Tra Maestra e discepoli

Gatherings of Love, Part 2 of 5, Oct. 3, 2006

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Because they are kids, they do not understand much, so you tell them, “Why you should Meditate,” nicely. (Yes.) Say, “Master will be very pleased if you meditate more and develop your wisdom. And then you will be more intelligent, more nice, and everybody will like you more. You will be more successful later. You’ll grow up a better person.”

Next one. (I have information) Yes. (that may concern, many people,) Yes. (about health. It is not known because it is, let’s say, against pharmaceutical trusts and medical systems. It strengthens the immune system. It strengthens the immune system and it can ...) How to do? (It's about magnesium chloride, it's something ...) What? (Magnesium chloride.) To drink? (Yes.) To drink? (Yes. It’s a powder that can be found in pharmacies, which is not expensive at all. For one euro you can make a liter. And you should take about half a glass every morning, but if you already have health problem, a little more. A little more and more often during the day.) Is it true it works? (Ah yes, it works.) For everyone? (Yes, and for animals too. It works for problems that have… which look like flu, it works for chikungunya for example, it is the kind of flu that is currently raging in Reunion Island. But it can for sure also work against bird flu in any ways on many health problems, colds, bronchitis and all that. It must be preventively taken and then otherwise a little bit ...) Everyday? (Everyday, and it works very, very well.) Is it like a vitamin? (It's not a vitamin, it tastes bad, but you can add a few lemon drops in it and well, and it doesn't cost much, for € 1 you have a powder for three weeks.) Oh, it's very cheap then!

(But we should not talk too much about it because as soon as it is known there are issues to get it.) Huh? (Yes, it was the case for chikungunya on Reunion Island. As soon as it was known, they did the... We couldn't find anymore in the pharmacies over there.) So what will we do if we can't find it? (You have to do it discreetly.) Discreetly? (It should be bought discreetly.) Buy discreetly? (In other words, not to talk too much about it. The reason why we... Buy it, but not to say...) Black market? (No, but not say why we take it. That's it!) But where can you buy this discreetly? (In pharmacies, in pharmacies.) Pharmacy discreetly? (Yes.) Are there discreet pharmacies? (Yes, because we must not say why we take it. Oh, you have to say like that, to…) Do not say why we take it? (It’s better not.) But then how to buy when you don’t say why you take it? How can you buy without saying anything? (We just ask for magnesium chloride.) Ah! Wonderful!

(And for animals, for dogs for example, I know a personal case where dogs ...) Did you take it yourself? (Yes, yes, yes.) And it works? (Yes. It works very well.) Ah, works very well? (It's known for a very long time.) Ah! (A long, long time. And for animals, I know of a case, where it was a dog that had been bitten by a snake, my friend immediately gave him magnesium chloride to take with a syringe in his mouth and he didn’t die.) Oh! (While the sting, the bite was fatal.) Oh! (Yes, it’s well known.) Oh! That’s it! Awesome! But the snake, was it, how to say, poisonous? (Yes, it was a viper.) It's dangerous? (Yes, yes.) Viper? How big? (Well, I don’t know. But… The dog was small.) OK, understood. That’s it. We can try or what? (Yes.) Do you have it with you now? (No, I didn’t bring any, I forgot, but we can find it in pharmacies in Spain too.) Ah! (Everywhere.) Everywhere? (Yes.) Chloride what? (Magnesium chloride, I don't know the word in Spanish or English but…) Ah, magnesium chloride, magnesium.

(Farmers also use it. It was formerly used for livestock for cows to…) Ah! (To treat their problems...) Oh really? (Yes, yes.) You write here, and then if there are people who want, they will try. (Yes.) That’s it. (OK.) You write, yeah. OK. Next one. She is introducing something like “chlorure de magnesium” (magnesium chloride). She said it’s very good for prevention and even… She said there was a dog who was bitten by a viper and then the friend just gave her immediately this stuff and then the dog didn’t die. (Here it is.) You use it all the time? (No, somebody needed, it was a “rhume” (cold)) Oh! A “rhume” (cold) and then? (And then it helped (Yeah?) and it fixed this.) The cold is gone? (Yes.) It is true? Who is he? (I don’t know.) Really? Is the cold serious? Or just? (For the flu too.) For the flu too? (Yes, yes, it’s true.) Oh, is it true? (All problems.) Oh, really?

(But you have to take it very slowly because it’s ...) Slowly? (Yes, because if you take too much at once, you can have diarrhea.) Yes, yes, yes. She said you have to take it slowly. If you take too much, you might have diarrhea. (She said you take only one quarter of the…) One quarter of the bag, for the beginning, right? (At the beginning. And if it’s already good, you can take another one.) OK. OK. She’s a naturopath. She said if you want to take this, this is the name: chlorure de magnésium (magnesium chloride). And she said it helps for almost everything. From the flu to the common cold, and to the poisonous snake, she was just telling me. And she said if you want to take it, just take a quarter of it first to see if you can adapt to it or not. And if it’s OK, then you increase accordingly. But it doesn’t have any instruction here. No? (No.) No instruction how to take. (I wrote on the paper.) OK. Yeah, yeah. Ah, OK.

(It also works for severe illnesses such as for example, tuberculosis.) Oh, really? (Tetanus, it’s a French doctor, Doctor Neveu…) Yeah. (it also works for severe illnesses like tetanus.) Oh! (Tuberculosis, diphtheria.) Is that true? (Yes, yes, yes, and it’s a French doctor who discovered it, Doctor Neveu, it was… he died, and yes, it’s been many years already.) He proved that it works. (Yes, yes, yes, but it didn’t get known because it is a single medicine, cheap, which cures almost everything.) Yeah, you don't have to say. The pharmacies should… (Shouldn’t say why.) angry. (Yes, but it's true, you shouldn't say too much, why you take it.) Understood. (You have to say that it’s for animals, for example.) OK, we don't say anything. (That’s it.) She said if you want to go buy this, you don’t say why you take it. You just buy it. You can say it’s for my animals or whatever. Because one French doctor had discovered and proved it, that it’s good for, she said, everything. (Right.) But if you say that - this is a secret - so you cannot say this to all the pharmacists, because just one kind of medicine and good for everything, that is not good. You know what I mean? No good for the industry. (And here it is.) So you'd better keep quiet, that’s what she said. Here it is!

(Right, it is to enhance immune defenses.) She said this will enhance your immune system; therefore, your immune system will fight the disease. Try at your own risk. I am just translating. (The only problem is those who have… who shouldn’t take too much salt.) Not take? (Because it's salt.) Ah ha! (Chloride.) Is it salt? (It’s magnesium salt.) Ah ha! (It’s chloride. Those who shouldn't take too much salt, shouldn't take it too much.) When you take that, there shouldn't be too much salt in the food. (Yes, for those who have problems.) OK. One thing she said that because this is a kind of salt, salt of magnesium, so if you take this, you should not take too much salt with your food. Because it’s too much then. There you go, madame.

(Master. (Yeah?) Yesterday, You told us that You built something like an invisible shield around during You gave us the Gift and that the outside people can’t hear it. So I want to know what happens with the inside souls? Because I am pregnant, and I want to know if the baby or if...) It's OK, it's OK. (Can she hear it or can’t she?) Yeah. (Yes?) Yes. But the babies’ souls are not always in here. She comes and goes, comes and goes. (Uh huh.) The soul is not always inside your stomach. (Yes. But does she have...) Huh? (Does she have Your blessing also, and can she also stay here with You or they are outside?) They sometimes come, sometimes go. If she was there at the time, then she heard; if she wasn't there at that time, she didn't hear. (OK. Thank You. Thank You very much.) I don't know when your baby comes, when your baby goes. It's her freedom. (OK.) I don't ask her to come, I don't ask her to go. But the thing with the pregnancy is that the soul comes and visits the fetus, comes inside now and again; doesn't come all the time and doesn't stay nine months in your stomach. He can stay outside and remote control the legs and to kick around. You know, with the remote control? He doesn't have to stay in here. It's so dark.

Please. (Master, yesterday You said to the Chinese people that if children don’t meditate so long hours, it’s OK because they’re just children. And now in our group there are some parents and their children meditate hardly at all, only if they are in trouble. And we wonder if…) No, it’s not like that. I mean sometimes they cannot sit very long and you would not just force them too much. Just tell them nicely. OK? (OK.) Because they are kids, so you don’t force them too much. Do you understand? (Yes.) But tell them to meditate as much as they can, not just when they are in trouble. No! It would be too late. (And if they don’t want to meditate so much, it’s not…) No, they have to. They should. Otherwise, what’s the use of getting initiation? (Yes.) Encourage them, but not harsh. Not forcing them like the adults. (Yes.) Because they are kids, they do not understand much, so you tell them, “Why you should Meditate,” nicely. (Yes.) Say, “Master will be very pleased if you meditate more and develop your wisdom. And then you will be more intelligent, more nice, and everybody will like you more. You will be more successful later. You’ll grow up a better person.” (Yes.)

(But if they are not ready to meditate, if they are not so very young anymore, it’s not possible to come to group meditation for them, is it?) No, if they’re 16, they should go to group meditation. (But only if they do meditate.) If they do meditate well. (Yes. OK. Thank You.) Well, it’s fair for everybody. But the children must want to be initiated themselves. They must understand why and all that. You don’t force them. Because if you force them, they rebel. They don’t want to.

Next one, please. Here, or over there? (Yes, Master. I just have information for You. If You need veterinary advice about Your pets, a veterinary initiate, a vet has just arrived, so if You need.) No. No, I don’t need. Not now. Thank you. Thank you. Well, who is he? (It’s this sister here.) Sister. I do know all the information. It’s just not now. Thank you. What do you mean, I need advice from a vet? They are not sick or anything. (Ah. OK.) You mean for those stuff. Yeah. OK. Where do you… Where does she live? (In Poland.) Poland. (Yes.) If we need, we contact you. (OK.) Thank you.

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