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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 8 of 8



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Even if God appeared right in front of them, they would not accept. They would find some excuse to slander God or harm Hirm in any way, or even kill Hirm. Like they did to Jesus. They’re all made blind, deaf, and dumb, on this planet. They get better, of course, but not everybody.

(So, the last one, Master. Just wanted to share a prophecy from the 1980s related to President Donald Trump and his mission.) Oh. (It says here: A holy man, named Thomas Zimmer, also known as “the Hermit of Loreto,” prophesied that Mr. Donald J. Trump “will lead America Back to God.” He shared this prophecy in 1983 with an American psychologist, who was on a visit in Loreto, saying: “Right now, in the United States, there is a man who has the hand of God on him. He has the IQ of a genius and a first-class education. And everything he approaches, he attacks with a blinding efficiency.”) Yeah, it’s true! (“His name is Donald Trump.”) Oh, he even tells the name! (Yes!) Wonderful. (“The hand of God is on him, and God is going to use him in the future.”) Yes. Wow. (As testimony of his prediction, Mr. Thomas Zimmer purchased a brick for a Holy Door in the Vatican with Mr. Donald Trump’s name on it, in order that he would receive blessings from the many Masses in the Vatican, as he knew that Mr. Trump was going to be a great leader of America and bring Americans back to God.)

Yeah, indirectly! Wow. Fancy that! (Yes.) And not many people know that. (No.) Now they do. But they won’t change much. If they’re so obsessed and poisoned with fame and gain, they won’t notice that, and they won’t want to accept that. (Yes.) Even if God appeared right in front of them, they would not accept. They would find some excuse to slander God or harm Hirm in any way, or even kill Hirm. Like they did to Jesus. They’re all made blind, deaf, and dumb, on this planet. They get better, of course, but not everybody. (Yes, Master.) If they are blinded by fame and gain, driven by this kind of worldly ambition, not for serving-people spirit, then they won’t change. (Yes.) Now, we put this maybe on Supreme Master TV then everybody will know it, but I bet you not many people will believe it. Especially his opposition. Oh, at least they will know it, at least somebody else might believe. But what’s the use now? They want to get rid of him, even already just ten more days and they could not even wait, they want to get rid of him already, today. (Yes.) The so-called, the leader of your country, or leader-to-be, also. Kick him out already. They could not even wait for another twelve days. (Yes.) Not even two weeks, and he’ll be out. Now he doesn’t want to make any more trouble, because some people died, in the Capitol Building. So, he did not want that anymore, because of that. He doesn’t want to keep fighting in that way. Maybe he will continue to object. But I’m not sure how many people will back him up, because they’re all blind, and also scared. Scared of the majority, (Yes.) of others who are already opposing him. So if they do not also oppose him, they might be isolated, or persecuted in different ways. Most people they have to take care of themselves. (Yes, Master.) Mostly people are like that. Self first, and anybody else later. So, to be president, like he is, is very lonely, very frustrating, and very risky.

So, where does this man live? He’s still there? Thomas. (Tom Zimmer was an American World War II veteran) Wow! (who, upon his return to civilian life, became a pilgrim in Italy,) Yes? (“essentially just spending the rest of his years praying for humanity.” He has also written a book, “The Pieta Prayer Book,” which has sold upwards of “ten million copies.”) Wow. OK. Very good. So, he’s gone or he’s still there? He’s still in this world? (He’s gone, Master.) Oh, that’s what I thought. Never mind. There was one time, before I went to Jerusalem, for a lecture, there was one American man, I wonder if it’s him. (Oh.) He predicted… He kept telling… He was in Israel, he said he waits for the Messiah to come, Jesus, the second return of Jesus. And everybody was thinking he’s cuckoo, or something. And then, one day, a few days before my lecture, he said, “Ah, Jesus’ coming, He’s coming, He’s coming.” And then, somehow, they kicked him out (Oh, no.) just two or three days before I came for lecture. (Wow.) So I wonder… Wow, so many people are clairvoyant. Well, not many, but quite a few. (Yes.) Good for the world. All right, look, it’s good.

So, no more questions now? (No, Master. That’s it.) Good, good, good! Good questions today. Very good. If I get into trouble, then you know, it’s your fault. OK? I don’t care. Remember to pray for me, your Master, (Yes, Master.) so, She can continue. And pray for yourself as well. I pray for you guys. I pray for everyone, (Thank You, Master.) every day. If I could pray for the wild animals like a skunk, or like a squirrel, of course I would pray for you, no? I would, and with all my heart. All right, love. If nothing more, then we call it a day. (Thank You, Master.)

Thank you for having me. It’s nice that we can always talk to each other whenever possible. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t have to wait until Monday or Sunday. Because sometimes I want to talk to New Land (Ashram) and I forgot, and then after Sunday night, I say, “Oh my God!” When I know it’s the time for meditation, for Vegan (World), (Yes.) then I remember, “Oh my God! It’s gone.” But never mind, they can hear it. It’s better like this also, you know why? Because we have all the subtitles. (Oh.) So that they can understand. (Yes.) If I talk to New Land (Ashram), then I talk in Chinese. And I’m not very inspired. I’m more inspired, when I talk in English, it runs faster and more smoothly. So with you, I don’t have to have any translators, or any equipment. (Yes.)

And also, anytime when I feel like it’s a good time to talk, then we can always talk. But with them, we have to wait, we have to arrange, and several times, whenever I want to talk to them, there is always something that goes wrong. They gave me a wrong number… wrong extension, for example. (Oh.) And then it keeps going to the same place, same people again and again. They give me another one, then it goes to another one. Or I go back to the operator because of something, or somebody else picks up and then doesn’t recognize who is talking, puts it down. Or keeps talking, himself only, and doesn’t let me talk to the public. For example, like that. Etc. Or the microphone didn’t work. Karma, yeah?

So like this, it’s good and it’s more natural. (Yes, Master.) Especially, I don’t ever have any teleprompter or anything like that. So if I can talk when I’m ready or inspired, then it’s more powerful. (Yes, Master.) A better energy, no? (Yes.) And then, in a few days, or in a week or something, you can always translate it and make it into beautiful scenery behind me, sometimes, and then all the languages for everybody to see. That may be better. (Yes, Master.) I think that way; I think I don’t need to talk live to them anymore; like this it’s almost live. (Yes.) In a few days, they will see me, right? (Yes, Master.) And since we are all one, so if you saw me, it’s like they saw me, no? How convenient. You can eat for them as well, no?

Because, if you make it into a show, it’s also more beautiful, you add more pictures, more illustrating kind of clips. (Yes.) Just like before, many times, they took my photo just anywhere, and then when they develop into photos, oh! Or into videos. (Yeah.) I’m just standing on the bare floor, with just a wall behind me or something, and then, when it goes into video: wow! I have a chimney, with a fire going on. (Yes, Master.) And a beautiful, beautiful room, with a luxury sofa and chair next to it or whatever, a beautifully decorated house, like a luxury room. At least, with beautiful French windows and what not. Or If I sit, just in my simple garden, nothing around it, just some trees, and then when they made it into a photo, I have flowers around and birds cheeping, whatever.

Talking about that, yesterday, I saw some birds outside, very small. Oh, so small, so small, that even… I will give you that photo. There was a photo of it yesterday on the very slender, very thin bended bamboo outside of my bathroom window, the small bathroom window, with a net on it, mosquito net. Therefore, the photo has some net type of pattern on it, but doesn’t matter, you still can see the birds on it, and they’re so small.

So, they can even park on them, and stay on that little bamboo twig, bending already in the wind. And yesterday was so windy and so cold. Oh, I saw them and I said, “Oh my God, I wish I could feed them something.” But I don't think they know what. Some other time before, I fed birds, I put some bread outside. Nobody ate. Same in the New Land house. A lot of birds, a lot of birds. But they never came down to the garden and ate the bread. They’re not used to it.

The same, the squirrels, I put a lot of nuts outside in a big jar so that they can eat until they finish and then I will not have to change every day. They just passed by it. Just, like walking on my balcony, pass by that big chunk of nuts, all kinds of luxury nuts. Never even looked at it. Many days. And then I hung a corn on a cob, fresh. They also did not look at it. So, I asked them one day, “How come you didn't eat any nuts that I put out?” I also did that before, in other houses, on the balcony and outside. They did not touch it.

I asked the squirrels, “Why didn't you eat? I leave it for you.” And they told me, “We're not used to it. Not habitual.” Maybe because nobody ever fed them before. But in the other mountain, when I fed, the squirrels understood. They came and ate every day, all day long until it's gone, then I put new ones. I put in different places, a bunch here, a bunch there, so they don't have to fight with each other or wait in queue.

They enjoyed it and they were very grateful. They told me that and then they even helped me to point out who is the bad one for me. I even told that person in the face, and that person told me, “Oh, thank you, squirrel! My God, squirrel, why did you say such a thing?” But it was true. True, true. Some people have different kinds of quality and also some different affinity. If they are your enemies in a former life, it's very difficult to work with. You can forgive them, but that doesn't mean your relationship will be smooth. They will continue to do what they have to do, to bother me, to trouble me, to make some little harm, or big harm somewhere. Could be fatal also. If that person is not good for you, not compatible spiritually or karmically, it could be fatal, could make you sick, wounded, or injured or something. Like the story I told you about the man and the snake. (Yes.)

In Asia, maybe Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and China, such countries, they are very careful to choose a wife. In India also, they have to choose compatibility. They don't know each other, they don't have to know each other, mostly arranged. They still do so in India nowadays, they arrange marriages. And the boy and the girl do not always know each other in advance. Nowadays, they can refuse, of course. In the old times, they cannot. They cannot refuse. If the parents arranged, they just have to. My parents were also arranged. They didn't know each other. I told you already, right? (Yes, Master.) My mother even told her parents, "He is so dark!" Means the skin. He wasn't very white. In Asia, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they like people with white skin. Because we don't have white skin. And if people like to be in the sun often, then the skin is not as white as the Europeans’. So anybody who has white skin, oh, he’s a favorite. Like that, yes. And in Europe, it’s the opposite. If you look a little tanned, they like it better. And they spend a lot of money baking in the sun, suffering all that heat or whatever, just to look tanned. And come back, and everybody will say, “Oh, you've been on holidays!” Prestigious skin tan. OK, that's it.

All right! I wish you the best, (Thank You, Master.) so you are healthy, happy, so you can serve the world better. (Yes.) OK, see you next time. Love! Love! (Thank You, Master.) (Love You.) God bless. (God bless, Master.) Happy Holy Season! (Thank You, Master.) Take care! (Thank You, Master.) (Take care, Master.) Love you! (Love You, Master.) God Bless.

(Hi, Master.) You can see me a little bit now. (Lovely to see You, Master.) Ah! Nice to see you also. The girls, can you see me? No. (Not yet.) Can you see at all, girls? No? (We see You now, Master.) Just to have a good quick look. (Thank You, Master.) Because sometimes the questions and answers are not clear through the phone, so they put the questions for me to look (at). (Yes, Master.) And if the question is there, I cannot always see you. It’s all right then. See you next time then. Don’t worry. (Master looks lovely today.) Oh, I do? (Yes. You look good today.) Only today? (Every day. Every day, Master.) How disappointing! How surprising! Never mind, it’s OK. Maybe today because the light is behind me or maybe because of the camera stand you gave me? It’s truly helpful. I can see more in the front. So, it’s all right. No need now. We are done. See you next time. (OK, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Love, Love.

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