sure if I can, how much. (Understood.) Because if some people, they like fame too much, they like being famous or they like profit too much, money and fame too much, then they have a penchant toward the negative side of this world. We have two sides, a positive and negative power in this world. If their penchant to greed or fame or just for that instead of serving the country, they just want to serve themselves, then it’s difficult to get rid of the demons. (Yes, Master.) Because like attracts like. So I cannot promise anything. I’m trying. I will try, (Thank You, Master.) regardless. Because I don’t hold any grudges against anybody. I know actually it’s just karma. (Yes, Master.) Also, the karma of the country breeds different kinds of citizens as well as leaders, as well as government workers. (Yes, Master.) If it’s a good country, you will have a good leader. At least must have some goodness, must have some percentage of goodness in order to earn it. (Yes, Master.)

In Hinduism, I read somewhere it said that no country will ever be destroyed if there are ten truly good people in that country, ten truly virtuous people live in that country, ten only. Ten is good enough. (Yes, Master). But I guess that was a long time ago when every country had just maybe a couple of hundred thousand, maximum. Now we have hundreds of millions. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So it depends. And if that country did not do much good and then continues with wars and killing too much, too much; animals as well, (Yes, Master.) then the merits have to be more, not just 10 people. (Yes.)

But at least your country has earned some good presidents and recently, President Trump. (Yes, Master.) For him, in his heart, he did not want to be in politics anymore. Even before he did not, they just picked him. Otherwise, he did not have to do anything. He did not even need to be a president. It’s not his ambition to be famous and gain anything because he works as president for free. He did not take the salary, US$400,000. (Yes, Master.) He refused that. He did not take it. He just wants to serve. (Yes, Master.) Free.

He’s rich, so it’s not for the money that he became president or he wanted to be president. He did not, the people just picked him out. OK, fine. It’s his job, it’s his destiny. And it’s not for fame either. Not like he wants to be famous or something that he runs for president, first time or second time. Because he himself, also is well known. And he also has that television program where he teaches people how to become rich, how to do business and all that. So many people love him. And he’s happy in his own world already. (Yes, Master.) So there’s no need for him to seek any fame or recognition. (Right.) Truly like that. Just like for example, now if somebody makes me a president, if I agree to that, it’s just because of some noble reason. (Yes.) Of course, it won’t happen. But I’m saying that I’m happy in my own world already. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) I don’t need more money, I don’t need more recognition. It’s like that. (Yes, Master.)

So he’s really for people, for your country and for the world. You saw what he did. You saw what he has done and then you can understand what I am saying. It’s the proof. (Yes, Master.) That he immediately worked as soon as he became president. He used that power to help his countrymen and help the world already, especially the poorer class in America, poorer workers. He created many, many hundreds of thousands of jobs (Yes.) for them.

He really cares about people. He went into some of these rural areas and he saw some city dilapidated. He felt sorry and he said we will build your city again. And some people told him that this and that job is no more available. He said, “You will get your job back,” like that, very simple and straight. He sympathized with the lower income people, poorer people. He’s a people’s president. (Yes, Master.) And that’s what I like about him. It’s a pity that not all Americans realize that. (Yes, Master.)

It’s just people asked, so he did it. He wasn’t aware that he’s here on Earth as an instrument of God. He wasn’t aware. He’s still not aware. Only some people who are witnessing, who know it, who have visions tell him. Like, for example, we told him. Yes? (Yes.) And he’s aware a little bit. But he still doesn’t know. But inside him, is a penchant for goodness and morals and virtue. That’s what he knew. He did not really care to be president. Especially a second time after he had been treated day in, day out, every minute of his life with all badness and all wrong accusation and all blemish and all degradation. Degrading kinds of criticism and attitude. (Yes, Master.) They are all there to cut him, all this time, all these years. So he did not really feel enthusiastic to be president for a second term. So for doing that, actually it’s a sacrifice from his part because he knew now that he could do something more for the world like making peace (Yes.) and helping Americans, the downtrodden ones.

Like even the children being mutilated, of the girls, and like that. (Yes, Master.) Or human trafficking, especially children trafficking and all that. He even reformed the prisons so that the prisoners will be more comfortable. You saw that? (Yes, Master.) I saw it on the news.

For example, he thought of everybody. He helped whomever he can in his power in the short four years. So can you imagine if he continued for another four years how much more he could do for your country? (Yes.) You don’t have to believe me. You see the logic? (Yes, Master.) Then you know why I support him. (Yes.) And then your country’s karma just ruined it all. Last minute even, the last-minute try. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Did I answer you? (Yes, thank You very much. Yes.) Everything? (Everything. Thank You.) OK.

(Master, as we are moving toward a total vegan world, which as Master said, is the fastest way to normalize and stabilize the state of our planet, could we also see a greater change in humans’ spiritual perception? Like in regards to religion and spiritual beliefs?)

Oh yes, of course. You see how many people became vegan, and how much their attitude changed? How much their conception changed about compassion? Yes, about treating animals and others kindly? It hangs together. No? (Yes, Master.) Before that, they were not like that. Like many of your brothers, they have told many stories like before they were this and that. They were very anxious or very not friendly, hot temper and all that. After initiation, became vegan, they totally changed. (Yes, Master.) (Yes. Right.) Some of the stories that we read sometimes when we gather or sometimes they write it, they say this and that, and others. (Yes.) Like one man, before, he was very hot tempered and all that. And then his friend, normally, often got angry with his friend. After initiation, even when his friend scolded him, he bowed his head, put his palms together and said, “Thank you.” You know some stories like that. There are thousands of them. I don’t remember them all. I know them all. People change, you know? If they turn toward the south, then they will be in the South. If they continue walking to the North, then they will arrive in the North. (Yes, Master.) So, veganism is not just about the animals’ suffering, but it’s about our own love and compassion. Then we remember it. We uncover that again, so that quality will shine forth, will be nurtured, will grow big.

So of course, then that’s what you will have: compassion and love. Truly that. Before that, you cover that with many of the bad things: smoking, drinking, meat-, fish-, egg-eating, don’t care about the suffering of others or the bad influence or the bad health of yourself or others. After that, you realize you are more clear. Because the love and the compassion grows, and then you will understand what others are feeling, just like as if you are feeling it. If they are happy, you feel the same, if they are sad, you feel the same. If they suffer, you imagine, you feel like it’s you. Well, I am not talking about everybody, I am talking about myself. When I see some wild animals injured or something, which I cannot help, oh, I feel so sad, so, so sad, so suffering, many days. I keep asking Heaven and all who can, please help him, help her to recover, or let her go in peace. Things like that. I don’t just look at it and forget about it. Or don’t remember. No! I remember again, again, and again. All the time.

That’s when you awaken yourself and reclaim your power of love and compassion. This power will enable you to be more enlightened, and more and more compassionate, and more and more loving all the time. And many better ideas, a better way of life, better thinking, better work. Everything will be affected by your power of love and compassion. That’s the way it is. (Yes, Master.) Not just about animals, it’s about us. We have to live a worthy life also as a human being. (Yes, Master.)

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