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Sutta Nipāta: Dhaniya the Cattleman, Part 1 of 9

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If you want to really liberate yourselves, and even your families, your generations, your country, just practice hard, sincerely, for the sake of yourselves and for all beings.

Hallo. Be careful of the camera. Hallo. Hallo. OK. Two male monks? Three and three. Come here. These are for you monks. I told them to buy it. Open one and have a look. Open one of them, to see if the contents are the same. Show it to them. It’s in individual packs for them to take away. The same? Really? But it should not be the same. Big monks should wear bigger slippers. (Slippers, and then…) Which one is bigger? Or, are they the same size? (This one.) OK, fine. Are they the same color? Are they? (Yes.)

Sorry, guys. No need, relax, no need. The same? Similar? That one. OK. Just show it to me. Let me have a look. Wow. Is it OK? It’s fine. Put it behind them. They can wear whichever fits them, later on. They don’t have to wear it if it doesn’t fit. I’m sorry. Taiwanese (Formosans) should know what monks wear. It’s not possible that they don’t know. Aulacese (Vietnamese) cannot say they don’t know, either. A darker color or a little difference in colors is still all right. But it’s like a costume instead. You pick whatever works for you. If not, give it back to them, OK? (OK.) I’m sorry. Give me a hand. I am too busy to do it myself. I wanted to come here a bit earlier, but I was held up by phone calls and documents. It took me some time. I don’t just sign documents straight away I have to contact people about many things and check if there are any mistakes, etc.

How many of you are Westerners? Come here and sit around me. Come here. You don’t see me often. Come around, sit in front here, in front there, and in front here. And when I walk, I walk on your shoulders. You carry me. There is some more here. (Sure, Master. Sure.) Just joking, my God! You guys can’t take a joke? You see, I have to be like a general, general of the army or something.

Make an offering. Make offerings to the Triple Jewels. You bring it to them. No need to move. It’s difficult to walk around. It’s all occupied now. Make offerings to the Triple Jewels. (Yes.) Make offerings to the Triple Jewels. (Thank You, Master.) To the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. You take care of it later. Help me take care of it. I’m really too busy to do it. OK.

Do you understand what it means by “losing Worth?” Every little thing makes me lose face, makes me yell, makes me angry. It’s just provoking like that, because of the loss of Worth. And even if the Protectors are standing around, even if the angels are around, They cannot do anything. The losing of Worth made people slander Buddha. The losing of Worth made people crucify Jesus. The losing of Worth made people persecute Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), for example, or not listening to Guru Nanak or Krishna or whomever, in our history of spiritual hierarchy.

Do you understand now why the Master has to suffer? Because, He has many disciples. The more disciples He has, the less Worthy He becomes in the spiritual domain. Meaning, all the gods cannot help, angels cannot do anything. He’s at the mercy of whatever world He stays in. And if it’s too much, then of course, the Master has to be maybe crucified, like Jesus Christ, or Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), for example. If not, then they will be slandering Him or Her, or doing anything at all; just every day, provoking trouble, so that the Master looks very bad, loses face. Looks like an ordinary person: gets angry, yells. There’s no respectful type of behavior. These are some of the small examples that you can see.

Otherwise, you don’t know what it means by “losing Worth.” Otherwise, why do you think the Son of God, Jesus Christ, so mighty – Son of God – had been harassed, chased and hunted, until finally they killed Him in such a way, which is worse than a criminal? They even forgave one of the criminals at that time, and instead, they crucified Jesus in his place. So, in case you want to be a Master of any kind, please, think again or be prepared. Anything you see is just a tip of the iceberg. There are more, internal and even external, that you have no chance to see, not at all had any chance to be near the Master at that time, or those times to witness. This is just almost zero, or in the kitchen or upstairs on the fourth floor, before. These are all just very small things that you could even see. Mostly you are not with me. You don’t understand.

All this is because of the loss of Worth, temporarily. But then, another batch of disciples comes, and another batch of outsiders comes, or the Master has to do something for the world, then losing Worth again. It’s not like it ever can be regained so quickly, or keep it. Except if you don’t have disciples anymore, or you don’t see them, then it may be less. “Less” doesn’t mean none. It’s not only that.


For example, if I stay in Europe, other Asian countries will wish in their hearts to get together and pray that Master comes back to Asia. And when I come back to Asia, all don’t just leave me alone, and it’s easy to come and go to see me. No, wishing that I go to Âu Lạc (Vietnam), wishing I go to China instead. Just because I speak Aulacese (Vietnamese) and my body was born there, they think I’m Aulacese (Vietnamese) and they want me there, like a possession, just for the country to be more prosperous, or blessed in some way. Just for Âu Lạc (Vietnam). And then, all the Chinese people want me to be there.

And because of all these mismatched and selfish wishes, I cannot always stay anywhere stably and safely just to take care of you. To keep moving all the time exhausts me, and wastes a lot of my time. I want you to change your mindset. Just whatever you wish, wish for me to be alive at least, so that you can come to see me wherever I am. That’s the only thing you should wish for. Don’t drag me here, pull me there, push me forth, and drag me back. It’s terrible for me every day to have to deal with all this kind of conflicting energy.

I have dogs. And I have a lot of things I have to move. If I move, I have to move a lot. And then I have Supreme Master Television staff. Many things I have to take care of, and business also. So please, please, cut it out. Sometimes it’s so much conflicting energy against each other; I just want to leave, I just want to go, disappear. Disappear completely. And then you won’t see me anymore, no matter where, Taiwan (Formosa) or Europe or wherever. Or I will keep changing my place, so that you cannot keep wanting this and that or possessing me in a different country. If my destiny is to be in Taiwan (Formosa), then I stay in Taiwan (Formosa). You don’t force the issue. You don’t give me so much pressure. Just because you think I’m Aulacese (Vietnamese) or I’m Chinese, or even I’m an ex-Mongolian or ex-Korean king, or whatever, that’s the past!

Maybe the body I borrowed was from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), but by no means do I belong to the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people. That is too square, too small, too un-Zen, too un-practitioners of higher altitude. If you want to really liberate yourselves, and even your families, your generations, your country, just practice hard, sincerely, for the sake of yourselves and for all beings. Do you see I treat my family specially in any way, ever? Yes? (No.) Even my family members, of course, I wanted them to sit here, but they said, “Never mind, we’re also disciples. We’ll sit down there.” My sister and niece and nephew, they never want anything special. Did you ever see me seating them right in front of me at your expense? Yes or no, ever? (No.) No! And even last time, I could not come out to see you, for some sad event I didn’t want to tell you about, they came with you and they went home like you. I did not call them to my house or my special place or send a special driver to come and get them to see me specially, just because they are my so-called family members. Did you see anything like that? (No.) No.

And I don’t take all my hard-earned money to give to them, so they have a flashy car or better houses. Nothing! I bought one house for my parents, that is for sure I did. It was not much. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) at that time, 30 years ago, very cheap, and has like four levels. And then my brother-in-law wanted to buy another new house for his daughter and I said, “No, you stay together. That’s a heritance from my parents. You should treasure it. And you should stay together to help each other. It’s easier when you live together; it’s easy to help each other. Do not just divide it.” Many people have no house, not even a tent or a roof over their heads. Many refugees have nothing with them when they run, just their lives, even if they can keep it. You know what the world is like, right? Why don’t you compare to the lower income people, the less fortunate people? Why keep comparing to the higher up?

You say you want to follow me, you learn from me. You learn nothing. You complain about water, about toilets, about everything. I complain about water just because it’s dirty, unhygienic for me. And I am not young anymore just to take anything. I protect my body for you, because I know you want me alive. Or don’t you? (Yes.) Yeah! That’s for sure. I tell you truly, honest to God and all the angels around here, that if I die right now, I have no regrets. I don’t care about this life to hang on to it. The more I live, the longer I suffer, that’s all. Is this very clear to you all? Yes or no? (Yes.) I truly live for you, for the world, for the animals, for all beings that suffer, that I have not enough chance and time to save.

I want to live long, longer, as long as possible, until the world is all peaceful and loving and kind to one another. Then I don’t care where I go, whatever they do to me, however the karma treats me. Right now, I have to take good care. That’s all. And now they want to change my water to the tap water, meaning the community water from the government. They said it’s safer to drink. I said, “No, it’s OK. Before, it wasn’t filtered.” So, I said, “I asked for a filter, that’s all.” Now it’s filtered already. Why change now? And now, even in retreat? If I survived until now, I’ll continue to survive, and the water is OK for me. I consider that very good. I’m lucky already.

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