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Synchronize With Heaven for a Better World, Part 2 of 3, Jan 30, 2021



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Heavens want to help, but They must have the condition to help. We don’t create that condition. We have the power to create any condition in alignment with Heavens. (Yes, Master.) And then we can synchronize with Heaven in order to make the world a better place. Even a Heaven on Earth.

Your questions, please. If you have it. (Yes, Master. In the lecture entitled “Tim Qo Tu’s Love Will Win, Part 3 of 9,” on June 10th, 2020, Master shared the God of Victims’ message: It says, “Infected around three billion plus. And die will be millions, 4.2 plus.”) Yes.

(Master, is there any update or more messages from the God of Victims that Master could share with us, especially now with multiple COVID-19 variants that are circulating globally?) No, I did not ask Them. I did not have a conference lately because I’ve been busy moving, (Yes, Master.) and burdened with so many things. Moving house is not my favorite. (Yes.) It really drags me a lot and when in new places, I have to re-arrange things, try to find things, and try to organize things. Alone is not very easy for me. Yes. (Yes, Master.) I did not ask, but I looked in the news; there’s nothing good, really. Is it? (No, Master.) And even if they are dying more, you don’t have the chance to always know the truth. (Yes.)

For example, recently, if you read in the news it says like for example in New York City, the nursing homes’ people, the governor of New York did not tell the whole picture. Recently, they are forced by the Attorney General. So the health assistant of the governor had to tell the truth. It’s almost 13,000 (Wow.) old people die in the old (age) homes (Oh.) because of COVID-19. Because they ship people there and infected them also. Because they didn’t want to bring them to the hospital in the beginning. They’re afraid, and so they just shoved them all into the nursing homes, (Yes, Master.) and then infected also older people who live there.

You know, old (age) home. (Yes, Master.) They call it either nursing home or old (age) home. Twelve thousand seven hundred-something. You read it; you will know it. Just recently it came out. And they say with the number, came out many other things, like corruption and a lot of fact-burying and stuff like that came out altogether. It’s very sad. (Yes, Master.) They don’t care about old people. They think old people, anyway, they will die soon, so they just shove them all in there and then they die. Thirteen thousand. Almost 13,000. Can you believe that? Yes, and who knows if there are other numbers that are not reported or deliberately deleted or forgotten. (Yes, Master.) Yes. So just that, in just one little corner of America, the numbers have been hidden like that. They said only, maybe a very little number before. But they did not say almost 13,000 people died. (Yes, Master.) That was in the beginning and now more, who knows. So in many corners of the world, people just die and die and die. Nobody even counts. Nobody even reports. Nobody even cares.

You see on the TV, the whole big field is planted with white little flags. (Yes, Master.) One flag symbolizes one tomb. Hurry to bury. The whole field is like that, full of white little flags. They have no time to make like a tombstone for the tomb, for the dead people. No time, they just put white flags and they dig hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of holes, always ready there. Many countries are like that. And even they cannot see people in the hospital. They have to see them in the parking lot or with the emergency Red Cross car or whatever. (Yes, Master.) Or makeshift hospital with simple, plastic, tent-like, something like that. In winter. (Yes, Master.) And not your winter, England winter, Ireland winter. (Yes, Master.) Cold, damp, miserable. And people are already sick and dying and have to endure all these kind of conditions.

And lucky they be even taken in. Some are refused, even, until they really have symptoms or really dying. The rest just say, “Stay home. Take aspirin,” whatever. Oh my God. And that is not to talk about countries who don’t have any aspirin or any malaria drug. (Yes, Master.) Nothing at all. That you have to walk tens or hundreds of miles to go to the hospital. There’s no car, even. And even then, the pandemic still comes to visit them and they still die and nobody cares, and nobody can count them. Nobody even bothers; they don’t have time anymore nowadays with so overburdened patient numbers.

Everywhere in the world. Even the Antarctic now. You read it? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Yes, yes. Even the Antarctic people who went there for research, they got COVID-19. How? (Wow.) You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And Taiwan (Formosa) for eight months, nine months, doesn’t have anything and now suddenly a cluster in the hospital. And the doctors still don’t know how these patients even got it, the first ones, the first couple who got it and then infected another cluster of them. And doctors still don’t know how they got it.

But I have told you, warned you before, you always have to be careful when you go out. (Yes, Master.) If you have to go out. If you don’t have to, just stay home for now. All of you stay together in the community, you don’t go out. Cause you never know what you get when you’re out there. (Yes, Master.) Like the hospital patients, the Taiwanese (Formosan) government has to quarantine 5,000 people inside the hospital. (Yes, Master.) (Wow.) You’re sick or not sick. Doctor and nurse and everyone. (Yes, Master.) That’s a big hospital and normally, there is nothing at all for eight, nine months already. And Taiwan (Formosa) is recognized as number one in medical treatment and facilities, even in the world. They’re very proud about that. Well, I would be proud too if I’m Taiwanese (Formosan). (Yes, Master.) Yes. Compared to other countries like even England, America, South American, or France, Europe, all the countries, compared together, they’re number one. Believe it or not? That they have eight months, nine months under control, nothing happened, and then suddenly, boom! In the hospital like that. It’s still manageable, of course, but that was a surprise for them (Yes, Master.) that they have to quarantine 5,000 people in the whole area there. And still tracking contacts, perhaps, yes.

I told you many times before, at least two times, that there are people who are asymptomatic. (Yes.) Even though they carry the virus of COVID-19, you don’t see it. They don’t know it because they are asymptomatic. The virus doesn’t attack their system, doesn’t attack their body. But they carry it and they could transmit up to 70 days. And carrying it around. Imagine how many people they can infect, (Yes, Master.) for 70 days long.

So this case in the hospital, it’s like that. Well, I guess, well I think, from what I know, OK? (Yes, Master.) Of course I cannot prove it, it’s that some people involved in this pandemic, newly discovered, they have asymptomatic kind of status. (Yes, Master.) Therefore, they went into hospital, they have nothing, they don’t look sick, they are not sick, they don’t feel sick for a long time, so they thought they’re OK. Normally, a government quarantines you two to three weeks, when you’re OK, then you can come out. But these people, normal people, they don’t quarantine themselves, and even then, they carry on living for months already, or for maybe for weeks already, no problem. (Yes, Master.) Now they went to the hospital, then their symptoms manifested. Normally, after you’re infected, your system will not break down, or get ill, until after some time. So maybe this couple who had the virus, but the symptoms have not shown up until they are in the hospital for three days, and then the symptoms come out and then they infect others. This is the thing, because they might have been infected somewhere else. And they don’t even know yet, and then when they go to the hospital, it’s their time, the time is up, so the symptoms come out. (Yes, Master.) And then it’s too late. And then that’s how it happens.

Therefore, I say you can never be seriously protected enough for yourself. Do protect yourself. Do listen to the government guidance, and listen to my advice about how to take care of yourself when you go out and when you come back home after. (Yes, Master.) I keep talking about that, maybe you guys get bored. Master is talking about the same thing all the time. But I cannot emphasize enough. Now you know that. Now you know. (Yes, Master.) Especially this new variant. It came from South Africa and in England. Now it’s everywhere else as well, many places in the world already. These variants. We don’t know how they get there; they just got there. Or maybe the virus just mutated itself. (Yes, Master.) So even the government of England for example, they make billboards everywhere saying the variants spread very fast. Please stay home.

Just stay home. All the time, they tell them to stay home. But there are cases that they cannot just stay home. You see, it’s unavoidable. There are people who are so- called essential workers, they have to go out. And even if they are infected, they might not show anything, and then they will continue infecting others. And others will continue to infect others. (Yes, Master.) The new variants, they spread very, very fast, 70, 80% faster than the usual one. That is the most scary thing. People are suffering everywhere because they are suffocated. Some people even committed suicide. Some children, they cannot bear it. They die. They kill themselves also.

If you are in like a forest or somewhere where you have room that you can walk around, even if you have a small villa just enough to sleep in, but you can walk out anytime in the nature, then you feel different. (Yes, Master.) Yes. Because you only go there to sleep at night. Your sleeping room, sleeping villa. The rest, you are free to go anywhere, anytime. And you have big spaces around you. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Then you don’t feel suffocated or claustrophobic. But some people, they stay in the small studio, normally they share with one or two people, and they got on each other’s nerves and they could just look out of the windows. And all this is terrible. This is truly terrible. Yes and it’s suffering to no end for all the people.

Just forsake the meat and things will turn to the better immediately. And they don’t do it. My God. How much more do I have to continue talking this way, like a robot, repeating again and again and again. Same stuff in a different manner. I am also tired of it. Also embarrassed, always having to say the same thing and people just like tune out already. (Yes, Master.) I just…. Heavens want to help, but They must have the condition to help. We don’t create that condition. We have the power to create any condition in alignment with Heavens. (Yes, Master.) And then we can synchronize with Heaven in order to make the world a better place. Even a Heaven on Earth.

But we just don’t do it. And I don’t know until when I will talk about this stuff. Just because you tell me. You ask me so I by the way mention it. Otherwise, I’m too tired to even keep saying the same thing. But you guys take care of yourselves. Keep warm. (Yes, Master.) When it’s too cold, they can attack you also, like common cold, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) Keep warm. Keep normal, not too sweatily warm. (Yes, Master.) All right. Is that your question I answered, right? (Yes, thank You very much, Master.)

You don’t have to ask Heavens anymore. Heavens also shake Their heads. And you can just read the news, then you know how grave it has become. (Yes, Master.) We help what we can only, Heaven and I. Whenever the condition is possible, because in this world the law of karma applies, even to the Master and the disciples. (Yes, Master.) We cannot go without karma at all. We cannot exist without karma. So we have to have some karma in order to exist in this world. That’s the condition to exist on this planet. But that is a different karma. But if we continue, like people continue to kill animals, kill each other and all that, this karma will not go away. Will not be just enough for you to live on. It will make people suffer. (Yes, Master.) Like that, like the pandemic or a lot of disasters going on around the world these days. (Yes, Master.)

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