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Celebrating Miracles on Supreme Master Ching Hai Day

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In our times, Supreme Master Ching Hai came to Earth with the mission to save the planet and all sentient beings. Her boundless love reaches out to beings in all directions offering blessings and enlightenment. Her Love is beyond human comprehension and Her spiritual Radiance expands across universes. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s mission is to save the world and the animals, but also includes saving the souls of all beings.

“So, the Buddhas and Christ, any Saint, rescue all the people, all the beings in this world, as long as They are in this world. All beings are or will be uplifted recently because your Master is stronger now. Before, She could not promise, but now She can. I need to go also on retreat more. It’s for other things, to lessen the suffering of the animals and humans. But all will be uplifted, except some exceptions, that I will read to you. All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New Land, but gradually; depends.”

“By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! Forgot to tell you. I like that very much. Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for all the beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery. And another thing, the negative force is also gone. Bye-bye! One more thing, not yet. And the force of karma is? ( Gone.) Gone! Bye-bye! These three things I took care. But still, not like completely clean. It’s the beginning of a Heaven kind of energy. And then I asked Them, ‘Done?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ And They’re all jumping and the whole universe, oh, endless of beings that you cannot even see how many. You can only see some in the front, jumping and crying, ‘Maya is gone, maya is gone, maya is gone!’ And they’re just jumping and crying, happy, very much.”

Thanks to Her spiritual work and intensive meditation retreats, countless beings were fully liberated from the entanglement of lower realms. “These are only for the dead people who suffer in hell or in some unfavorable realm. If difficult to take care, during retreat, can take care. So, all together, it’s about 731,114,123 souls.”

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