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New Year’s Eve Ghost Stories, Part 1 of 8, Dec 31, 2020

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I do what I can, whenever I can, so that we can be together. And I can explain to you something through the books, or you can ask me something because of the story. There’s always some educational quality about the stories that I read to you.

(Hallo, Master.) What day is today? Is it New Year yet? Can you hear me? (Yes, Master.) Is it New Year already? (Not yet, no.) Tomorrow, right? (Yes, tomorrow.) Doesn’t matter, right? Does it? (No, Master.) (As long as You’re here.) Doesn’t matter for us because we are working every day. Every day is a New Year day. (Yes.) You know, we’re hectic, busy and excited. Excited, adrenalin-running because we work a lot. Are you still happy? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) New year or old year.

I forgot to turn on my mobile phone now. Again. It’s working now, I hope. It’s blinking, so that means we are recoding; I’m recording. That’s a requirement of your brother, whoever that is. He said, “You must record.” I must record on my iPhone so that he can do something. Maybe transfer it into like a… Somebody staying in front of the camera? Or is it me? I covered my camera. I envy Shakyamuni Buddha and other Masters in the past because They didn’t have to do so much. Can imagine that life is more relaxed for us. (Yes, Master.) For all of you. No? (Yes, Master.) For me too. The Buddha just went out in the morning to take some food, to ask for some food. And then… What’s happening? Sorry, sorry, guys. I did something that shut it off. I’m going to turn it back on. (Yes, Master.) I have to call your brother, the one who controls my life. I call him first. I’ll call you back. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know if I have to call him back. Just one moment. I could use a mobile to call. Oh, the phone text. What happened? I have… He must be panicking over there. It’s OK now? (Not yet.) It is because of my life, it’s complicated, and I don’t know how to handle this computer. You don’t see me, right? (No. Not yet.) Will be seeing me.

Can you hear me? (Yes, Master.) And the phone accidentally stepped on the on and off button. (Oh.) That’s what happened. But it’s going to be OK now. Just be patient. (Sure.) I can see you already. (Yes, we see You, Master.) It’s all good? (Yes, Master, we see You.) Oh good. All good. The thing is I’m alone, and I’m very “high tech,” that’s why. You know how “high tech” I am. Right? (Yes, Master.)

Even last year I was still using the, what they call in Chinese, “dumb phone.” It means dumb-dumb, old-fashioned phone. So I’m learning very fast. (Yes, Master.) I’m progressing technically. Awesome! Awesome. Normally, I keep using that small little phone. And then that little phone didn’t work because it’s out of range. So then I was forced to use the iPhone, I mean a smartphone. And that’s how I stepped up my level, technical level. I’m very proud of myself. And now it’s getting better all the time. Look at this. (Yes, very good.) I can see you from far away. (Yes, Master.) I’m better than the kings of old. (Yes, Master.) Because the king didn’t have this. (True.) A long time ago, (Yes, Master.) they didn’t have what I have right now. Right? (Yes, Master. Right.)

Wonderful, wonderful life. I was thinking how lucky I am, even though I feel sad these days. I do feel sad some part of the day, when I think of the suffering beings, humans and animals. But then I still remember how lucky we are. You are lucky, no? (Yes, Master. Yes.) I’m not sure if I’m lucky or not, but you’re lucky. (Yes, Master.) Imagine, we still work, we still can. (Yes.) We don’t have to go out. (Yes, Master.)

Then, actually my little house is so good. I’m so happy because everything is nearby, only four meters, six meters, with a bathroom. Whatever I need, it’s so nearby. I just walk a few steps and then I’ve got everything I need. (Yes.) If I don’t have you or Supreme Master TV, it would be even more simple. You don’t even need this house. Just a tent, so you can go anywhere, anytime you want, like old times, (Yes, Master.) like when I was younger. Don’t tell people that I am old now.

Just trying to see where the light would be better because it’s in front of me. Does it look better or not? Does it look any better for you? No. I forgot to turn on the other light. I’ll go turn on and come back. (Sure. Yes, Master.) We have time, right? (Yes, Master.) Maybe I look better now. (Yes, Master.) How about you? You feel comfortable there? (Yes, Master.)

You are so high-tech, my God! You can even record and making video tape and everything, my God! You’re so advanced. Actually, the staff is good, the team is good, the one from abroad, and you are also good, because sometimes you surprise me a lot with some of the shows, the shows that you put things. You put like…

OK, one moment. Maybe I move this over there. This is a good thing that we do it ourselves at home, so doesn’t matter what we do. (Yes, Master.) We don’t have to rush anywhere, don’t have to worry too much about anything. Like this, maybe better like this. It’s just that I don’t see some of you, one of… No, no. I can now, I rearrange it, so the camera is not falling down. Why didn’t I think about this before? This is so good. So good, good, good. I don’t know where to put this. Is it better this way? No? (No, Master.) No. Look at your Master, light technician. I have only one light then, (Maybe...) this kind of light that I can move around, but it doesn’t look good. Because it’s short also, I cannot move it further. Never mind, you just keep looking at me. Pass your time, waiting for your story. The end will be good. Just have to move this light somewhere else. Just keep it here. You can see me well? (Yes, Master.) Don’t hear me, huh? You can see me well or not? (Yes, Master.) Can you hear me? (Yes, Master.) Good, good. Oh dear. This light is incredible. OK, like that. Doesn’t matter. You can make it brighter, right? (Yes, Master.) That is the thing.

You surprise me with many of your arrangements of the show, like some side clips and all that. I was impressed. I’m still impressed nowadays. Those clips that go with the text, and you make it so nice. One time, I remember, just for an example, but they’re all good, like we’re talking something about America and there was an American flag, transparent, but you still can see it’s an American flag flying in the wind, but not covering the background even. It was very nice. Surprised. Who did that? Any of you there? (Not sure, Master.) Not sure. Me neither. That makes two of us.

OK, listen! We have contacted already the author of this book. The book last time, I told you? (Yes, Master.) And of course we asked his permission so that we can read this. And the Vietnamese, the Aulacese team, they are so good. They ran around the world to find him. (Wow!) Because he’s Aulacese (Vietnamese) and we thought he is in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), but he is not. They went all the way to North America to find him, finally caught up with him. And he was very, very happy to let us read it on television. (Wow!) I mean for you, and then of course you always air everything about me on television. It’s become tradition now. I cannot stop you anymore. He’s very happy and he’s a very, very kind gentleman. He wrote to us that he’s very, very happy to do that. I had the letter and then I also responded through your Aulacese (Vietnamese) brothers and sisters. A very nice man. Scholarly, very gentlemanly. So, he said we can read all three books. (Wow!)

Now, it’s my work now. I have to translate. Now I have no excuse anymore. I keep reading. I was thinking it’s not really… it’s just that I thought our life is short. I do what I can, whenever I can, so that we can be together. And I can explain to you something through the books, or you can ask me something because of the story. There’s always some educational quality about the stories that I read to you. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) But not today. I’m going to read you a ghost story. (Ooooh!) It’s midnight; I wanted to scare you. So maybe when you go to the bathroom, you look around. Ask somebody to come with you who has a big flashlight. I’m just kidding. Because it’s always too serious, so I’m just reading you one of the ghost stories.

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