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Synchronize With Heaven for a Better World, Part 3 of 3, Jan 30, 2021



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But the karma doesn’t always come immediately, or timeframe, there’s no timeframe for karma. Sometimes it can hurry up, sometimes it can slow down. It depends also, of course, on your merit and your sincerity in practice spiritually, or if someone prays for you, or if you pray for yourself with all your heart. Things can be delayed, or can be quickened.

Tell me. Is there another question? (Yes. In that …) By the way, you know. Yes. (Yes, Master.)

(In that same lecture, Master said that, “… doesn’t mean that people or disciples can do whatever they want and then still get away with the pandemic karmic consequences.) Right. (You have to really keep yourself in high moral and virtuous way of life.) Right. (Otherwise, you will just go down like everybody else.) Right. (If you destroy your own merit, if the merit is too thin and you make one more, even little immoral act or mistake, then that merit will be destroyed. It will balance out and then you will be uncovered.” Master…) You will be what? (“It will balance out and then you will be uncovered.”) Oh, uncovered. OK.

(Master, how much merit is needed to protect oneself against COVID-19? Is it something that can be quantified in spiritual merit points?) Even if I say like two liters of merit is needed, how are you going to measure it? Only the Master knows. Only Heavens know. Even if I say, it’s useless. Of course, even if you don’t know how much merit you have, just say you, OK, I mean everyone, don’t know how, just continue to be good in your heart, in your mind, in your thought, in your actions, in your speech. Then even if your merit is thin, it doesn’t go minus. (Yes, Master.) Just keep it there and continue with the virtuous, moral road that’s laid down by all the Masters since ancient times, in the Bibles, in the Buddhist holy scriptures, in Jainism, in Hinduism, etc. (Yes, Master.) Just keep on with that, then at least you will always have a layer of protection. It won’t go minus.

The problem is if we have minus merit, then we’ll be in trouble. (Right.) But whom am I talking to? The people outside, they don’t even care. They probably don’t know who I am either. And then if they know, they say, “Who are you?” You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) “Who are you to tell us what to do?” Nobody can tell them to do anything. Masters came and went. Humans are still like this. I’m very sad. You just, if you want, you still continue to do that. That at least it’s good for you. (Yes, Master.) To do the job that you’re doing, Supreme Master TV work. At least it’s good for you, OK? Of course, it helps some people, or some people have changed into vegan and all that, and some people are helping each other, but they’re all just mostly physical level. (Yes, Master.) The moral standard of the world is almost, almost zero. Does that answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Next one, please.

(Master, what should a disciple do if he or she gets infected with COVID-19?) Go to the hospital, man. (Yes.) And do what the doctor says. (Yes, Master.) Or quarantine, if doctor says you quarantine, you quarantine yourself until you’re better, you’re well. So at least you don’t infect other people. (Yeah.) Just do like everybody else. If you have COVID, then you have COVID. Just like everybody else. Even presidents and ministers and prime ministers and queens and princes, they all do the same like everybody else. Don’t you see? (Yes, Master.) This pandemic doesn’t spare anyone if your merit is low, if you overspent your merit. So, some people still have some merit left or they pray, they repent, so they recover. Some people cannot recover because their merit is too low below zero. And maybe nobody prayed for them, even. All that adds together.

Sometimes, you’re lucky somebody prayed for you. That helps. (Yes, Master.) But if you don’t have anyone, nobody loves you, nobody cares about you, and you don’t have any merit, and you’re below zero, then, it just terminated your life. Just have to stick to the moral standard and virtuous way of life. Be vegan, think good, do good, speak good. Very simple life. Isn’t it? (Yes, Master.) And that is all we have to do. (Thank You, Master.) And after you do all that, and you still have COVID and you have to die, then it is your destiny. Your fate. You have to die like that. Then it’s fine. At least you are clean and pure. And then you will go to Heaven. Got that? (Yes, Master.) And the Master can take you up. Does that answer you? (Yes, thank You, Master.) OK. Another question. If you have? Five, you said, right? OK. Go on.

(Master, is there a timeframe in which the karmic consequences of one’s actions can be subdued? Or once it’s committed it has to be paid in full, regardless of intervention?) Ah, I got that. OK. (And how can one know that timeframe and can it ever be totally nullified?) Mostly not. And the timeframe, it depends on many factors. Somebody gets it in one day, somebody gets it in one year, somebody gets it many years after, somebody gets it after they die. If you are a practitioner, say, in our group, Quan Yin method, of course, you have Master Power protection. But if you step out of the boundary due to your ego or your adventurous spirit or you don’t believe, even if you’re initiated, you didn’t come in because of your faith in the Master, but curiosity or just because you have a girlfriend there, or whatever, then so many things could affect your karmic consequences. If you still have some merit left and if you sincerely practice, the Master can always intervene, and help you, carry you in the Master’s arms when you’re weak and tired. But if you are not this type of sincere practitioner, and not humble in the heart and repentant, not always trying to connect with the Divine, instead of running around outside with fame and name and pleasure and all that, then it’s harder.

But the karma doesn’t always come immediately, or timeframe, there’s no timeframe for karma. Sometimes it can hurry up, sometimes it can slow down. It depends also, of course, on your merit and your sincerity in practice spiritually, or if someone prays for you, or if you pray for yourself with all your heart. Things can be delayed, or can be quickened. There is no fixed timeframe. And there’s nothing you can do if you don’t have enough merit, and you don’t have a Master to help you. Nothing you can do to stop the karma or to minimize it. Got that? (Yes, Master.) That answers your question? (Yes, Master.)

(The last question is maybe also a follow up to that question. Is there something that determines if karma is instant or takes time to develop before becoming active?) Sometimes yes, sometimes no. As I said already. (Yes.) Sometimes karma comes immediately. Like for example, yesterday I tried to help one of the nun sisters who could not walk at the moment. And immediately I myself get it. (Woah.) Not as bad as her, but some part. (Yes.) So that one of my legs also becomes trouble, pain, and kind of stiffened, out of nowhere, instantly almost. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) Karma is a very scary thing. (Yes.) It doesn’t spare anyone. It’s OK; I can bear it, of course. It’s not like I’m totally handicapped or anything. It’s just that I am telling you. That’s why I tell the so-called disciples just don’t try to do anything. Just meditate yourself. Rescue yourself. And the rest the Master will do. Don’t interfere with other people’s karma. It’s scary. (Yes, Master.) It works instantly.

One story I heard from Yogananda’s disciple is that one of his believers prayed for him to transfer some sickness from her family member to her. Immediately she got that. (Wow.) And the other one went free. But that’s just for one person. (Yes, Master.) And that is a total transfer. And she doesn’t have enough power to minimize it. (Yes.) Maybe for me, I can minimize, so that I have only like the knees and the lower leg problem. Before I just told you it’s winter and all that, but it is because of that. I didn’t really want to mention it. It’s just by the way I tell you now. (Yes, Master.) And many other things; it’s not just this. I’m just telling you that things sometimes can come quickly. And sometimes not. It depends. Depends on that person, that affected person, or the intensity of the karma, and the merit of that person. (Yes, Master.) Right.

Anything else, my love? Any extra? (That’s all the questions we have for now, Master.) Yeah, I know. But do you have any extra questions about anything? No? (No, Master.) You are warm, comfortable, that’s all I wanted to know. (Thank You.) The questions are just by the way. (Thank You, Master.) That’s why I didn’t prepare or anything. I just talk by the phone. OK then. If no more questions, then, we call it a day. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You for calling, Master.) I wish all of you well. (We are happy where we are, Master.) You’re OK. (Yes, Master.) (We have warm clothes, Master,) Yes, good, good. (and blankets.) Yes, yes. If it’s too cold, you just go drink very warm water. OK? (Yes, Master.) As warm as you can bear. All right, then. That’s it. If you are OK, then I am fine. I just wanted to ask about that.

Because I had pain and I was worrying that maybe where you live is too cold, that’s all, too damp or something and that you are not prepared well. You must all have the dehumidifier at least. OK? (Yes, Master.) And the room is always warm because the dehumidifier also emits some warm air, right? (Yes.) (That’s right, yes.) Yes, yes. At least it’s dry; dry is very important. (Yes, Master.) Right. So it doesn’t make you pain. My pain, I guess it’s different. It’s just by the way, it reminds me of that. But my pain is different.

All right, then. God bless you all. (Please take care of Yourself, Master.) Yes. I am asking for some bandages, those thermal something, they call it, right? For the hand and the knees area. (Yes.) It will be coming soon, online or something. Online, it will take a couple of days. (Okay, good.) I am OK; I go with the stick, with the umbrella. OK, then! Ciao! Love you! (Ciao, Master.) (We love You, Master! Thank You for Your call.) Thank you for sticking around. (Thank You.) You are still happy doing it, right? (Yes, Master.) Yes. I cannot think of anything else better that you could do in this world to help others. I’m proud of you. Proud of you. All right. God bless. (God bless, Master. Thank You, Master. We love You.)

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